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Mum Greyta has voted for SB once before--- never suspected V. Sarbear may be the way to go first? I'll stay here so we don't mess each other up. Aye, Greyta should be in soon methinks----where is Marinated?? Sorry about that.

Doubt if Greyta ever gets banned as long as she holds FOI on V. Ness always seems to just go with the flow---Marinated votes her own beliefs more. Would think they'd ban her before Ness? Golly, so much depends on this vote.

Just hope V and SB aren't sending out pm's to get everyone to vote for him. V could be very convincing in the PM game. Hmm, I just don't see Greyta getting banned, but much depends on how the vote goes this round. ROFL Marinated has logged in today but no post.

  • waves to Sam* Sam popped in earlier for a read but didn't post. Would love to hear what he's thinking.

Marin and Ness have both logged in within the past hour and still nothing. Maybe everyone is on Ice. Just hope they don't turn on GB.

This is such a hard position to be in. I remember it well from Game 1. I had no clue and no experience on on how to play it.

Eguee /me flails arms around
Sasha I see no reason that they would. He's making sense. He has some credibility. I think he and Mari are going to vote together... they have for 10 of the 13 votes they've both been around for (11/14 if you cound Mari's proxy that GB used).

That means 2 votes, and would both SB and V vote together? What happens if they do and vote an Innocent? The odds are with them, but the politics aren't.

It would be bad for V to get GB voted off, because she's voted for him twice recently. After this last post, it'll look really bad for her. She's going to have to point to someone else. Be better if they both kept kinda quiet.

On another note, I can't believe I've been dead for 9 rounds. >.<

Eguee You're better than me, I've been dead for 12 rounds.
Mum Between last game and this one, I feel like I've been dead forever.  :(
Sasha Post something, dammit!!!! Gah. Marinated votes for Greyta... but was thinking V. Marinated has shown an astounding display of one-tracked mindedness all game. 5 for 6 for Ghadhean, 2 straight for Mary... now Greyta?
MeegerMary hopefully the rest of the townies will follow GB's logic. Sarbear will most likley have 2 votes from the start, GB and greyta (assuming she doesnt vote for herself). that leaves it up to nessmonster and mari_ to pull this one out.

at any rate. this is nail-bitting goodness.

Oujou ZOMG GB makes me happy!
Sasha Ok, so SB votes for Greyta... if she gets lynched, I think that's it for SB. However, that would only give the town one shot at V. A 2 on 1. Whoever's left would have to pick.
Lyaka ::stare::::refresh::::stare::::refresh:: that's me right now. I think Greyta's going to bite the big one this round... I don't know if that will spell the end for sarbear or not. It had better if the towies want to win, of course, but...
Sasha GB needs to come back. Why are ppl always so quiet at pivotal times? Drives me crazy. And Greyta needs to VOTE. See how the rest respond.
Shaimus Round Five

The most suspicious list from 1 to 11 votes

(1) Crazeecolin, Elliania, Marinated, MeegerMary, nessmonster, Prosperity, SM_Forums,

(2) Candyk, Greatbob, mari_, Selgnij, Vireyda,

(3) Abiona, mitthewilis, Oujou, Sarbear82183, Zandia,

Argemone(4), Ghadhean(5), Greyta(5), Swordholder (8), Queenoftarts (11), Titanrulez (11)

The best guessers (worse to last)

(Correct Number – no rogues) Hohumdiddly, Lyaka,

(One rogue – not in top three) Marinated, MeegerMary,

(One rogue – third guess) Queenoftarts

(One rogue – second guess) celiatr, Ghadhean, mari_,

(One rogue – first guess) behindcurtai

(Two Rogues – not top three) nessmonster, Oujou,

(Two Rogues – second and third) mitthewilis,

(Two Rogues – Correct number) SM_Forums,

(Two Rogues – First and second) Abiona, Candyk,

(Two Rogues – second and third – correct number of rogues) Sashamoring,

(Three Rogues) Greatbob

Of the Rogues

Sarbear82183, samtheboy, Vireyda – had Sashamorning and CandyK. Some of their guesses did not submit an entry so it was harder to judge. Sarbear82183 won on countback.


