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Sasha There's a good point there, Raza. So let's play that out. Who does the town lynch, then, if not V? Bob? Greyta? NOBODY?? I seriously doubt V would ban GB at this point, because then it would directly at V. Let's say Greyta is lynched, and Mari is banned. That puts things straight toward V. Bob would need both Nessie and Marinated to vote for V, and V might persuade them against Bob. Game over.

The town is completely forgetting the FOI that the known Rogues left on GB. If they vote for him this round or next...

Probabilities: H: 1/6 - town wins - 16.7% MH: 5/24 - town wins - 20.8% MM: 5/8 - Rogues win - 62.5% Town wins - 37.5%

Notice that this is significantly better for the Rogues by not banning (Old probabilities: Town wins - 46.7%, Rogues win - 53.3%)

raNa My post was in a completely hypothetical sense. In this particular game I think V should have banned mari_, because it wouldn't have looked quite as suspicious as GB, but still would have removed one of her opponents' voting block. And yeah, I'm annoyed that the town has forgotten about GB's FoI. I tried to bring it back when I got in, but nobody really picked up on it.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that strategy here :P. Now next game the rogues might employ it... (since a number of you will be joining the next one I assume).

Just thought of a flaw in it though. Having only three left for the last lynch can be very good for the rogue. If he/she is vigilant, it only takes one slip by either of the innocents for the rogue to win. One misvote and the rogue can pounce. However, if the townies are smart and refuse to vote until near the end, then four would be better for the rogue. It depends on the intelligence of the remaining townies. I guess, like any decision, there's plenty of things to factor in.

Sarbear Um so I haven't read all of this yet...skimming alot. I will say this. I did not send Abi's banning pm, I refused (in my mind, I think, Viredya just went ahead and sent it) so I in fact knew nothing about the rhyme. I didn't want to send it cause after my time away, which was and is totally legit. as I'm getting on a plane Friday for the memorial, Abi sent me a wonderful pm so I said to myself I would not to the baddie job when it was her time at the rogues hands.

Ooh double time postage! I checked the forum waaaaaaaay more than I posted cause I checked it as a guest after like round 7. So I saw that I was banned and I was actually inclined to do the banning that V and I had talked about before I posted my death scene. But my "goody goody" side of me over ruled my thinking and thought that if I sent the pm before I posted my death scene Shaimus would know that I broke a rule, or whatever. I found it under handed, sneaky and in all fairness out of the question, but I was tempted. So for us to send a pm to Shaimus saying that "If you don't hear from us in 5 hours we kill ___" is like the same, IMO.

QoT Urgh, Marinated, I know voting makes you feel icky, but at this stage in the game, suck it up! ("Voting for Vireyda feels like going all-in at poker because if we're wrong, we might lose the game." Well, voting for *anyone* should conjure up the same feeling. Of course, if you're so indecisive and uncomfortable that you don't vote at all, you'll still lose. You've admitted that you no longer have the luxury of counting on future rounds to distil and analyse information garnered from an aborted round, so VOTE!
Swordmaster I wholeheartedly second the above comment. I'd write QFT but then it would just look like I misspelt QOT XD
Mum Sure wish Ness had left her vote on V. It might have helped Marinated "get over it" and vote.
Crazee I'd be very tempted to miss this vote, going down to five people knocks off one suspect and some information may be gained from the ban.
Mum Sure am enjoying all the "discussion" they're having before making their vote.

SB, once again, my deepest sympathy on your loss. I for one will admit that I wondered if ye had seen that one particular episode of "Survivor" once I started suspecting you, especially when ye gave me your proxy. However, I was also in the group that said "No way. Not again." What were the odds of ye playing a Rogue twice? I admire your courage mate for hanging in there. Have a safe trip.

Sasha All due respect to Greyta the person, but I wish that she'd just stayed quiet like she was earlier in the game. On the other hand, she's questioning why she's still alive. The reason, of course, is the high FOI on V.

Crazee... that's a very interesting strategy. The town can't lose with no vote. Like I showed earlier, the probabilities would improve for the town in that case. Who would she ban? Not Greyta... she needs her too much. Or would she risk it, making it seem like V might actually be innocent? I don't think so... banning GB and Mari would make them look stronger... my money would be on Marinated, the only one really up in the air atm.

