Seven Deadliest Sins

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Seven Deadliest Sins at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch None
Member crew(s) Stop Sniffing My Krak, The Crimson Ravagers, Your Deadly Desire, Scarlet Chorus, Krak Attak, Royal, Bomb's Away
Islands controlled

Kasidim Island
Doyle Island

Last updated on 28 February, 2019
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Seven Deadliest Sins is a flag on the Emerald Ocean.

The beginnings

Seven Deadliest Sins was formed through a renaming of Flagrant's existing flag Back, Sack and Krak. It was set up, initially, as an offshoot of Pull Out, as this is where all the key founding members came from. To begin with it was run with Zaye as the monarch and Judithxoxo, Flagrant, Caramaria and Searching as royals.

Early days

Upon founding Seven Deadliest Sins, Flagrant acquired Doyle Island from its previous owners Pull Out. Seven Deadliest Sins went on to successfully blockade Armstrong Island and Sayer's Rock, the latter of which caused a schism resulting in Judithxoxo leaving the flag.

Some time afterwards, Caramaria decided to focus on playing on the Obsidian Ocean rather than the Emerald Ocean, leaving Zaye, Searching and Flagrant to run the flag.

New blood

Cskratos then was promoted to royalty to counteract a disappearing act by Searching. Alayziah later replaced Cskratos as royalty. During this time the flag lost both Sayers Rock and Armstrong Island in blockades.

Once Alayziah had settled in as royalty, the flag went on to successfully blockade Kasidim Island, seizing it from a Brigand King. During this time Flagrant took over as the flag's monarch.

Flag commitment

Seven Deadliest Sins makes an effort to run pillages and other events daily and is a responsible island owner, ensuring that ship supplies are always purchasable from the island's palace where shoppes of the correct type are not present.