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Ruhannah emerged from the waves of the Midnight Ocean in November 2004. A helpful pirate named Rexelita guided her to the crew Yellow Jackets, which was part of the flag Midnight Armada. She became a senior officer of her crew and a lady of her flag. After sailing many times with hearties and attending their weddings, Ruhannah felt it was time to join her friends in Pirates Internationale, bidding goodbye to the Yellow Jackets.

She rose to the rank of senior officer in Pirates Internationale, lady and later princess of the flag Caper's Capers. When Pirates Internationale merged into British Bulldogs, she retained her senior officer position and was given the title of first mate. However she decided to leave British Bulldogs when all of the crews in Caper's Capers joined the flag Wrath of Neptune. Ruhannah joined her hearties in Wyvern's Pride.

Ruhannah is a former governor of Park and Byrne Islands and is currently a senior officer of the crew Wyvern's Pride, a lady of the flag Broadsiders.

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