17 entries

0 Rogues – 2

1 rogue – 7

2 Rogues – 7

3 Rogues – 1

Correct Number Rogues – 4 of 17

Round Nine

The most suspicious list from 0 to 7 votes

(0) Crazeecolin, Prosperity, SM_Forum, Zandia

(1) Abiona

(2) Marinated, MeegerMary, Queenoftarts, raNazUra, Sarbear82183

(3) Elliania, Greatbob, Greyta, mari_, Vireyda

(4) Selgnij,


The best guessers

One Rogue in top two and correct number – Elliana

Correct number – Greyta

Both Rogues – Zandia (but last two guesses)

One rogue - Abiona

No Rogues- MeegerMary, CandyK, eguee, ghadhean, lyaka, mari_, marinated, QueenofTarts

Of the Rogues

Again I needed a countback, this time it was Vireyda


12 entries

0 Rogues – 9

1 rogue – 2

2 Rogues – 1

Correct Number Rogues – 2 of 12

Lyaka -.- Wow, I really sucked. Not surprising honestly.
Mum I'm afraid Greyta just booched and it will make her look more guilty. If they catch it, I can certainly see them voting for her.
Shaimus I was actually surprised that only four got the number of rogues correct at 5
Mum Shaimus, in round 9, you have me as not having any rogues correct. I just checked my pm to ye and I had SH on that. Not that it matters really. More just curious if I'm reading your list incorrectly.
Flutie go for it GB, you've gotten their gears turning. <insert train starting to chug sounds>
Sasha Greyta may be OK if they listen to GB's last post.

For all of QoT's posturing about how she'd figured it all out and that her submission would bear it out... I'm sorry to say that I'm glad to see I did better. =p I didn't play round 9.

Marinated was an incredibly safe vote for V. He/she won't get lynched, and V can now say she was gone. Marinated has shown him/herself to get to tracked in voting... latches on to a hunch and won't let go, so that vote won't waver. It's going to come down to Greyta and Nessie.

Taelac At least now it's possible for the town to win, if they just pay attention. I'll still be surprised if they pull it off, though - I look for V to still be alive when all's said and done, though I think they'll get SB before the bitter end. And now, back to the neverending pile of books...
Flutie Would it be wrong to approach them(ness and greyta) in game to remind them the 'dead' is rooting for the town, don't forget to vote?
Lyaka Nooo... I ought to have expected it. Vireyda votes for a third person, so now the votes are split 2-2-1 with 4 needed to lynch and 2 not yet voting. So both of the remaining two (Greyta and Ness) have to both vote in the time remaining (9 hours, is it?) and vote for one of the two people who already have two votes.

Argh, it's brilliant, I wish I were alive so I could call her on it... vote splitting like this at the end of the game is highly suspicious.

Sasha Unless Shaimus has decreased the lynch deadline to 2 days, the town still has 33 hours left. It's tomorrow.
Eguee I just feel the need to scream this out: DON'T LYNCH GREYTA YOU IGNORANT @(FF@%S!
Sasha Please. Feel free. I feel the same. (PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASE see that V is splitting the votes, here!!) *Hi Flutie!*
Oujou JESUS being dead is frustrating. I just... I dunno, I just want to somehow force the people to listen to GB. That having been said, Greyta's clearly not going to vote for herself, and if Nessie loves the town, she'll finish what Greyta puts 3 votes to. Then we can finally get some results. -- as long as Greyta votes first. If Ness votes first, hopefully she'll consider the fact that Greyta won't vote for herself.
Sasha 11 hours, no posting.
MeegerMary Nessmonster?!?! With the deadline approaching this is such a bad tactic, to place a vote on someone who hasn't gotten 1 yet this round. now were going to have to rely on other people to change their votes to secure the lynch and im sure V and Sarbear will be able to find a way to use that to their advantage. frustration growing.
Shaimus mum: yes you did have SH on yer list but he was already banned at that stage and my comp was specifically about guessing from alive players. Coz if I had run a poll on - do you think SH was a rogue? It might have given the game away. So congrats on guessing that the rogue SH was banned by their own side *grins*
Sasha WTF!!! That did nothing. NOTHING!!! She won't vote for V, but SB??? Ness because of PHOTOBUCKET??? She's grasping!!! And now Nessie has a reason to vote for Greyta. What the flying F@@K was she thinking???]
Zandia I can see it all playing out before my eyes...

