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Shawnq started playing YPP on the Viridian Ocean and has stayed there his entire piratey career.

Back when he had a green name, he joined the crew DREAM CATCHERS of the flag DREADED DREAM MAKERS as a result of jobbing for them on a sloop pillage and finding them friendly. Promotion to fleet officer in DREAM CATCHERS involved having broads in all piracy skills. Shawnq eventually got all broads and became fleet officer. Since he had no ship, he always used another crew mate's sloop as he enjoyed pillaging. One day, he was running a sloop pillage when Inferno Dios Diablos attacked him. Shawnq suddenly found out that DREADED DREAM MAKERS was at war with Inferno Dios Diablos! Since he was a very new battle navigator, the sloop was sunk and lost forever. Shawnq left DREADED DREAM MAKERS after this because they said he would have to pay them back and he didn't want to do this.

Shawnq never stayed in a crew for too long after DREAM CATCHERS. So he decided to make his first crew. That was unsuccessful, just like his second crew that he made a few months later. But Shawnq kept developing his stats and learning more about the YPP world.

Shawnq then became in possession of Fischer's crew, Viridian Swashbucklers. Fischer was a good mate of Shawnq's and was in semi-retirement. Shawnq started progressing this 20 member crew very well. He grew it into a 140 member crew that once reached the #22 eminent spot. It had a lot of great pirates in it from the senior officer rank all the way down to the cabin people.

When Pologo joined Shawnq's crew, they started to get more serious about blockades. Together, they started their own flag, Royal Pain. Since Shawnq and Pologo had been more focused on blockades and politics, the crew wasn't as strong as it could have been but was more ready to blockade.

Currently Shawnq is a fleet officer and wench of the crew Rated Arr and member of the flag Vanguard.

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