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Sam Have we got to round 10 yet and can I say who is rogue?
Mum We're past round 10 Sam, but not sure if the town is ready yet. Some are still playing along, but see what the town wants to do first. Just make sure you do not post in the main thread or talk to those still alive.
Sam Ok, no problemo. Unless anyone has any objections I will post the names tomorrow in white (or I could just do that now :D)
Zandia Whee, finally we'll get some answers. Before he releases any names, I just want to point out that Titan was pretty straight forward as far as protecting rogues and FoSing innocents. I believe I've said this before, but I think that the whole bait and switch business was to protect V from Sampser/Sasha. BTW Sasha, in your list above, you mentioned that it leaves SB, but forgot you had V on that list as well. And both of those were on the list of suspected rogues I sent to Shaimus. So right now, I'm fairly sure about V being a rogue, and I don't know what to make of QoT. In a way, she's very smart to have gotten to the latter rounds if she is innocent, because maybe, she'll be able to do something against the rogues if she is innocent.
Sasha I kinda don't wanna know, Sam. I speculate too much. =p Maybe if QOT IS innocent, she'll be able to do something... that is completely different than what she HAS been doing. 3 straight no-votes?
Sam OK, I'm going to be posting the names, but I'll do it higher up in the conversation than here, basically so if anyone accidentally highlights my most recent post they won't see the names (and also so Sasha doesn't see them before I change the font to white :D)! Spoliers are up, please refrain from commenting on who the people are as some people in this "forum" are still working out who is who! There are 2 spoilers + the list of names. Spoiler 1 = how many rogues there were originally, Spoiler 2 = how many are left now, List of names = ... well, the list of names really!
Sasha Well, like Greyta said, the ban deadline has passed. If they banned someone, we won't know until either they post or Shaimus does. Shaimus probably won't be on for another 10 hours or so, if my timing is right, so who knows?
Eguee Darn! They got Raz!
Sasha Not surprising... it's the whole thing about most-posting players. Look where he was?
Eguee Selgnij might be next, or maybe QOT. We'll just see if they skip anyone.
Sasha OK, I can't wait to look lol. Before I do, I'll give my last guesses... 1-4 Rogues left... Mari, Sarbear, and V. Now lemme see... Huh. Interesting.
Mum It's killing me not to look (thanks Sam for not posting where I can view it) but I really really want time to re-evaluate and then make my guesses before letting the temptation set in, more for the learning experience actually. Just got back from the grand finale of High School Musical Onstage and leaving for the cast party shortly. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to look it all over. There's one pattern still going on so I'm anxious to see if it means anything or not. FYI, the first 7 who logged into this game have all been banned. Of those, only SH was a Rogue that I know of or believe really is a Rogue, with the exception of aenor who I don't think is, but would still consider if the live people are doing what I think they are doing.
Taelac Is anyone besides Mum still trying to figure it out themselves before checking the spoilers? I don't want to spoil things for anyone, so I'll wait before engaging in lauging at the innocents chasing their own tails. I do agree with Sasha's comment about it being "Interesting." Smart rogues are left, but one has made a critical error, if the town will just pay attention and realize it.
Sasha Yep. I see errors. I think the town can get this.
Eguee Let's hope the town notices that V is flying under the radar again.

EDIT: and let's hope the town doesn't vote of QOT

Sasha I really don't care if they do vote QOT off. She's still a distraction, and she's still offering nothing useful. Her posts are inflammatory and reactionary, and her votes are basically for spite. She has demonstrated nothing to help the town. The fact that she's innocent makes this more disturbing.
Mum ROFL Yep, I went ahead and looked so you all wouldn't have to wait on me any longer. I hadn't honed in on SB yet, but Vireyda had been on my "silent" FOS list for a long time. I wasn't sure, but there were several things that didn't add up with her.

Question for you Sam: Were the banning patterns I was seeing a coincidence?

As for QoT, if they are leaving her for the end game to give the town someone to vote off, I don't think it will work, at least not for anyone who read game 1.

