Tainted Love

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Tainted Love at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Diabloetta
Senior Officer(s) Oceana, Ringeh
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Collateral Damage
Founded 3 July, 2007
dormant as of 2 March, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Tainted Love was a crew on the Viridian Ocean. The crew's last flag was Collateral Damage but it has been dormant for a long time now.


Stehlen Sie unsere Beute, wir Ihr Herz Stehlen. Translation: Steal our booty, and we will Steal your Heart. Also... You must love our pet Llama named George. >=/\

The Story:

Because Love is an awefull thing to waste. This Crew was origionally made by Three People(Oceana Rockoo and Oliviaxoxo) but some unfortunate events led me, Oceana, to be captain on my own. Oliviaxoxo came back, so I'm not lonely anymore! So much love in this crew, its Hard to Explain. Did you know that chocolate has a chemcial that makes you feel like you're in love? We have lots of Chocolate!

Vision Statement:

I, Oceana, would like to have this crew expand greatly. Soon we will be over 150 members, which is great. We should Pillage every day, more than once. I want to be an illustrious crew some day, and with the help of every single person in this crew, including jobbers, my ambitions will become real.

Other Info

In the flag, Collateral Damage, and yes, we love them, so don't ask us to join your flag, we will laugh in your face.

Stehlen Sie unsere Beute, und wir werden Ihr Herz Stehlen. Translation: Steal our booty, and we will Steal your Heart.

Founded in the year 2007 on July 3, by Rockoo, Oliviaxoxo, and the infamous Oceana. Rockoo and Oliviaxoxo quit and left Oceana as Captain.

We have a pretty good Ranking System. Here it is!

Pirates just join. Yep.... Its easy.

Officers have to have 2 Broads and 1 Solid, and some trust.

Fleet Officers must be Loyal to the crew, and have outstanding stats.

Senior Officers are the envy of the crew. Please notice that the ones with poor stats are either alts or have supported me throughout my years of playing. Stats aren't a big issue, but if you out-stat all of the fleet officers, we will consider you easily.

Captain. Pay me 3 mil, but beware, people will leave if I'm not captain.

We also have events like Recruiting Contests, Plank Wars, Spam Time, and much more!

A Crew with so much Passion, is very rare to find. As is a crew with Loyal Members, who are in the right State-Of-Mind. crew that fits all Styles, like a warm matching glove. The cause of all this Sensation, is my crew, Tainted Love.

Currently looking for a Senior Officer or two to join us in Pwnag3-ness.

Want to join? Contacts are Oceana, Diabloetta, Oliviaxoxo, and Owenz. That is all.