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Sasha Uuuuuughh!!! Pros should have been voted off a long time ago as dead weight, wedding or no wedding. Even after she came back she didn't contribute. Her vote for Zandia meant we didn't get the lynch on SH (which only means we didn't find out if Rogue). At this point I just don't know whom to suspect.

O and GB still have heavy FOIs because of the way they were targeted by Same and Titan. Sam voted for GB twice. V is completely ignoring that fact. If GB was a Rogue, why would another Rogue vote for him twice? The risks in that are just waaaay too high... unless it was a setup. Grrr. If it's 7 Rogues, that's a lot... means they can toss some of themselves off as decoys.

Zandia Well that just heightens my FoS on V. Thankfully I passed on my suspicions on V last round to someone privately. I didn't post it publicly because the lynch period was almost up, and there was no way to get the vote swinging that late in the round. I hope she makes something out of it...and I hope I'm right. >.<
Mum Sasha, Prosperity's vote for Zandia was in round 6. She, and several others, didn't place any votes in round 7. Not lynching SH can't be put solely on one person.
Eguee Funny, I PM'd someone yesterday about V. Hope you didn't PM the same person!
Mum Eguee, are you saying you have been in contact with a live player?
Lyaka Yes, Eguee, are you?
Sasha Eguee, you shouldn't contact anyone in-game at all. Gah, they're so quiet.
Mum Good Morning! Hmm, looks like we have no answers at this time. Plus I see Shaimus has extended his game another round. Glad to see there's at least a little chatter in the live thread. Other than that, the mute button is still pushed.
Lyaka Take note! I will be on vacation starting the evening/late afternoon of July 31st- Eastern Time, for those who want to convert- until the evening of August 8th.

In my absence I designate CandyK as moderator. This doesn't mean "go around and edit people's posts", it's just the responsibility to PM Shamius if you spot legitimate shenanigans. But I don't think there are going to be any problems, right guys?

Everyone remember to send Shaimus your guesses for the Rogues by the deadline. Once the deadline passes for submissions- not before, even if everyone claims to have sent them- the gloves can come off. I'm particularly looking in samtheboy's direction for glorious tidbits :)

Have fun, and I'll see everyone when I get back!

Sasha Gah. I didn't PM Shaimus because I didn't want to enter. I wanted to get past the game. Grrr... Also, I'd actually rather that they he was eliminating the dead weight and letting us know their status than replacing them. I could see how Ghadhean coul think that even if he is innocent. Keeping a new person in who was as unhelpful as Ally was is basically forced the group to waste a lynch.

The euphoria from 2 straight Rogues is fading.

Mum Actually, I think the situation with Prosperity was unfortunate. The first Rogue post of the game was on June 18. Pros made 4 posts in that first week before taking her 2 weeks off. Upon her return, she made a total of 10 posts in one week. Perhaps the Rogues got what they wanted afterall by encouraging the constant attacks on her making her game so unenjoyable that she just went "poof". Ally never really had much of chance to even do much one way or the other. It was a Rogue win as they eliminated an innocent in this whole process.
Sasha Aye, but if she was going to take that much time off from the begininng i wish she'd just opened her spot up. It just helped the Rogues, and then she (didn't) come back. Ugh.
Mum As far as replacements go, I've played both ways and think this is much better than before. The town doesn't have to waste time with inactives. They may choose to, but don't have to. Knowing a replacement will come in can be frustrating, but is really more challenging and much more fun than going day after day waiting and hoping they show up for the end game. I've played with Pros before. She would have been here. After reading all her posts, I had the feeling she returned from her wedding happy as a lark, got attacked for an unpopular move, tried to rebut, got more attacks and just probably threw up her hands and said "I don't need this. It's not fun. Why bother?" Of course, that's just my take on it. I truly feel she would have, as an innocent, been here for the end game.

As for another replacement, yes, it's very hard, but if I was still alive, I'd at least give it a shot. After all, if a Rogue, the new person has to actually emulate (is that the right word) the old player so as not to cause undue attention to a change in play.

Sasha Wow. That post by the new person... wow. I've been watching Sarbear for a while, but he really locked down on the reasons I couldn't quite come up with.