Sam Mum, can you be more specific re:coincidences? I've been away for a week and am too lazy to read a bajillion pages of stuff :p
Mum Sure Sam. 1. Those banned in the early days were not only top posters, but most were the first people to log into the game. In order of login: Aenor, Me, Hohum, Taelac, SH(only here to complete the sign-in list) , Mitt/RaNa, Lyaka.

2. Until Arge, the Rogues concentrated on banning and lynching from all oceans except Midnight. Celia was the lynch exception but the town led that one pretty much. Were you planning on using this pattern for a specific reason later in the end game or was it just a coincidental pattern that popped up considering how some of the town were stressing the Midnight/Azure theory?

Oh, I have to say your booch actually was great in my opinion. After you were lynched I went back and did a time-line. It's hysterical as the players involved and the timing of how it all played out looked so suspiciously planned. The reason it struck me as you had logged on and posted after the last Rogue post so I was really really trying to figure out how you could log onto the Rogue's account accidentally. Add in Bob's post, Nessie asking for the survey, Sasha accomodating-------all this in so short of time, it actually turned out to be a great red herring for me to some minor extent, although I called it my "totally paranoid list". HaHa!

Crazee Curse me and my curiosity >.< I'm glad I was lynched though, I doubt I would've caught any remaining rouges.
Mum Sure you would have Crazee. V's post after Titan was banned, giving her and Swordholder an "alibi" of sorts is what made me seriously start looking at her. My suspicion of him was so strong that I thought her post quite odd.
Flutie Looking back, I've had an eye on V. So, guess I catch on some stuff early, though they need to catch now or everyone loses. Of the rogues left, yes, they have slipped too many times and its time they go. Playing under the radar just makes them look even more of a rogue to me.
Sasha Ugh. Oujou put a high FOS on Sarbear... then Elliana says "my top suspects now, QoT (who slipped through a third time) and MeegerMary (who as good as killed Ghadean) and Sarbear (who seems completely forgotten)." What happens? QOT diverts the attention back onto herself because of the "slipped through" comment. QOT is such anattention whore about this, deflecting attention and causing a ruckus. (*whistles* not that I'd ever do that). I'm really concerned because QOT is protesting too much, and once agazin if she gets lynched, she hasn't helped anyone. Oujou and Elli are both looking more and more at Sarbear... gah. I'm afraid QOT just derailed it. The Rogues will never ban her; she's doing their work for them. Oh, and banning Rana may have been a really bad move considering the huge finger he pointed straight at Sarbear the round before.
Mum *grins broadly* *giggles* I have no idea how to respond to that Sasha. Oujou will come back to it when he returns. Hopefully, they don't rush it.
Sasha The other side of it is if they finally get to lynching QOT this round, they can actually focus on the others. It's good to know that right now it's 11-2, and even if they vote off QOT, it'll be 9-2. That gives them 3 rounds to work it out.
Mum Abiona made a good point though. It's sometimes hard to put aside "bad feelings" towards someone's play style and look at facts. I actually enjoyed many of her early posts. The attitude seems to appear more when she states something and then gets attacked for it. And yet, some of the things she posted I totally agreed with myself. Guess some are just having personality conflicts going on here that they need to put aside. My experiment of trying to ask her politely and respectfully to see her response made me feel like she was into the game totally and would respond if asked the right way. Guess that's why I never really could put much of a FOS on her.
Sasha Mmhmm, yeah Abiona did. And yeah, it's hard to put those aside, but dammit, shat is WRONG with her? She's still not giving any facts, really. I expect Selgnij to get the ban next.

OK, I take it back. QOT made a fabulous point. Banning Rana right then was a huge mistake. He wasn't going to be around. Ban someone who would be more vocal. Plus, Rana made a pretty damning accusation on Sarbear. I think that was a big oops.

