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Will the contestants be pvping each other or attacking NPP's? You say cheating is allowed, as long as they don't buy more cannon balls, what if they had another ship with more or had a mate transfer them to them? I'm guessing you wouldn't want that to be allowed either? Fun idea, would love to see it on the Viridian. CountCristo

A very simple way of cheating is to have a friend load up a ship with 1000s of CBs on it and intentionally lose a PvP to you. If everyone does this, then it becomes simply a contest of who can afford to buy the most CBs, which doesn't sound like much fun. I understand that the spirit of the contest is "anything goes", but there has to be some limits. -- B_licker

Transferring would also be a no no. I agree that it would be dull if it were a matter of who could afford the most cbs. There are ways of avoiding this scenario - I am working out which is the simplest. Thanks for your comments - carolina99

One possibility would be to have a "Cannon Ball" crew and have a member of each team be an officer in it. Then you could restrict pvp's to within that crew, if they are engaged in any other pvp's they could simply avoid being grappled and disengage. CountCristo

A cannonball crew was planned as this allows checking of vessel records. All battles would be listed for all to view,therefore participants can see who has won what. I did plan to have volunteers on vessels with varying amounts of cannonballs PVP contestants but this might be too unfair, unless the contestants initiated any battles - carolina99

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Please switch the username in the template to be lowercase so various linky bits in the template will work. This is just due to the wiki being a bit strict about considering uppercase & lowercase as completely different letters. --Guppymomma 19:35, 5 February 2006 (PST)


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who remembers these Movies! I'm not even a big Burt Reynolds Fan, but I've always loved Dom Deluis. Remember in the movies, the racers were speeding all over, and one of their biggest concerns was avoiding the police? Perhaps you might consider having volunteers set up to "Pull speeders over and issue a ticket". In other words, PVP! Hehe contestants can try to outrun the "cops" and disengage from a PvP, then it's only slowed them down. Or, they could end up grappled, risking loosing cbs or potentially adding some.

Another suggestion if you went with that idea, is Truckers. In the movies, some of the racers had truckers on the CB telling them where smokie was, and trying to delay the other contestants. You've already said anything goes, so perhaps incorporate that into your story line to help garner participant interest. Participants can be encouraged to have their "trucker" friends help delay other participants, inform on the location of other participants or "cops" over their "cbs" (in tells).

With a well-developed storyline, this could be quite fun! Looking forward to it!--Muroni 09:48, 9 February 2006 (PST)