...Ness votes for Greyta in retalliation causing a 3-2 split in votes. V conveniently comes in at the last minute to secure a lynch and will claim she is doing so despite having serious doubts about Greyta's rogueness. Greyta gets lynched, then Mari, GB, or Ness gets banned. V can then say "I told you so, it must be Marinated!" Marinated gets lynched, someone gets banned, and then we will all be resurrected! YAY! Bring on ROMSIV!!!

Sasha Greyta... all game. Hmm... have to think on this more. Let me think... hmmm.. let me look at things that aren't related. Let's vote for... someone who doesn't have any votes! Oh, I may be back tomorrow to secure a lynch, since now we have 4 ppl with votes and only 7 in the game. /e seethes.
MeegerMary Greatbob is really on to something. hopefully the rest of the townies will follow his logic and look back at Oujou's banning. would have liked to see him expand on that a bit so everyone can see exactley what he does. i would highly expect him to be the next lynched, but im sure theres a way the rogues could twist the banning it to make it look like GB is a rogue and point the finger at him in the following round.
Sasha BOO-YA!! Keep up the pressure Bob!!! And mention that Raza ALSO fingered SB high before he was banned!!! Ohhh... I want to tell Bob to look at that Raza post fingering SB and V SOOOOOOO bad....
Mum Poor Greyta---she just keeps digging a hole deeper for herself, giving the rogues the end game "person to vote for". She's going to really be mad at herself too when she finds out she's been defending a rogue since early game. And GB better get this one through as no doubt he'll be the next one to join us. Someone have a Texas size drink ready for him when he gets here.
Sasha Greyta really has it in her head that there can be innocents in this game. You can't trust anyone. I'm not sure GB will be banned. What signal would that send? I'm still betting on Marinated/Nessie. Maybe Mari... since that would leave Bob with no allies, and G, Marin, and N are too close to understand that.
Mum Ok, now I may see what Greyta was doing. She's fishing methinks. Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Yea! Ness's vote for SB may now be productive.

V has voted for Bob on several occasions. They just might leave him like ye say. It'll come down to V vs. Bob. However, he will gain a lot of credibility if SB gets voted off. The problem is though, Bob already said he'd go after Greyta as well. Just hope they take out V first.

Fishing trip Sasha. She may very well believe that SB is a Rogue. She's looking for who won't vote that way perhaps to help her decide who else might be one. She doesn't want to believe it's V so she's fishing for one of the others to fit. Ness picked a good time to come in right then. Saved herself some suspicion maybe.

Aye, I had brought that up earlier in this forum. V could have saved this completely by taking out SB herself---before anyone else had a chance to "discover the rogue".

Sasha If they get SB... it's going to be a tough decision. Bob will be vindicated. I think that lynching Bob would be an admission. If SB/Bob go, that gives them 2 shots at V. V will have to be "gone" while the other 4 hash it out.

In some ways Greyta is more dangerous. Why did she ask Marinated to vote for SB, if she hadn't herself?

I have to remember... if I'm ever a Rogue alive at this point... POINT LIKE HELL TO THE OTHER ROGUE!!!! Think of all the credibility V would have at this stage if she had been the one to point fingers at SB. Would anyone doubt her at all after that?