SB, I echo the sympathies for your loss. I'm sure this has been and still is a difficult time for you.

QoT Why would she have to ban at all? Doing so gives the town information. If she's feeling up to it, she could plausibly play it out without any more bans--except for the final one to clinch the game. (But only if the stars align just right.)
Lyaka Well, I would ask myself who I wanted to frame. The best pick to frame is gonna be GB, in my opinion, though that's certainly open to debate. Well now, if GB were the Rogue, who would he ban? Not V, because V is the Innocent he's picked to crusade against and secure a bandwagon lynch. Greyta? Although it would certainly be easier to bandwagon against V without Greyta's persistent FOI, banning Greyta just makes it too obvious that V is actually Innocent. Any Rogue except V is going to want to ban Greyta, because V is the best chance of a lynch right now. That leaves Mari and Marinated (whose names have been driving me CRAZY). Mari is mostly on my side with lynching V; that's good, I'll leave her alive. Marinated keeps waffling. On the one side, if the town doesn't lynch anyone, I have more free ban time; on the other hand, my bans are the best information the town has on me. Marinated needs to go. Is she more of a danger than Nessmonster? Ness was willing to vote for V before; Greyta stopped her. I can't get rid of Greyta, but I can reclaim Ness; if Ness dies, she's just a wasted lynch vote on V. So I want to ban Marinated.

That's my bet :)

Mum Please, please, please Nessie, re-read your own post and re-place your vote on V. Between Greyta and Marinated, the town could be in trouble. *frowns*
Sasha Marinated voted for GB. It's 2-2. If Nessie goes with V, it'll be 3-2. Will G vote to lynch V?

On the other hand, let's say Nessie votes for GB. G WANTS to believe in V, so she'll back that up more willingly... and GB is Innocent. Ouch for V. I think that, logically, V doesn't want GB lynched, because it backs up his suspicions. I think she'd rather see a no-vote. It's gonna be hard to engineer that one by herself. If the town no-votes, she bans Marinated, and boom! GB has mud on him.

Having one Rogue though... assuming there are no more misses, there are still two lynches left, which means one shot to eliminate a vocal innocent. If GB goes down, I really think he would take V down with him. The negative thing is that if GB goes down... Greyta's backed herself into a corner with her heavy FOI on V. V could just attack Greyta next turn.

Marinated is going off too many reverse psychology moves here, pretty much as he/she's done all game, rather than just looking at what's out there. Maybe it's a set-up. Let's get out the tinfoil hats already. Would two Rogues be so obvious to vote in a bloc at this stage, as Mari and GB have? It points squarely at them, and the other three can just point at one and pick them off. UGh. I'm so frustrated here.

Possibilities (the dreaded "what-if" game): Lynch GB, ban Nessmonster. V and Marinated go after Mari... or would they? Mari has backed up GB... she may convince the town that V set it up. But she might go after Greyta instead. GB was pretty set on both of them. Too hard to tell.

Lynch GB, no ban. I don't think she would do this. Mari goes back at V, Greyta doesn't know what to do. Marinated questions the earlier decision, maybe votes for V, Nessie seals it. Town wins.

Mum Sasha, please please don't post in the game. The town could completely misunderstand your post at that particular point in time. Please, stay out of it. (And I'm asking this very respectfully.)
Lyaka I logged on here and discovered Mum had said it already... maybe it just seems like this to us because we have information. But I read the post above yours, went "AAAH must restrain urge to post!" then scrolled down and there you were. Really, they don't need any help from us.

If Greyta votes for GreatBob, she might make Ness or Mari switch their votes to secure the lynch. But Greyta has FOI on both GreatBob and V, and she's figured out that it's that FOI that has kept her safe up till now. She's got to pick one or the other to LAFO (lynch and find out) this turn, and with three votes already on V, she may decide that V's the one this round despite her higher FOI on her.

Let's let the end play out naturally...

