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Saosin is currently the captain of the crew Burn After Rolling and king of Odd Future on the Viridian Ocean.

Saosin started his pirate lifestyle in the year 2006. Saosin joined the Viridian Ocean under the name Ibatman, on one of his first pillages, he met a lady pirate named Giggliez. At the end of that pillage they both decided to join with Dabba and Sirjerry in the crew Knuckleheads. Due to forgotten reasons, Knuckleheads merged with a different crew. Missing his old Knuckleheads, Giggliez, Makilla and Ibatman decided to restart the crew and set Ibatman as the captain. After running the crew for a couple months, Ibatman was becoming less and less active for forgotten reasons (probably partying). Ibatman was just logging on occasionally to play poker or hearts.

After a year and a half, in a strange coincidence Ibatman found out a friend in real life also use to play to the game. Excited over this, Ibatman logged onto Puzzle Pirates to find out Ibatman had gotten deleted. This did not deter him and this was when Saosin was born.

Being crewless with his real life buddy, Grobyctwo and Saosin started the Yellow Bus crew as a joke. They got the seas hella hyphy till they decided to call it quits when Grobyctwo went inactive. Looking for a small decent crew, Saosin joined Power of Love as an officer, then moved up to fleet officer rank. Finishing high school in real-life, the Viridian Ocean didn't see much of Saosin, only getting back on for inn games.

Saosin decided on a 3rd comeback. Staying with Power Of Love to help get the rust out, he then formed his own crew with Grobyctwo as his first mate called Burn After Rolling. They formed the crew on the 17 of March 2011. Meeting new wonderful pirates, Saosin is hoping to rise to a superior position on the Viridian Ocean.

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