Ok, couple of things now... V could magically return (she said she wouldn't) to change her vote to Greyta... then it would be a race between whether Greyta or Marinated votes first. The only candidates right now that are looking to be lynched are G and SB. If G is paying attention, she won't wait for Marinated to come back, she'll lynch SB because of the possibility that V might return and lynch her.

If they get SB this round, I think V is toast. She voted for someone not even in the running, with a split vote, and then they get the Rogue. She even said she wouldn't be around to help secure a lynch. If she DOES come back to secure the lynch for G (should G get a 3rd vote), then that will look really bad for V. I'm getting really hopeful.

I agree. Also, the town has to realize they're up against the wall, here. For all they know this could be the last vote if they miss OR if they don't lynch. A couple of them are smart enough to realize that right now, a missed lynch would mean Loss, if there were 3 Rogues left. Those Rogues would split the next vote as well, giving them the majority.

Mum Having a hard time believing the town would fall for any excuse she gave for "suddenly returning" at this point.

Aye, and GB knows who it is for sure, but also suspects Greyta. She may very well get mixed up in this. Could come down to the wire if they don't get V next after SB.

I'm still rather curious as to how one minute they're all voting off all the suspicious townies to GB suddenly coming forward with V and SB. A shocking turn around actually.

Sasha Personally, I think it's just a case of GB having focused on suspicious townies for so long and it getting nowhere except innocents. I think he had a lot riding on Ghadhean... a LOT of ppl did, and when he turned out to be innocent, it made ppl stop and say hey, the Rogues are blending in better than this. Why?

I mean Ghadhean had been on the FOS list for a looooooong time. When he turned out to be innocent, it kinda justified Raza, right, as well as show that the Rogues had left him alive for another round to draw more suspicion and to miss the vote. Or maybe I'm just thinking all this because I know what's going on.

Actually, I'm not any more shocked about this than I was to see the abrupt turn around from QoT to Titan in that one round. QoT was on her way... then all of a sudden Titan got lynched. I thought that came out of left field, actually.

Mum Really? Actually, I didn't look for her to get voted off. Many of those voting for her did it for reasons other than thinking she was a rogue. Heat of the moment votes don't usually count for much. Hee, that round I didn't care whether it was Titan or SH.
Sasha QoT was such a distraction. You look at her voting record, everything she did... it's like she wanted to play spoiler. Anyway...

What reason is there for G NOT to change her vote right now? She's the sole vote on someone. I can't see anyone but G and SB getting lynched. If G doesn't change and they lynch a Rogue, she looks suspicious. An Innocent would vote for SB out of self-preservation. It's like she's voting for a different person to avoid the lynch (and after all she's said about getting lynches and soft deadlines, I'D be looking at her, too). She DOES act like a Rogue would, IMHO.

Plus, she's updated the wiki since Nessie's vote. She's seen what's going on. I have no idea what's going through her mind at all.

Mum *applauds the town* Woo hoo!!!!
Sasha Thank GOD!!! (Updating...)
Mum Next problem---SB is lynched and V is "supposedly" away. If someone gets a ban notice, V will use it as an excuse that it wasn't her due to her absence. Hope they don't believe it.
Sasha I think GB is on a roll. Greyta helped herself by holding to the soft deadline, rather than allowing it to stretch out, and also by doing it herself. I'm not sure they'd suspect a Rogue would out another Rogue at this point (which I why I think it'd be an excellent strategy this late in the game), and early as well.

H - town wins - 1/5 MH - town wins - 4/15 MM - rogues win - 8/15 Town wins - 46.7% Rogues win - 53.3%

Oh, and my official guess... Mari's a goner. On the other hand, I seriously doubt the 5 remaining Rogues are looking at anyone besides G and V.

Mum Just remembered something from early in the game. Lyaka, ye received a PM at the time you were banned. Which one sent it to ye? Just curious mostly.

Also, where is Aenor? First one out and he's not playing the "ghost" game with us?