Hohum I knew Sasha couldn't hold out any longer ... I'll just reiterate what Mums said. Although it looks as if it's a done deal and the town will win this one. Somebody will bandwagon the Vireyda vote and it will be over. Nice job townies.
Oujou It's really bugging me that AGAIN Greyta seems to look the other way where V is concerned. It's like, "hey, I'm probably being kept alive because I'm being very headstrong about protecting a rogue, but clearly that Rogue COULDN'T be V, because she's just too amazing and perfect and wonderful. So it must be GB, who has a LOT less going against him and a LOT more going for the case of his innocence." Jesus H. Christ. *Terry Pratchett Reference Warning* She needs some Third Thoughts to complement those pretty pathetic Second ones.
Sasha I don't see how I said anything one way or the other, except that I was enjoying the show, but the point is taken. It's also kind of annoying how Hohum is practically silent lately, but pipes up to criticize me.

Does anyone know where Greyta's FOI on V came from?

  • [eguee] Somewhere (2/3 pages) past my lynching
Lyaka It's not what, dear. The content of your post is above reproach. It's just when- right after something that (to us) looks like a key post. That might tip the town off that it was key, you see.

Now that you mention it, I don't know where Greyta's FOI came from. It's been around for a while, it must have gotten lost in the early game.

Mum Greyta's FOI began in her second post of the game. She also gave Dismissed a mild FOI at that time. Really, if I was still alive I'd suspect G more than V.
QoT Jeez, Greyta. Freud said it best: "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". There's no need for everything to have a deeper meaning.
Mum Vireyda hasn't even logged in over 24 hours---and it's end game. Where does Greyta think she is? An innocent would be highly attentive right now.
Lyaka eguee: what do you mean by 2-3 pages? I have my pages set to 50 posts/page but I know not everyone does...

Mum: I disagree, if I were an Innocent right now, I'd cast my vote and disappear. I'd still be reading, but I'd be very hesitant to post, because the town is just looking for an excuse. V has vote, and I find it in keeping that she take a discreet absence.

Sam I really have not got a clue why V hasn't posted. Not posting is screaming "I'm guilty, lynch me!" to everyone... grr... silly rogue
Sasha Sorry, I didn't think that the post was really at any particular time... just kind of a humorous "we're watching" post. Point still taken.

Why does GB have to "really really" convince Greyta (essentially having to prove a negative) whereas V doesn't? Gah. If GB does get lynched this round, or no vote, etc., Greyta herself is on the hot seat, and thy can't afford that.

Mum I sure hope Marinated figures out that so far, all of her hunches have missed and decide to take a close look as to whom she is following right now. For some reason, I'm not so sure Greyta will vote for V regardless of how convincing anyone is.
Sasha I'm not Marinated will figure it out. All of her hunches have not only failed, but failed spectacularly. 5 votes for Ghad in 6 rounds. That's like wasting votes. Constant revotes until the person is lynched (Eguee, Mary). She's voted repeatedly for the same person round after round until that person was lynched or banned (exception: Ghad's first vote).

On the other hand... if they look at probabilities, it's better for the town to not lynch than lynch the wrong person. Win % jumps from 25% (lynch wrong person) to 46.7% (no lynch). If they're really that unsure, it's mathematically better to hang the vote, but they're too fried to pick up on that.

I think if I was Greyta, I'd be inclined to just lynch V to see the reaction, and reevaluate. However, she's probably thinking she'd be the next ban, and so she's thinking self-preservation over the town.


Elliania I think she is planning to vote for Vireyda. She is waiting til the soft deadline, but I don't think she wants to miss the lynch. And with three votes, V is really the only choice. I am confident that as long as Ness leaves his vote where it is, V won't survive the round.
Mum Good point Elliania. One thing about Greyta, she does adhere to that soft deadline rule they(she?) instituted. Doubt if I could wait though if I was already sure that's how I planned to vote.
Sasha Aye, Greyta instituted it... and went by 25 minutes ago. She's making herself look more and more suspicious, and if they don't bag V this round, they might end up lynching Greya next round. That's ok if they simply miss a lynch, but if they lynch the wrong person and then Greyta next round...