Sam No, when I was playing at least there was nothing like that in mind. Granted, the rogues are likely to ban the top posting players as they contribute more to the game and are therefore more of a threat!
Sasha Nice, V. Coming in on the piggy back to sway the vote to GB. Take him out, get QOT, too.
Mum Hee, thanks Sam. Both of those patterns were so strange that I didn't want to believe either of them. Funny how they show up like that and mess with your head some. I admit, while I had a silent small FOS on Dismissed, I really didn't have him pegged. Titan and SH were more obvious, although SH was also my solution on the proxy vote so that is why I pushed for him and probably banned for it.
Sasha YAY!!! Go Oujou!! =)
Sasha I'm really hoping right now that Hohum's behind-the-scenes work doesn't destroy the town here. He put the huge FOS on Oujou, sent the PM to Mary that implicated Ghad, and sent it to someone else as well. Then he got banned, meaning that the Rogues probably had a good reason to cut him off before he went back on those beliefs. Oujou almost got lynched, Mary's posts put the final nail in Ghad's coffin, now Mary's looking suspicious because of it. Oujou probably has less credibility because of Hohum, and he's looking directly at the right place. I hope that he can convince the town, moreso because he's had to stay relatively quiet with Hohum's stigma hanging around his neck. Goes to show that all the backdoor dealing by innocents is a REALLY BAD idea, especially because you really don't have a clue who is and who isn't a Rogue.

NO OUJOU!! Don't give your backup proxy to V!!!

Eguee Methinks Abi's going to be banned so V can get the proxy.
Zandia That's a pretty good guess eguee. It will be interesting to see if they do that. Ness is pointing to SB! Also, I know for a fact that Abi has and FoS on V based on 'gut instinct' but something!!!
Eguee QOT has one vote left!
Sasha Yeah, but she hasn't ever helped the town. At least by lynching her, it's better than lynching anyone they've lynched lately.
Sam Can someone explain the soft deadline thing to me?
Eguee Well, because the town missed alot of lynches lately the town decided to make a soft deadline which everyone should try to vote before, but if you don't hit it it still doesn't matter because it's still a long way from the actual deadline deadline.
Mum And another innocent down. The town could win this if they go back and actually read. Unfortunately, many of them just rely on the charts. Doing that, they will never get Vireyda as she is the only one who has voted for 2 Rogues herself. And, this is exactly what QoT was trying to get them to understand several times. FOS charts and voting records mean nothing if they don't look at the context, time line, etc. In addition, a person may have a FOS that doesn't get to the chart due to the wording.
Sasha That means nothing. QOT knew how the group was compiling information. If she had something to say, she should have just said it instead of hinting around it, following the rules of the group in general. If the group is expecting explicit FOSs, then there's no reason for her not to have given them. Again, she missed 3 votes (she didn't have to vote with the group, she could have voted for her highest suspicion). Like I said before, even in death she really didn't do anything, except serve as an attention whore. I wonder if she was trying to sabotage the town all along, even as an Innocent. I don't get her. It's like the game was all about her.

Nice of Sarbear to finish it off. I was expecting that.

Flutie Sasha and I were in PMs yesterday, and brought up the fact that we wish we could *whisper* hints or some other type of not so obvious clue to at least help them. Should I PM shaimus to see what he says?
Mum Celia, you can PM Shaimus if you want, but I can tell you now it is not allowed to have any contact whatsoever. To quote Shaimus from his first post at the start of the game:

"Some players may in the course of the game obtain information on other players. If you are banned or lynched before you get to share that information with anyone, then it goes to Davy Jones' Locker along with you."

I believe he also made a post regarding "ghosts" staying out of the game or he would contact Apollo. I'll look for that link. Here it is for you Celia:

Sasha 'twas but a wish on my part, it is against the rules. =(

Abi just told me she got banned. Since she was really against V, that hurts. A lot. Our hopes are now on O.

Mum Too many throwing out proxies this late in the game. Definitely hurts the town. I applaud the Rogues. They have played a great game so far. They have set themselves up in a very good position at this point. With Oujou gone, they can use his proxy to take out whoever they want and set someone else up in the process. On the other hand, they could just trip up with this set-up if they're not careful. As QoT said, we also need to look for cooperation and this might be when they will have to work together to get the lynch they want.