Zandia Quick question--- SB no longer has any official banning power now correct? If she can't ban because she's dead, and V's REALLY is gone, maybe there won't be a ban.
Mum That's what I meant earlier when I said if someone gets a ban notice---it has to come from V I would think. She may try to use her "supposed" awayness to implicate someone else. The question is, Is she really truly away? Of course, she did say she'd be back tomorrow night but would not post until Monday. She no doubt had the time frame figured out to get a ban done in time.

yarrr, SB logged in but didn't post a ban scene.

Oujou Lynch scene is up!

Okay, this is what I'm thinking. V isn't really going away. She saw that the town was really going for Sarbear and posted a fake story about going away, so that she could be away when the rogues ban someone. That way, she can use her absence as a defense against any accusations. I think the town has it narrowed down to Greyta and V, and that means that even if they lynch Greyta, they can still win! Yay! Thoughts on who will be banned if V isn't actually gone/told Shaimus who was supposed to be banned beforehand?

  • Oy, I should really learn to post AFTER reading what everyone else has to say*

Anyway, I think it would be... interesting for V to ban GB. I think the townies nerves are fried at this point, and banning him would immediately backlash. Of course, she could hope that the backlash would hit Greyta instead, giving her some time to come up with a reasonable alibi (like having been away) and then redirecting suspicion onto someone else. If not GB, then I'd say Mari_. V can say Nessie looks suspicious for having the second-to-last-vote on Sarbear -- a rogue who sees the way things are going (I really hope the town can see through that one -- voting for Sarbear at that point would have been a terrible thing for a rogue to do) and she can say that Marinated looks suspicious for voting away from the (now) known rogue. But Mari_ looks like a pretty good target. Looks like a tossup to me.

Ghadhean Woohoo town! It looks like they really have a chance now.
Oujou By the way, did Sarbear just let slip that there was one rogue remaing?
Ghadhean Sorry, Oujou, this is hard to control. Anyway, the bannings would seem to be on the honor system. The dead rogues still have access to TheRogues account, after all. And, yeah, I think she did. And that they were blending in and not looking suspicious.
Sasha It doesn't matter if she says there's a Rogue remaining... if there's not, game over. Also, she just said A Rogue, not one, so there's the possibility there could be more. The town knows that there can't be more than two at this point, though.

Like I said, at this point it would have really helped if V pointed at SB. That would have been an amazing strategy. They only need one to win.

If they ban GB, it's going to look like G or V are Rogues, or both. WE know they can lynch both; they have two bites of the apple.

Lyaka Cheers and jubilations! But I don't think this means Vireyda's toast... I hold to my original prediction: Rogue victory, with Vireyda last man standing...

Someone asked about the PM I got when I was banned. I got the 'ur banned' PM from the Rogues Account, but if you're asking about the player PM I got at the same time and couldn't share, it was from QOT, and pursuant to her (?... calls herself a Queen anyways, even if it is secretly Pip) request, I'll be keeping it private :)

Swordmaster Yes! Go townies! Congratulations on the lynch!
MeegerMary Huzzah! Nice move by the town!
Taelac *waves to everyone and grabs another lime drink* I look for Greyta to be banned to give credence to her FoI on V.
Oujou If Greyta's banned, it could go a couple of ways. One, the town could see that her FOI really means nothing, seeing as she was an innocent and therefore ignorant of who was a rogue. Two, the town could say "why would V ban someone who had such a FOI on her?" Three, the town could say, "Clearly V would ban someone with such a FOI on her because it would lend her something to hide behind."

Myself, I don't think Greyta will be banned. I think there are better targets and Greyta is looking like the next lynchee. A rogue will always be looking for someone else to pin the blame on.

