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Sox was once a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. However, her character has now gone dormant, or has been deleted. Another pirate with the same name has been created.


Sox's best friends are


Sox first started playing Puzzle Pirates in February, 2008. First she started working on her stats with the navy. When they became okay, she started joining crews. None of them seemed quite right until she joined the crew Eden. Sox loved this crew and made a lot of friends. Sox then decided that what she strove to do was have her own flag. So she left the crew, joined another crew as a senior officer, and created the flag Diamond Waves. Sox was then expelled from the crew, which meant that she lost her flag. Sox later joined and left the crew Swift Shadows because it just wasn't right. Sox was last known to have been in the crew The Black Hounds Of Hell. She loved it there, as it was full of what she called bootiful people. Sox no longer sails the Viridian Ocean.