Lyaka ::roots for V, hardcore::

And I predicted this thing where self-preservation would outweigh group victory wayyyyy back at the beginning of ROMS2. So I'm not surprised in the slightest. Not lynching V leaves Greyta in the game longest and that's the simple truth of it. She won't do it. She's sitting there at work, feeling her gut tell her not to lynch V; she's thinking of probabilities, justifying missing the lynch, working herself up. She's going to come back and be very sorrowful, but she can't, she just can't let the town commit suicide by lynching V; not lynching is better than lynching an innocent, we'll see who gets banned and think about it then.

You'll see.

Flutie They just need to get it over with, and lynch V, that way, it will be definate to them if GB is or isnt a rogue. i just wish it wasnt such a big knot of agony waiting for them to do something. i'm almost at the point of just ignoring the forums and this thread until someone (looks for volunteer) catches me in game letting me know its over. anywho, back to work for me and hope i dont lose power tonight like last night at home.
Ghadhean <[Lyaka]That leaves Mari and Marinated (whose names have been driving me CRAZY)>

Bugged me all game, and for a while their avatars were almost the same, one daytime and the other night. But I could never come up with a good reason to bring it up.

Sasha Two hours past the soft deadline. I guess Greyta will keep to it unless the vote is going for someone she doesn't want to see lynched?
Mum If Greyta is at work, I'm not surprised she hasn't logged in yet. Wonder if they realize how much agony we're all in here, but doubt it. When I was in that position, I actually didn't realize anyone but those of us left ingame were even in existence. Hee, one tends to block out the whole world end game. I only concentrated on those posting.

Shaimus, I wanna play again---I mean I wanna play again now. *looks at Shaimus pleading with puppy dog eyes*

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! *jumps around excitedly* *prepares fresh drinks for all* *giggles hysterically* And we know, but they are still in suspense. Serves them right for keeping us hanging on for soooooo long!!!

Flutie Drinks for all! I finished up reading here, headed back to the forums, and saw marinated posted. Gulped and read. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I also like what Marinated said about the most obvious reason for missed ban was. Almost like seeing a lightbulb come on for the very first time. Amazing....

and Shaimus, perty please with a cherry on top, another game NOW, like Mum said. I want to do this again!

Eguee yayzorzed
Mum *shivers with paranoid horrible thought* Hope Sam told us the truth about who the Rogues are. Gah, we've based all of our excitement on him.
Sasha Shaimus confirmed it in his contest results. <Shaimus> Of the Rogues Sarbear82183, samtheboy, Vireyda...

I want to play right now too! Are we going to have special roles this time (I kinda like the straight-up, version...)

Eguee (In an attempt to beat flutie's record of longest wooohooo)


Flutie Dang you Sasha and Eguee, you edited over me. What did you post then delete before greyta's post eguee? am curious.

I posted a woot message

Sasha I wanted to post a w00t message, but I figured V deserved to do it in her own time.
Mum Aye, please don't post----let them stew until she posts. Personally, I really don't believe any dead person should ever post at all in the live thread, not even to clarify the wiki, but of course, that is up to the moderator to set those rules.

Oh yea, I'd forgotten all about Shaimus' post when I had my fit of paranoia!  :)

Sasha I have this wicked idea to send all of the remaining townies a PM with my U R BANNED graphic, just to mess with their minds. "What? You were banned too? WTF??" =p
Taelac *SQUEE!* We win! It's a miracle!
Sasha Actually, I think I WILL do that... right after V posts in the thread. With a congratulations note at the bottom. Don't want to give them a complete heart attack.
Mum I wonder how long she'll let them stew about it. And yes, Sasha, I like this "no frills" version.
Sasha I wonder what Greyta's reactions is gonna be. I think she's gonna take it kinda hard.  :/
Mum I agree, she might. On the other hand she'll be thrilled with the win, so not nearly as bad. Would've been worse for her if the town lost.
Zandia Hopefully though, Greyta will learn not to FOI to the point where there is no longer even the slightest FOS. Way to go townies!!!
Mum Applauds Vireyda! What a terrific scene for the finish!!!!!!!!!!!! Well played Rogues! I enjoyed the entire game!

Now Shaimus, about that next game....?

