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Domokun was the founder of the first sinkfest and full credit goes to him. Amnesty is now running sinkfest at this time. Please do not contact Domokun about anything to do with Sinkfest III as he will not be able to help you.


Sinkfest III will start at 3pm game-time, 28th of June. Payment: Due no later than 5pm game-time on 27th of June.


First please be aware that the Starfish injury is not available at sinkfest as it will be held on a blockade board and not at Atlantis. No matter how many 'Pieces of Eight' you have, how many ships in your fleet, or how brimming with Black/Gold Clothes your wardrobe is, you just cannot buy an Injury. That is, unless you enter Sinkfest III! Amnesty presents another 30 ship sinking event on the Emerald Ocean, each giving you 30 chances to obtain an injury, and much more besides!


  • So, how does it work?

30 Ships, 30 Sinks. On the day of the Sinkfest Event, we will be entering 30 war brigs into a sinking Blockade at an Island on Emerald Ocean. We take 29 lucky Pirates down to the deep, all in the name of fun, fish and loss of limbs. There is no need for you to join our crew, or leave your own, all you need is to be on the ship when it sinks.

  • Great! How do I get a place in the Event?

A date is preset (Thursday, 28 June AT 3PM game-time) IF you can make that date and time I will put your name on the list. You will then be asked to donate 1 war brig and 10k (to cover the swabbie cost, and the cannonballs and rum for the War Frig Sinking us). Only then will your place in the event be secure... Once we get 29 people I will also take 2 reserve names in case of any one cancelling. All warbrigs and money must be received no later than 5pm game-time on the 27th of June.

To get your place at sinkfest contact Amnesty ingame, or send a PM via the forum to user name _amnesty_.

Times (Most Important Bit!)

I am on the GMT time zone, I have tried to make the time of the event so it's fair to everyone but I know I can't please everyone... and it has to be on a week day as the weekends are reserved for blockading (NON event)

I will not be asking for the WBs until we have finalized the list BUT if you wish to give yours in early you can it will help me and 100% secure your place do not give your WBs and poe to anyone but myself (Amnesty) even if they say they are part of the event, they are not!

  • Where will they be Sunk?

The ships will enter a blockade on a Player or Ringer controlled island, and be sunk one after the other by a waiting War frig. All 30 players will sink 30 times, which according to this thread or this post gives between a 40-60% chance of an injury. In that particular event, one lucky pirate received all 3 injuries after just 16 sinks, and in Sinkfest II, 12 Pirates received injuries, including Barbaric who received two!

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms carefully. This event involves a considerable amount of PoE and a Fleet of ships, so we have to be strict on the policies. We have tried to cover all possible problems, but feel free to contact Amnesty if you have a comment or a question. Please consider taking part, and making this Event a fantastic success so we may run another in the future.

These terms may be strict, but most only apply to Pirates who wish to leave the Event after they have paid. If you are confident that you will be online on the day of the Event, then you have nothing to worry about.

  • Upon the transfer of your war brig & PoE to Amnesty, it is no longer your property. We will not risk 12 pirates pulling out of this event last minute, and the event being ruined. Your WB and poe fee will be returned if you need to forfeit your place, provided there is another Pirate waiting for your place in the Event. Please do not let this put you off this event, but also please only pass your WB & PoE if you are certain you will be available on (Thursday, 28th of June, 3PM game-time). If there is another Pirate who can trade war brigs & PoE to Amnesty, then your fee and WB will be returned. Please note there will be no partial refunds, even if you are lucky enough to receive an injury in the first sink. We will try to be conscious of everyone's needs, but the Event comes first.
  • If you obtain an injury, and wish to try again with an alt for the remainder of the event, please inform Amnesty, and we will job your alt during the event, and dismiss your main Pirate. Please note that we cannot guarantee you an injury. Please do not bother the OM's if you are unlucky. We will run this event again at a later date for a second (or third!) try, provided it is once again a success!
  • Should a place become available through the above procedure, The Event runners reserve the right to auction, sell, distribute, or otherwise trash places in Sinkfest. Unofficial auctions or resale of places in the Event will not be supported. Anyone attempting to sell or buy places on Sink Fest in an unofficial auction will be excluded from this event. Any queries regarding this policy should be directed in a PM to Amnesty.
  • We will not be held responsible for disconnects, which result in you missing a sink. Please ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • We will keep this page and the forum page updated with any changes to policy so it would help if you bookmarked it.


I will be providing the War Frig and the cannonballs and rum but I need some decent gunners to man the frig that sinks us all... I will be paying the Volunteers 30k each total for their time and efforts (5 rounds at the most).

Participant Shortlist

-Reserve List-



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