I'm still holding out hope that the ones who believe SH was a banned Rogue will revisit the votes and discussion on him.

Sasha Flutie, you should post that PM I sent you that I wanted to send... I wish I'd saved a copy. =p

No, I didn't send it, but I just thought it'd be amusing if I did.

Flutie Thank god I never delete PM's.

/me giggles. Don't yall love it too!

Eguee Hopefully Ness will regard Sarbear and Vireyda as laying low.
Sasha Gah! I missed that! With Abi gone, O's proxy goes to V. That's why they broke pattern this time. >< And they banned her quick hoping to grab that proxy ASAP. Hopefully she'll take her time, so that V doesn't grab it before O comes back.
Mum Lyaka should be back soon. We may have a huge influx in here by tomorrow after she answers her PMs.
Sasha You just see the PM that QOT sent to V, of all ppl... check out the thread. Once again, the backdoor PMs... bad idea.
Mum What will go wrong, will go wrong. ROFL Of all people for her to trust! Course, Vireyda's played a great game and sounds very convincing. I've played with her before, last game I believe, and that may be the only reason I increased my radar on her this game. She just seemed so different in ways I couldn't explain. For the others, however, she has many of them convinced of her innocence. Or, QoT has set a trap for V that we don't know about?
Sasha I'm not going to disguise how disgusted I am with QOT right now. Stupid stupid stupid!!! The Rogues' strategy has to be built on the back door, the only way we have to win is by laying all our info down in the open. All of it. Gah!!! I sent her one PM telling her that V was a Rogue, and how this is the second time that these backdoor PMs have really hurt the town, and then I just sent her this one.

The other remaining Rogue is Sarbear. After you sent V that PM, Sarbear voted for you in 2 straight rounds, as well as at the end. Your PM basically gave her a great alibi in the eyes of the town.

Who didn't vote for you? Abi, Marinated and Oujou. Abi's about to get banned, but she hasn't posted it yet. Oujou is currently looking straight at Sarbear, but V has great ammunition based on your PM to focus on how O is likely a Rogue. V is also currently holding O's proxy, since Abi will get banned.

I still don't understand why you were so secretive about everything. You played directly into their hands.

Sasha Response: I was suspicious of [V]; that's why I sent it. If she followed the instructions, she was innocent. If she didn't, she was a rogue.

I was hoping I'd come across further evidence to incriminate her, but I didn't, and that (^) is far too weak of a basis upon which to get someone lynched. Shaimus will be able to confirm that, as he knows the first name on my suspects list the round after I sent the PM was hers.

Gah. The guessing game. That was not the main event. Disgusted++

V followed the instructions, and was still a Rogue. Great move, there. I can't wait till she gets in here and tells us how her master plan would have worked if she hadn't have lynched... the plan about staring the Rogues to death.

No. I don't like to lose. Yes, I'm still bitter.

Hohum Boy was I wrong.... oh well, at least I made some discussion. Hehe, back to doing more work.
Zandia V has hidden her tracks very well. She voted for Titan in 5th place, before the tide. With O gone, I don't know who will pick up on the remaining two.
Sasha QOT basically told me "well, I had fun." She couold have had just as much fun from the sidelines. >< Sorry to vent.
Zandia Do you perceive what's going on right now as a tartfest with V?
Flutie [Sasha wrote, QOT basically told me "well, I had fun." She couold have had just as much fun from the sidelines. >< Sorry to vent.]

I like to listen, you can vent on me. I'll even offer ice cream. Wanna come?

Sasha *hugs Flutie* Yeah, it could be, Z. Abi mentioned that Sarbear made a little slip... noticing the rhyme. I wonder if anyone will read her last post carefully enough to realize that she seemed to know more about the rhyme than a non-Rogue should. (The Rogues banned Abi with a rhyme.)
Eguee Let's hope that V doesn't make the town lynch Oujou and someone sorts out everything.
Sasha Hey Lyaka. ^_^ I bet you have a bunch more PMs. =p
Lyaka Yep. Sorting through them now. Just finished speed-reading the lot of these posts... gak, you guys are wordy! I gotta go find out who the Rogues are first, brb... and yes, I was innocent :)

GAH! It's THEM? I was right on one of them and completely way off base on the other. Grrcurseargh.