Oujou I come back from a day-trip to Rhode Island to find WE WON! AWESOME GOING TOWN! W00T^infinity!

Lets get another round up and running! (I personally like the frilly version, but not very many frills, I suppose, just a doctor-person and a spy-person.) I'm debating whether I should create a ghost account on the forum or if we've resurrected by now. Well, a ghost account can't hurt, I suppose.

Sarbear I thought I might give those of you who truly would be interested in viewing all of the rogues' conversations, plots and planning a chance to do so. We actually hosted our main means of conversation on a Google spreadsheet so if you set up a Gmail account for this page just let me know in a pm on the forums the email addy and I'll invite you to view it.
Sam Please re-add me Sarbear!
Hohum I think next game for the dead thread, we should look into getting a free forum to post our ideas. That way when multiple people have something to say, they won't type over each other as they edit this page.

I agree that next game that no dead player should be able to post in the live thread. There's just too much to risk by allowing it, even if it's just a "Woo-hoo" type of statement. I guess it's more of a "Look at me! I'm important" type of post that annoys me the most.

Swordholder It's easy enough to set up a free forum with no frills (they aren't needed anyway) I'd say that would be a good idea too.
Lyaka OOooooh yes Sarbear please add me! Pleaseplease please!

Also: I was right. Greyta didn't do it. I don't think she would have.

Flutie i'd offer to set up the dead thread for game 4, but wouldnt be fair if i moderated it and was still in game. i'll see whats happening then to see. heck, wouldnt be hard to set it up anyway, for game 4, 5, ....... and each section be 'hidden' or somesort so anyone has access to it, but only certain people can look at the section and post. basically set up private user groups. and we could also set up polls and such i believe on a free forum, that way, its hidden on who voted yet public for everyone. even if we have to drag the game away from the main forums, would still be fun.

hrm....let me see what i can do. even if we have to have the 'host' moderate the dead thread it might work, i'll just have to see what i can do. i like playing with settings on forums.

Sasha Sarbear, I'm sending you a PM right now with my email... as soon as my comp lets me...
Lyaka Flutie, thanks fer yer kind offer, but as I intend to keep playing, I don't need to be replaced just yet.
Flutie not replacing you, just offering a way for it to be easier to add people, moderate it, and, the big one someone else already mentioned. not have to worry about people getting edited over one another. I know it was quite frustrating to have to put what got edited over several times back in in hopes that it didnt get covered again.
Lyaka I considered setting up a free forum back in ROMS2. My reasoning at the time was that people would prefer not to have to create a login/password for a site they were only planning to use a few times; I know I hate it every time some new site demands registration when I really only want to, say, read a newspaper article. Sure, it's free, but that doesn't mean I want to stretch my password security paper-thin by using it on every website that asks.

So I tried Google Docs as an alternative, and in ROMS2 it worked perfectly. No editing problems existed, whatsoever. I'm still investigating what went wrong this time, but I think it was a function of load. In ROMS2, the Dead Thread started much later in the game, so it didn't run as long, and had fewer members overall. People leaving the page open overnight may have caused reconciliation errors, but mostly I think people just honestly made mistakes and deleted other peoples' stuff.

Since there are a lot of people involved now, I'm going to take the opportunity to try and make a more informed decision. Denizens of the Island of Limes- what do you think? Would you prefer it if I hopped over to Forumer and made a real forum for us to use? Since this seems to be becoming a bit of an institution, you could re-use your logins and passwords over many ROMS games. Or does the current method work fine for you? If we're all a bit more careful, I don't think the edit booch will continue to be a permanent problem.

Weigh in on the issue, and if there's an overwhelming consensus, I'll set it up for ROMSIV.

Flutie Urm....dont set up anything yet. i have one i'm playing with, just need someone's help on figuring out if my usergroup settings whatever you may call it is right. Basically, am trying to make sure that anyone can post in the signup section, current <alive>game members can post in game and only the dead in the dead. If you would like to check it out, help me in any way, please let me know! You can view what I have set up thus far at this way, we can do different sections for the current season, while leaving and locking if necessary, past seasons. can also do a misc. discussion section, basically whatever we want to do. the RogueMaster (host) would be mod of the section and it would be universal for each different host. that name is already set up, with generic password, and email address. just giving options, heck, we dont even ever have to use it.

