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Shaniqua is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. The Shaniqua's named on any other ocean are different people.

She started playing 'round August 2006. She first joined the crew "Pirates Revenge", with Sanne as her Captain, and she stayed there until she hit the rank of Officer. After a while, she got bored and left, and joined the crew "Bunch 'o' Bears", with her friends Cbear, Demara, Olddragon and Dior.

A few months later, Cbear disbanded "Bunch 'o' Bears", and Shaniqua was crewless for a while. She came back to "Pirates Revenge", forgetting what her reason was when she first left, so she left again and joined "Medusa", with Saltake as her cappy. That's where she met Saltake, of course (Wanna kopen!?), and Branflakes. Getting bored there too, she was crew hopping, and meeting new people.

Until she got invited to a house by Fleurdelis. There, she met 2 wonderful girls who had much influence on her, like Marlenee, Aenima, and some others. Fleurdelis and Marlenee managed her to join "Phantom Cutthroats" in the flag Vanguard, where she met Bigbertha, Ladadida, Whiterose, Ginebra, and many more. After months of staying there, she finally left and joined Medusa again and stayed in there for a long time.

Then, Ladadida convinced her to join her own crew named "Mitch", where she stayed for a long while. When several people in this crew left, Shaniqua decided to leave too and joined Antix's crew, named Rated Arr. She now stays there as a SO.

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