Hi Mum and Colin. *waves* =)

Mum *waves back to Sasha* This will be fun watching the new one. Definitely bringing the others out.
Sasha Elliania is right. The post counts have fallen off dramatically. On a side not, Marie has been posting, but not voting. This is very odd. According to the chart I listed above, she's voted 6, 2, 1, 1, and 2 in the last round. Is someone here revealing info to the ppl still in the game?

Time's a-ticking. 12 hours, and the votes are split up. We gonna have another no-vote?

Flutie I'm not, only time I talked to someone still alive outside of the game was right as I got lynched. Though, I do have my FOS highly on Marie. Maybe because she started the whole bandwagon on me.
Sasha I've been looking at Marie, too. Sarbear based on that one post, which was really well structured. On the other hand, it really is questionable why Marie hasn't voted yet. Like I said, she's usually the first into the fray. (*Waves to Mum* =)
Mum My theory/theories are ongoing and in progress so it's hard for me to pinpoint specific people, but I do watch some more closely than others to see where they land and who lands with them. I'm also waiting anxiously for ra whatshisname to finish reading and add to the discussion. The timing for the lynch tonight will be totally inconvenient for me to be here, but hopefully by tomorrow the lynch and ban will both be concluded so our discussion can pick up after Shaimus' deadline passes. I have one person in particular that I had intended to name on my "guess list" sent to Shaimus and was so rushed for time that I see now I neglected to do so. Darn all the interruptions, but having wonderful family bonding time, group swims, hot tubbing, card playing, music playing (yarrr, all my kids are musical so the jam sessions are great fun). And yes, I see all the "hand waves" but am sometimes away from the puter but leave this screen up to glance at as I walk by. *grins*
Sasha Incredible. 7 hours to the deadline, and Greyta votes for GB. Now the votes are 4-2-2-2 and 6 not voting. They need 9. Is this the work of several Rogues to split the choices to force another non-vote? QOT has skipped on the last two votes, and she hasn't voted now either. What's up with her? It's like she's just riding along. She claims she's just watching the other players. Maybe she's just another Rogue after all, hoping to ride it out to the end. If there are 5 Rogues left, they only need to make it through 3 more rounds to win. CORRECTION: 4-2-2-2-1 with 5 not voting. Even better.
Mum Aye, interesting lineup. Definitely either Rogues-in-charge and/or innocents playing individual games, or as Zandia brought to light, innocents playing the PM game. Either way, at this point, I would put my $ on a Rogue win as I don't have any faith in the town at this point.
Sasha I'll second that. I can't believe the number of ppl simply NOT voting. Lemme look at the chart... not counting Sam's lynch (too fast), Elli missed 1, GB 1, Greyta 3, Mari 1 (and where is she now?), Oujou 3, QOT 3, Sarbear 1, Selgnij 1, Ness 1, Marinated 1, SM 1, Vir 1. Every single person still playing has missed at least one vote, leaving out Sam's. Why would ANY Innocent skip a vote?

Odds on the new Mitt getting banned this round? I'm giving 3-1. I really don't see that Ghadhean is a Rogue at this point, and yet, this close to the deadline, he has 5 votes. It looks as if they just don't know who else to vote for, and with time ticking down, no one wants to risk switching their vote for fear of missing it. 5-3-2-2-1, 3 left.

They missed it. Lynch deadline for round 10 is passed. That was Shaimus' deadline for the game. We ready to open it up?

BTW, QoT has now missed 3 straight votes.

Zandia New person? Where?

They missed it again, but on the bright side, we can talk. I'm innocent I tell ye! And since we're going to find out anyway, I'm gonna guess that SH and Aenor were rogues...and maybe...nvmd...

Hohum The rogue's strategy seems to be winning. Vote off those who are the most active and will check the thread to vote most likely. Now that they only have the least active players, they will not check it as often and will not vote, hence missing their vote and not lynching anybody. Good strategy to win, kinda sucks to watch.
Mum I have sent a PM to Shaimus to confirm that the second final deadline has passed for his game. When I hear from him, I'll let you know. *nods in agreement with Hohum*
Flutie Okies, the dealine passed, marie didnt vote, yet she pipes up right after, well a little after and replying to someone else. WHY DIDNT SHE VOTE??? she's got to be a rogue.