Forgot to mention, I dont have to always be the admin. I actually prefer if i can get pulled away if necessary bc/ i'd want to play again and wouldnt be fair for me to see the dead thread no matter what b/c im admin powers. if we wanted to get someone to be sponsor, an OM by chance, that could take that role, that would be great.

Mum Lyaka, I don't think there have been any real serious problems. I admit, I did leave it up overnight once by accident and apologize for that if it caused any problems. You've done a great job as moderator both times I've participated in the dead thread. The only thing I can think of, that perhaps isn't a problem for ye since ye know what you're doing and I don't, is if you don't get knocked out early, hehe, then the thread would be closed until your lynch or ban. Is there a way for ye to work it out with Shaimus (or whoever is hosting the game at the time) should ye remain in the game? For the most part though, I think you as moderator should decide what forum ye prefer to use as the moderator.
Sasha It's my fault. I type too much. *blushes* Seriously, though, I think it's just that this document is waaaaay too big. That causes problems of its own that a forum wouldn't have.
Zandia Well, maybe Daleen (sp?) would be able to moderate the dead thread--or whoever will be assisting Shaimus in the next game.
Swordholder If you were to make a free forum and then not want to view it yourself, it wouldn't be hard to assign the first lynched/banned player as a forum admin, have them change the threads password and not tell you up until you die yourself.
Zandia Good idea SH! My only concern with the forum that Flutie set up is that there is a living section. I don't like this because I don't want to go looking for information that was discussed in two different forums. I think it should only be the dead's playground.
Flutie i think i got it, right now, there are 4 subsections. Signup, The Game, The Dead, and The Rogues. The dead and the rogues will be private and hidden to everyone except those that are allowed access. I cant seem to figure out what to do to allow anyone to view the game but not allow everyone to post. again, i think we'd have to do the honor system. heck, with what I've gotten right now, we could start the game. would just need players.
Zandia So the whole game would move over to the other forum?
Flutie we could, i remember seeing someone say that they , would like to see the ROM game in either another section of ypp forums, or on a seperate forum altogether.
Zandia I think Mum said something about Liz letting us use DJL.
Elliania I would strongly recommend keeping the game itself on the PP forums. As it is now, the only thing that distinguishes ROMS from the hundred other Mafia forums out there is the connection to Puzzle Pirates. I say, lets keep the connection and the new influx of players we always get by being the first thread for months at a time in the events section. I mean look at the numbers... There were a lot of people in this game who never played the first ones. You might lose those if you start playing elsewhere.

Doing the Dead Thread in a forum would be great though, cause I just had to retype everything I wrote before because it was overedited *glares at Zandia* ;)

Mum I agree Elliania, the game, and all info needed to play the game, needs to stay in the YPP forums. The only things needed outside of the game (for those who enjoy the Dead Thread) is a place where banned and lynched players can discuss the game outside of the view of the masses to protect the integrity. Of course, The Rogues provide a hidden place for themselves as well.

As for the locker, someone said that about Liz but it wasn't me.

Zandia Oh. Soz.
Flutie well check it out anyway, we can even do a mini test one to see how well it works, the way it is right now, anyone can post/see in the game and signup, but those only allowed access can see the rogues and dead sections
Sarbear Just an update...I have added only those who sent me a pm to be viewers to the rogue thread. If anyone else wants to see it I need the pm, as I am not graced with a great memory to remember past emails. Sorry Sam. Oh and I'm setting it up so V can invite a few people as I'm going to be away this weekend, with limited to no internet access so I'll add anyone I have before I leave for work tomorrow.
Mum Thanks for the access Sarbear. Definitely fun to read!! Take care of yourself!
Oujou Sar, does it have to be a GMail account?

