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Rubgameton is a pirate on the Sage, Jade, and Crimson Oceans. He mainly plays in Sage, and currently speaks English and Spanish. Rubgameton is friendly, and always enjoys a good talk. He likes pillages, poker, and rumble brawls. Formerly, his username should be Rub Gameton (pronounced Roob Game-tone) but spaces are not allowed in Puzzle Pirates. His nickname is Rub.


Rubgameton on the Sage Ocean is an officer in the crew Midnite Devils, and a member of the flag Royal Army. He is an ensign in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago.


Rubgameton on the Jade Ocean is an officer in the crew Animal Instinct,and a member of the flag RoyalFlush. He is a Polizon (stowaway) in the Isla Descartes Navy in the Pelícano Archipelago.


Rubgameton on the Crimson Ocean was a pirate in the crew Our Fleet Crew, and member of the flag Rising Phoenix. He was a stowaway in the Lima Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago.

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