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Cannonball Run!
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Wacky Races! sloop race with a hold full of cannonballs which you must defend or try to increase.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience General Elapsed time 5 hours
Unit of Entry teams of 1-7 Participant Time 1-4 hours
Expected Participation unlimited Judging Time up to 1 hour after completion
Platform Midnight


Event Description

A sloop race which mimicks the Cannonball Run! There are some editional elements.. There will be a prize for creating an original team name and dressing appropriately. This will be judged at the end by a panel. Sloops will be loaded with cannonballs which the participants have to try to increase on the journey or at the very least defend. This adds a strategic element to the race, eg. do you board during battles without shooting?? The only rule - additional cannonballs cannot be purchased. There are various ways in which 'cheating' can happen - all allowed! Participants would join a cannonball run crew for the duration of the event. Each team can bring their own sloop or borrow one prior to the event. The race would take place from Jorvik to Delta. An upper time limit would be imposed of 4 hours.


By a panel for the best team name/team fancy dress, points system for time taken and cannonballs on board


Minimum: Portrait for winners of best team name/fancy dress, large amount of poe for overall race winner/s to share

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

volunteers to check vessel records (dependent on no. of entries), judging panel, pvp crews to cause more mayhem

OM Assistance


Workshop Coaching


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