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This Article Has Been Merged and Deleted

The contents of this article have been condensed to the relevant information provided and merged into the crew article Guapo Papi from which this local event originates and the original article has been deleted. We feel that this is an equitable compromise against outright deletion of the article but also removes many of the issues that had caused the consideration for deletion in the first place and brings the subject content in line with standing YPPedia policies. Any further edits or additions of information to the subject of POKEMON JOKE HOUR!!! should be directed to the correct section on the Guapo Papi page. While the graphs and doctor lingo were amusing, they were not appropriate content for the YPPedia as they could not be factually backed up. If anyone wishes to continue to display them, they are more than welcome to move them to any one of their pages in the User: space but please refrain from adding them to the main article Name: space.

The relevant discussions and vote pertaining to the deletion and merging of this article have been archived and may be found at Talk:POKEMON JOKE HOUR!!!/archive for reference. These discussions are a matter of public record, please do not alter them.

Any questions or concerns regarding this decision may be directed towards Muffynz or any one of the YPPedia administrators. Thank you for your cooperation on this subject and we welcome your continued contributions to our fine game wikipedia. -- Muffynz(t/c) 03:12, 5 April 2010 (UTC)