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Tazzaler is a pirate who lives at Kirin Island on the Viridian Ocean. He started playing around September of 2005. He started his piratey life in the crew Chosen True led by Blackmaria. He followed his pal from Chosen True, Jonstewart who started his own crew Truth be Told. Tazzaler stayed on for a month until he was offered an officers position in the crew Shadow Hunters which has now disbanded. Over the next three months he gained major knowledge about being an officer and general knowledge about the game. After a while he decided that it was just not like it was back in the day so he went back to his old crew Truth Be Told where he enjoys chatting with crew mates and sailing on his War Brig "Pimp Mobile".

He enjoys being a salesman and a greeter in his spare time, and is known for having a strange phobia of barbarians.

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