Okay, welcome to the Island o' Limes: Abiona, QueenofTarts, raNazUra, ghadhean, SM_Forums aaaand Argemone!

And my PM box is empty again, thank goodness. Can't hardly leave you lot alone, can I? So eager to come tart...

Sasha Gah. And still the FOSs on GB. I'd have thought ppl would remember the heavy FOSs and VOTES that Sam put on him. V has put her last 2 votes on GB as well. Why is anyone even questioning him... and I wish someone would pick up on that coupled with Sarbear's medium FOS and V's votes. Maybe the problem is that QOT voted for him the last two rounds as well.
QoT Bwahahaha... this is hilarious! Yes, Sasha, everything I did was a personal slight directed entirely at you, as opposed to me playing a game. And guessing had nothing to do with it; I *knew* V was a rogue shortly after I sent the PM for two main reasons:

1) She never replied to it, which reeks of rogue. (I'd expect an innocent townie to get back to me very quickly after the fact, or acknowledge the PM in some way, shape or form. A rogue, on the other hand, has to consult and discuss what to *do* with the information--which evidently she did, delaying a reply until it was simply forgotten about.)

2) Her voting in subsequent rounds did not reflect the PM, which meant either she did not accept the logic (in which case... why didn't she "out" the PM, as a responsible townie would?) or she has a reason not to. (Rogue.)

I reiterate, though, that that (^), in my opinion, is a remarkably poor basis upon which to secure a lynch.

I wasn't suspicious of Sarbear because of my own stupidity. ("Lightening can't strike in the same place twice, can it?") I highly doubt I'm anywhere near alone in that.

The fact that you utterly failed to detect any rogues who didn't give themselves away suggests the problem endemic in the remainder of the town, and the reasons why Vireyda and Sarear will--without a change in the wind--ultimately be successful: rogues do not need to be antagonists. It's possible to win by playing day as innocents and night as rogues. Lord knows people are encouraged more than enough to lynch at any cost, and you (Sasha) had a major part in that. How many people have cast votes for people they fully expected to be innocent, and had their suspicions confirmed? Nobody in the town suspects Vireyda or Sarbear because they expect antagonists, so they can slip through the cracks while those who dare to speak up find themselves voted off.

Sasha Ugh. I didn't say it was a personal slight against me, I said it was detrimental to the town. Yes. I firmly believe that. Hohum sent me a PM too... I never responded to that either because I thought it might have been a Rogue trick. Both of us were Innocent. Once again, information >>>>>>>>>>>> being secretive. Clearly no one understood your thought processes, and you didn't care to explain them. As a result, any theories you had are now extinct. Stop playing intellectual mindgames and come on down with us common folk for a bit.

Oh, wait, we're out of the game. It just doesn't matter anymore.

QOT: Name one thing you did overtly to help the town. You're right, I didn't detect any Rogues that didn't give themselves away... but I clearly identified 3 Innocents based on Sam's own patterns. Z, O, and GB. You voted for GB the last two rounds. Nice deductive reason there, Princess.