Taelac Well, I didn't say it was a stellar plan, just that it's what I expect to see. ;) Because for a rogue to ban someone with such a high FoI on the rogue would be a really gutsy move in the endgame, I think the town would dismiss it as a possibility.
Zandia Woot! Mari just very high FOS-ed V! I think that after next round it will be game over. SB voted for Greyta, so major FOI on her, then on GB's list the only other FOS is V. And, since V voted for Marinated last round, I don't think she will let her slide.
Eguee Whee i'm just going to say i'll give 100 poe to anybody who can guess who V will banninate.*
  • Only dub oceans
    • No rogues allowed to play (What? They still have access to The Therogues account)
Swordmaster Well, whatever happens, V is still in quite a bad position. If she doesn't ban Mari or GB, they'll keep pushing to get her lynched. On the other hand, if she does ban one of them, the other townies are going to look at their FOS lists, which consists solely of V, and will (most probably) lynch her anyways.
Swordholder And I thought there was a lot to read in the thread itself, phew.
Mum *gets drink ready for SB if she joins us here* Surprised that Greyta continues to hang on to the FOI for V, but she probably won't be the one banned, unless V tries to implicate Marinated with it. If Marinated is the one banned, I suppose V could argue that she's being set-up and that Greyta is the Rogue, but I'd think the town would see through that. Bob may be safe since he also has Greyta on his FOS list. As for Nessie and Mari, if I had to pick one of the two, it'd probably be Mari as she seems to be more opinionated in her stance.

LOL In any case, I still can't see V surviving now that too many are on to her. However, she is very clever and may have a plan of some sorts. I just can't imagine what it could be.

QoT If the only reason they get V is because she's away at an unfortunate time, I'll be kinda depressed. All this build-up and drama only to have her plan foiled by a mistimed period of inactivity? (And she'd have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!)
Sasha QoT, <3. Oh, and looks like they missed a ban. Nailed in the coffin, now.
Shaimus Actually the rogues did have the ability to send the banning PM to me *early* so I could proxy for them in case they were away

So . . . I am assuming V forgot about it or thought she would be back in time

Mum Maybe this is what V. wanted to do. No ban means the town needs 4 votes for a lynch instead of 3.
Lyaka Welcome Sarbear to the Island o' Limes! I have a drink for her right here that [i]in no way[/i] contains poison of any kind! (We're already dead, it just gives you a tummyache)

Someone in the main thread said what I'm thinking- that when Vireyda left, SB's position seemed secure, so she believed SB could carry out the ban and didn't need to check. They ought to have PM'd Shaimus just to be sure- I know they may have wanted tactical flexibility, but it doesn't hurt to say "If there's < 5 hours left in the ban window and you haven't heard that we've banned, ban <Person X>. Just in case.

Taelac I would just like to apologize to the entire town for PMing Greyta at the first part of the game to let her know that it had started. I wonder if I can manifest strongly enough on the living plane to throttle her? (I don't really have any hard feelings toward her, but my game character wishes we'd lynched her with extreme prejudice. *wink*)
Mum ROFL Aye, V may still have this if the town won't come together. She's played a great game as a Rogue. Very convincing townie. If she gets enough behind her, she can ban next time and then lynch. (Or, lynch this time and then ban--either way) If that happens, doubt if all 3 townies would ever come together to lynch her, especially if Greyta is still with them.
Sasha Gah. Greyta. Well, here's the thing. The town will refuse to not lynch. If they do, they'll have to look at it hard. GB and Mari picked out the Rogue last time. True, they could have sacrificed one of their own to keep the two of them alive... (also a brilliant strategy, but if I was playing, they weren't that deperate to win, and with 3 Rogues at that point, they only needed one innocent to help them), but GB and Mari look hugely innocent. If Ness or Marin get on board, I don't think G will let the town miss a lynch.

(lots of stuff deleted because I figured it out as I wrote)

Aha! V just logged onto her account. Witty post forthcoming...

Mum And so it begins. V vs. GB. /em sits on the edge of her chair and watches
Flutie /me joins Mum and drools.......

GO GB!!! GET HER!!!!

raNa So who else is supremely happy that GB latched onto V this round instead of G?
Flutie I'm glad, just we need, last i looked, needed 2 more votes for V and the TOWN WINS!!! WOOT!
Mum The good news--I've almost plucked all my gray hair out. The bad news--at the rate they're going, I'll be bald soon.  :(

Woo Hoo for Nessmonster!!!!!!!!!! Super post!! Triple the rum and lime for all!

