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Steinhauser is a Senior Officer of the crew Six Pounders on the Midnight Ocean. He can usually be seen garbed in rainbow attire, or else sunning his nethers at one of his secret nude sunbathing spots.


Steinhauser joined the game on his birthday, April 11th, in 2004. Within a week he became a member of the British Seadogs, and over the next two years worked his way to the rank of Captain. Eventually the crew disbanded, and Steinhauser, after some crew-jumping, ended up in Bo and Stuy's supercrew in 2006. The next few years found Steinhauser on dodecatuple secret hiatus; in 2008 he, after relentless prompting by one Himura, joined his current Pounders crew while playing on and off. Currently (as of summer 2009) he plays too much, staying up 'til the late hours of the night in an unhealthy fashion. Perhaps this is to subconsciously chastise himself for all but quitting the game for a period of over a year, and in that time, losing most of his hearties to other oceans, World of Warcraft, and real life, without getting a chance to say goodbye. It still eats him up at night. Come back, guys.

Interests & Activities

Steinhauser's favourite activites on Puzzle Pirates are:

  • Atlantis
  • Cursed Isles
  • pillaging
  • PvP sea battle (which he does not see enough of)
  • thinking of pun names for pets, ships, and buildings
  • creating and flaunting rainbow-coloured ensembles
  • making smart-assed and suggestive comments at opportune times
  • spectating and instigating kerfuffles, ruckuses, drama and hubbub

His best puzzles are gunnery and sailing.