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Seroa {Ser-Serenade O-Oh A-Ah} was born on December 5th 2010 into the Viridian Ocean now Meridian Ocean. He is a Senior officer in the crew Taking Flight flying the flag of Antheas. He has an odd obsession with Britney Spears.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • 14/08/11 - Purchased the second ship of the Britney Fleet: The Radar
  • 07/07/11 - Published Antheas the Musical Act 1
  • 15/05/11 - Hosted Antheas' Awesometastic Pirate Auction.
  • 24/04/11 - Purchased the first ship of the Britney Fleet: The Toxic
  • 17/12/10 - Got his first Straight Flush in poker!
  • 12/12/10 - Joined the crew Taking Flight
  • 5/12/10 - Joined the Viridian Ocean



Seroa joined the Viridian Ocean on the 5th December 2010 to experience challenges he would never have imagined possible. Although his journey was still early when he joined the ocean he knew for a fact that the pirate life ahead of him would not be an easy one!

For the first few days of his life Seroa spent most of his time getting to know the game. He tried out different puzzles, some he found much better than others and some he simply couldn't stand. He never really made many friends but would happily talk to people and have fun! Then on the 10th of December he went on to a flotilla with Taking Flight ran by Jamelia. Unfortunately, the ship was sunk but Seroa knew that the crew was not like the other crews he had pillaged with. It was different, friendlier, more suitable like a coat which fit your size just right. The next day he went on two pillages with the crew, one ran by Psychopaul and another run by Davidov. Impressed at how welcomed he felt in the crew he attended another of Jamelia's flotilla's that evening. This time successful, Seroa felt a fire burning within him, it was determination. Seroa met Jamelia in an inn and talked to her and had a friendly brawl with her. He did the same with other senior officers that he had noticed in the crew to see what they were like including Blackmullet. Seroa waited to be invited into the crew instead of asking because he thought that was politer. The very next day Jamelia invited Seroa to join Taking Flight and fly the flag of Antheas.

Who knows where Seroa will go next? Now his tale has begun it opens a wide door to adventures beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Only time will tell, and until then he stands strong, dealing with any challenges he faces because he knows that they all happen for a reason.