As for the DeadThread forum: I personally think a forum is an excellent medium, but it should really only be for the dead. I liked having ROMS as a part of the YPP forums, it was easy to find, and I could look at other Events at the same time. Oh, and you can use past posting records as evidence. (Although I certainly can't give assurance that it will prove accurate *cough*Hohum*cough*)

Sarbear Oujou, whatever address you used to get access to here, will work for the rogue thread too.
Ghadhean A forum Dead Thread would be nice, my tired old computer kinda coughs and sputters trying to edit this thing, like my car does going uphill, but i agree that the main game should definately stay on the PP forums. It isn't ideal for gameplay, but I think it's the reason we're all here to begn with.
Sam Sorry Sarbear, should have thought about that!
Lyaka The main game is run by Shaimus, not by me, so moving it is entirely his call; I agree that we should stay on the YPP forums.

I'll play with Flutie's setup a bit later and see how it runs. I'm really reluctant to get too fancy. A simple Dead Section should be all it takes.

As for when I die... well, as those of us who died early here recall, it wasn't much fun to play until we got a quorom of 5-10 people. I can set up as an admin and allow people access and then exercise self-restraint not to read until I get ded. There's a difference, at least on forumer, between an admin and a mod. I can exploit that to designate moderators from the recently-deceased to keep an eye on things. My main responsibility is making sure Dead Thread stuff stays dead, which I can do without reading it. I just have to keep an eye out for dead posts in the live thread and communicate with my mods to make sure it didn't say anything borderline.

Flutie, I'll check out your setup, but it sounds like you've gone a bit crazy with your options there hon :) I'm inclined to just set up a bare-bones thing and let it run from there.

Flutie i think i may have made it sound crazy, but in all actuality, its not. the way the forum is set up, even if we just make the dead and rogue discussion private, you could still see who posted last, which for the rogue, would be a big deal, not so with the dead, which i was going to do last night(make just private) until net decided to die on me. let me set up up or let you use a log in info to see whats set up and permissions. can even set whoever as admin and remove myself from taht position if needed. and as i said in ROMS4 signup, i'll even help with it and not play if needed. Just trying to be open.
Lyaka Ahh, it's just phpbb, Forumer uses the same engine, it's just different hosting. Just like my crew uses. There's no substanstive difference between the domainname you registered and anything I might set up, then, as long as we remove the live thread discussion.

The Rogues' use of spreadsheets intrigues me- it's a good way to separate everyone's posts, but it must cut down on formatting. Well, it sounds like the desire is for a real honest-to-God forum, so let's move in that direction. Flutie, do you have a problem with me registering at the address you created?

Flutie nope, as long as your not a spam bot, then i would have to ban you if you were. if you check your PM i sent you something you can log in with to check stuff out that i have set up.
Vireyda Wow! I'm flattered and overwhelmed and surprised all at the same time! From my play, the banning of the most active players was coincidence, although it turned out very well for us. I feel like I was given way too much credit for my play though - most of the time I felt way over my head and had no idea what I was doing. I've never played a rogue before. I wish I could have played the game I wanted to in the last couple of rounds, but life demanded my time. I really was away that weekend - I didn't touch a single computer that weekend, which was actually kinda refreshing. Thanks to all my cheerleaders here and I'm sorry I could complete the win. I figured I was pretty much screwed after I got back to the thread on Monday and saw that Sarbear had been lynched and Greatbob and Mari_ had fingered me and I didn't have the opportunity to really sit down and respond as I would have liked. I regret going after Greatbob - poor choice on my part and I realized that later but couldn't figure out how to back off without implicating myself. This was a great game and my apologies to everyone who got banned. I did feel a bit of guilt each time I sent a ban notice. :) I don't think I'll play in the next game. I think I'd get lynched or banned early partly on my performance in this game and this game was doubly stressful because I was a rogue. Oh, and I wonder if I should start learning how to use knives and get myself a Guy Fawkes mask. :) The diminuative V has grown on me quite a bit throughout this thread. lol. Thanks for the fun! Congrats again Townies! Oh, I really liked the spreadsheet format we used in the rogue thread - there weren't any conflicts like the ones that occur here when multiple people edit. You could just stretch out the first column more. It worked out well for us.
Lyaka You know, until you said something, I hadn't realized the V for Vendetta coincidence- but now that I have, it's scarily appropriate for a Rogue OM, ins't it?
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