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Rexelita began her pirate career on the Midnight Ocean somewhere around June 23, 2004. An enthusiastic pirate, she had managed to purchase a sloop and had the necessary stats to create a crew before she had lost her green name. At the time this was quite an achievement since new player accounts only lasted 10 logons. Spending some time looking for a crew, she chose the Mad Mutineers. Attaining the trust of her crew, she joined the ranks of their senior officers. Rexelita became involved with flag interests by being the secretary and was honored with the title of lady of Midnight Armada.

After her time with the Mad Mutineers, Rexelita felt the urge to grow and joined Pirates of the Damned in the flag Crimson Tide. It was a natural move as the majority of her hearties were already there.

Rexelita is a former princess of the flag Crimson Tide and former senior officer of the crew Pirates of the Damned.

Currently, Rexelita is the queen of the flag Red and captain of The Philanthropist.

Contributions and Achievements

Her most notable contributions to the community have been her two memorization events.