QoT I made 5-6 posts providing extensive analysis of the situation which--I hope--made people rethink the nature of the game and thus refine their suspicions. I spoke out against those who gleefully sought to lynch everything that moved.
Sasha Right, but by then your antagonistic nature basically caused everyone to shut you out. And yet you continued. I maintain the town is now better without you. Bwahahaha. Hilarious. Keep laughing at your own private jokes. You clearly wanted to play this game by yourself. Next time, perhaps you can find a way to play the game by yourself. That way you can have all the twisted fun you want.
QoT I'm not here to bicker with you, and I suggest that antagonistically accusing me of antagonism is awful rich of you. Suffice it to say, I think that my playstyle hasn't hurt the town's chances any more than your overblown guess-and-check system, and I'll stand by that.
Sasha Stand alone, just like you have all game. You never wanted to work WITH anyone.
QoT Think you've won, just like you have all game. I've never wanted to work with people who I felt were set to lose us the game by going on endlessly about "the importance of lynching" as though discovering that someone was innocent is in any way remotely as useful as preserving that innocent (and their information that is apparently so incredibly paramount). As it turns out, I was right: your strategy will not catch Sarbear or Vireyda, and only by analysing the situation critically and abandoning this questionable strategy of "soft deadline" and "lynch at any cost" will they be "at risk" in any sense of the term.
Sam Calm down dear, it's a commercial (only brits will get that, but the sentiment remains)
Sasha You're very keen on telling others how ignorant their own strategies are, but yours are just as fruitless. You haven't offered any alternatives; you've just been critical and insulting. Blame me all you want. I don't think I've won. If the town loses, we all lose.

Thanks for helping the team, you arrogant ignoramus.

QoT You're black, pot.
Sasha Nice comeback. I was expecting something a bit more eloquent. At least I feel like I did something. By all accounts, you just sat there and sniped at others disdainfully.

Yay!! Another Innocent is FOSing an Innocent based on PMs!! *Sigh*

Abiona Rar, 'tis Abi, very much dead. Hopefully the town gets off their duffs soon, though I doubt it. Sarbear slipped in her response to my death scene, just barely... I hope someone with sharp eyes catches her. *sighs* I'm very cross about not getting the FOS on V. off, literally, getting up late for work that day killed me, and thus, any chance of that. Hope some of the townies can keep her posting. Seems like she hasn't really said much til lately...
Sasha Abi!!! *big hugs* Looking at that post, yeah she slipped, but I think it would take some thinking to get there. You did, after all, reference the fact that they rhymed to you. Mary looks like she's about to get hit, which is dumb. Why would a Rogue post the PM she did just to lynch one person? The PM only incriminated Ghad, and he was innocent. Of course it looks like Mary planted it, but a more savvy player would see that she was set up, because a Rogue wouldn't sac herself just to lynch one player.
Abiona Mary posting that PM sealed her fate, I was hoping the rogues having to ban me for Oujou's proxy would take some heat off of her supposedly "being one." I feel bad for that FOS in retrospect, but it's holey enough that she might be able to pull through it. I hope the "Question Everything" in my death scene is taken to heart.
Sasha I'm just bummed because we hit 3 Rogues in 3 rounds, and now we're stalled. Come on... someone remember that Sam fingered and voted for O, and O has voted for SB in 3 straight rounds. PLEASE!!! And notice that the same happened with GB, and now V has voted for him 2 of the past 3 rounds. BTW... if they connected the fact that you had O's proxy and were banned (and it therefore passed), they could put the heat on V. They'd have to consider it first, though, as to why you got banned.
Mum Welcome back Lyaka! You've been missed! *passes out lime drinks to all the new arrivals*
Eguee /me sneaks by and steals a lime drink
Zandia Is it safe to post again?
Sasha Sorry. I'll try and contain my frustration better in the future.
Mum QoT, I have to agree with you on Sarbear. Although I reread her posts several times, I never really suspected her much either. It just seemed like the odds were too high that she'd be picked again as a Rogue. Vireyda seemed very different to me, but mostly explained it away. However, when she made the post giving good alibis to those early voters on Titan, she included SH in her numbers and that just felt really wrong to me as I suspected him more than anyone. Course, I got banned that round as well so no chance to point it out later. Awww, the hindsight!