Elliania Yay, Nessmonster :) I think they got her now. Shouldn't be too hard to get that last vote, especially with the rules of soft deadlines that have been observed before. What a nice feeling to be winning :)
Lyaka ::shakes head:: I'm mad. Vireyda played a brilliant game and I really had a lot of respect for her. Although I'm a townie I really feel like she deserves to win. And now it's looking like she's going to lose it over such a stupid trip-up. I want her to say that this was a gamble she took and it's not paying off... hoping that she could convince the town that it was A Rogue Plot To Frame Her, but failed... because even that would be enough to let me keep admiring her skill. Alas, it looks like Moriarty botched it and is headed off Reichenbach Falls...
Sasha GB wouldn't latch on to G because of the missed ban. It have been a brilliant strategy to frame Vireyda, as discussed, but at this point the Rogues should have just banned someone. Missing a ban takes them away from their goal. It doesn't make sense not to ban, and therefore V looks sooo suspicious.

Bah. Completely off. It didn't matter when SB posted her scene (I was thinking ban). Deadline was Aug 19, 2007 11:34:50 PM. Sorry, SB.

Oujou ZOMG they've got 3 votes against her. If I were in the game at this point, I would totally be advising the same caution Greyta is pushing, but also at least admitting that V looks INCREDIBLY suspicious. Jeez Greyta, stop with the FOI on V already! It's only bringing you down with her!

They at least got the vote splitting clue right. (thought Greyta did it too. ugh) I am surprised, however, that no one's picked up on the banning-to-get-my-proxy thing yet. The evidence is all there, just use it! [But you can wait until the end of the round to do so, it's okay.]

Mum Lyaka, I couldn't agree more. V has played a good game all the way through. Very little info on her in the way she handled herself was available to the town. The only thing that made me cringe with her was the round where she protected herself and SH by giving up Titan early in the voting sequence. Hee, she almost does deserve to win. I'll wait to decide that after game is over. Need to know whether or not the no ban was deliberate or a real life issue. At any rate, she deserves much respect from the town, and her comrades protected her well. *toasts Vireyda regardless of the outcome*
Flutie Why doesnt greyta just vote and get it over with. im about to pull my hair out myself. though, i think V is really kicking herself now that she prolly realized she has backed herself into a corner and tripped up a few times and tried to cover but got caught. anyways, im ready for this to be over with and be resurrected. and I also cant wait til ROM4
Mum Eek, Ness let Greyta talk herself out of a great post and vote. *sighs*
Flutie UGH. greyta opened her mouth and now everyone is really taking a second look. does greyta realize she's trying to cover(?) a ROGUE. its time for the game to be over with a victory for the town. i'm about to the point to throw my arms up and give up.
raNa Actually, in a purely strategical sense, missing a ban late in the game doesn't necessarily hurt the rogues, if it causes there to be an even number of people at a lynch stage. In my opinion, it even helps them. In a practical sense for this game, it didn't, because it set up V, but if you consider the possibility of it not implicating anyone, it looks different. First, if there were five people in the game right now, V would be dead from the votes (although yes she probably would have banned one of those three). So it requires an inordinate number of people to lynch someone when you have an even number of players left. That doesn't really matter in the beginning, but getting 4 out of 6 is significantly more difficult than 3 of 5, I think. And 3 of 4 is definitely harder than 2 of 3. Also, on the same idea, it gives her more people to hide in. If I were a rogue, I would personally love for there to be four instead of three players left for the last lynch. They still need to all vote against me, and it would be even harder to get 3 votes than 2. So yes, if you absolutely need the ban to tip the scales of your supporters over your accusers, or if not using it would frame you, then you definitely should use it, but otherwise, it could be smarter not to, especially if you could frame a townie with it.
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