Ghadhean, I think you were the one I wavered on the most. It was really hard trying to decide from one round to the next. LOL

Abiona Are they saying NOTHING? The round starts 24 hours ago, and there are four official posts?! >.< As to the whole banning me because of Oujou's proxy, which I totally think was the reason, if you want my odds, Greyta will be the one to bring it up, if any of them do. I hope. I also would bet on her not being around too much longer. Ish.
Zandia Well maybe if/when O comes back, he'll realize what happened and why. He seems to have a pretty good grasp of things.
Abiona So, does anyone want to know who our remaining rogues fingered in the survey from way back in round whatever?
Zandia It's likely only they and Shaimus know, but I doubt Shaimus would tell us...but it never hurts to ask.
Abiona No, silly goose! The one I ran! :-D Oh, PS, on the Guess the Rogues survey, Shaimus said, on the first one, that every remaining player was voted for at least once... meaning... which one of you voted for me? :-P
Zandia Lol! I totally missed the "want to" in your sentence. Sure, I want to know.
Abiona Sarbear FOS'ed SM_Forums; Vireyda FOS'ed, and I thought this was different, Nessmonster. *headdesks* And marinated decides to FOI Sarbear in the thread for post number 2000. >.<
Zandia D'oh! Marinated should have kept going with her train of thought just now. Maybe she would have realized what *will* happen to O's proxy. C'mon townies, connect the dots! Well, at least she reference and linked to Oujou's arguments against Sarbear. Hopefully the repetition will click with a townie.

BTW, Abiona, I just re-read your death scene. In general, are we allowed to give clues, no matter how vague, in that scene? If so, I wish I would have known so I could have written my own scene with some clues as well.

Oh, and what was the rhyme that they banned you with?

Abiona I gave clues? Where? (Seriously, nothing in that scene was INTENDED as a clue, except the "Question Everything," which I figured was fair game since I was merely quoting myself. ) :-P For the record, I wrote that before Sasha spilled who the rogues were to me... I was at work. The rhyme I was banned with was, "I spy, with my little eye..." in the subject line of the PM, and "someone who is banned!" in the body, then a graphic similar to the one Sasha posted. I mentioned in a PM after work that day that I was about to send the Rogues' forum account a PM that said, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Bite me," and it was suggested to me by our lovely Ms. Postcount of the Year that I just incorporate it into the banscene instead. That was the only part I intentionally changed when I got home. And, for the record, lime juice in open wounds does burn like the dickens.
Zandia Lol! Well how about the part where you said, "I spy, with my little eye... someone who is banned!"? How did you know?
Abiona Just quoted the ban PM. Other than that, not sure I understand the question. Didn't know Sarbear was gonna slip on it. Heck, I was of the group that didn't think lightning would strike twice.
Sasha Yay! I'm Ms. Postcount of the Year!! <33
Abiona Lol! Yay, Sasha! *hands a sash, and roses, and tiara*
Zandia "Here she is...Ms. PCotY..."
Zandia Ok, en-lightning me. I haven't been paying as much attention to the thread as I could have been since I got banned, but what do you guys mean when you say that?
Abiona When I posted the rhyme in my banscene, Sarbear posted immediately after her long post of misleading junk with a "Soz you was banned, that sucks." Unfortunately for her, she also said, quoting here, "Nice death scene, though, loved the part where you mocked the rogues with your own rhyme." She affirms, through diction or lack therof, that she knew I was mocking the rogues directly, not just in my story. Adding three words to that after "the rogues" (words being "in your story") would make it a harmless comment. As it stands, it's shaky, and won't hold as far as direct evidence, but if someone picks up on it, and runs through her posts...
Zandia Yes, I got all that, [but how is that lightning striking twice?] Nevermind. {I realized you meant the Sam's slip up and now Sar's slip up.} Nvmd again. Your answer is below. >.>
Abiona Sarbear being a rogue again (see game two.) Also, what "clues" did I leave?
Zandia In reality, none. It was just my imagination. Since I know things, I perceived reading them when I read your story.
Abiona You know, this is almost more fun than being in the game. I'd rather be alive, mind you, but this is quite entertaining. Oh! Good girl, Greyta! Not quite what I was going for, but way to start reexamining the whole game!
Zandia MM is on to something. I hope she looks at the obvious people who *have* gone under the radar.
Eguee I hat greatbob.
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