Edit to myself: I also think that the Rogues are splitting their votes to help keeping the town missing their lynches. SOO Frustrating

Sasha Well, I don't know if I could do anything more to convince anyone that I was innocent, and I was. I don't really think Aenor was, because that'd be a crazy strategy to spend your first ban on a Rogue. Had he really said much by that point to divert enough attention that it would be worth sacking one of their own?

If I had to make a guess RIGHT NOW, I'd say that Mari, Sarbear, Mary, and Nessie were Rogues. This is the second round that Mari missed the vote, and I don't buy her "I overslept" comment. In previous rounds she was practically always one of the first to vote (see above chart). I'd also say that Ranazura will be banned immediately, unless Sarbear is a Rogue. And I don't know which way to go on QoT. She made that great comment about how a clever Rogue might act all different from the other Rogues so it'd be harder to see them in a bloc, but that's exactly what she's doing as well.

I never doubted that, Taelac. Hey Crazee.

Why is there so little suspicion on Mari, or Sarbear (at least until this round)?

LOL Taelac. Yeah, I'd have a really rough time playing a Rogue, wouldn't I?

Mum - Innocent, right?

Mum Ok all, the gloves can now come off. Just a reminder, what is said in this thread STAYS in this thread. Have fun!
Taelac Since we're no longer restricted - I was innocent. Funny simul-edits. :) I figured you for innocent, as well, Sasha - you really would have stepped on your tongue with all that chatter if you'd been a rogue. ;)

I suspect that the remaining rogue(s) voted in the last round - they can then turn the suspicion on those who missed it. I'm ready to be done with guessing and just find out, though - watching such a dead game isn't much fun. Maybe knowing will make what little there is going on more entertaining.

Crazee Ok, if Swordholders not a rogue I may have to shoot myself. Otherwise, I'm really suspicious of Mari and Rananazanananazu (or whatever) and I'm still wondering about GreatBob and SM. I don't believe for one second that Aenor was rogue. Actually I only think one rogue has been banned and that's Swordholder.
Sasha Crazee, I'd have to agree. That was a really weird ban. If I were a Rogue, I would NEVER ban another Rogue... it hurts the numbers too much. Also, an Innocent's FOSs aren't really worth terribly much, since they have no idea if they're right or not. Of course, I guess that if SH was a Rogue, it hides whether his FOSs were real or not.

What do we think about QoT? For the record, I have NO suspicion of Ghadhean. I went through the thread not too long ago and can't understand where that suspicion was coming from.

Crazee I think banning SH was really smart, it left a lot of doubt and caused confusion. It was definately worth the rogues banning one of their own (assuming he is a rogue)

I think QoT is not a rogue, I just think she can't be bothered with the game. I never really suspected Ghadhean, so I'm a little confused about that also.

Taelac It won't surprise me if QoT is a rogue - her posting style has hurt the town more than it has helped. I should get some work done - I'll check back in later.
Mum Yes, Sasha, I'm innocent. My suspicion on Ghadhean has been ongoing, but wavers often. As for Swordholder, much of what I think depends on his status. If a Rogue, then less FOS on Mari. If he is innocent, then Mari would be my next vote and very high FOS on Oujou. What a great place for a Rogue to hide---with a huge FOI from everyone. However, I have not ruled out the fact that Marinated would replace SH, and Greyta or Meegermary would replace Ghadhean in my theory. And to be totally honest, I would have had no problem voting off Nessmonster as I think she could be a Rogue and a piece of the puzzle to discover the others' status.

I'm running with 2 theories Sasha---one with Sam doing a suicide to give huge FOI to Oujou/Greatbob/Mari. That's my lesser theory, but the timeline on that whole thing was sooo supicious. My other theory is one I've yet to bring out, but one which I think is more likely but I'm still waiting for it to "pop" in the live thread. This will come in spurts as my family is here, so bear with me. One of the things I noticed was that prior to Sasha's banning, all those banned had logged into the game in the first 10 as well as being top posters. This continued actually until Argemone. Another pattern, which makes sense was both Dismissed/Sam and Titan joined the game as 23 and 25. This makes sense as Rogues have to see what townies have to say before they can start agreeing with them. Therefore, I was looking more closely at all those who logged in after and including Mari. SH was the exception, but even knowing if he was innocent would help the piece of the puzzle where Sam gave his proxy to Mari. Thus, I was willing to sacrifice him to either confirm he was my Rogue from Viridian or I needed to look at one of the others. This brings me to my other pattern that I seemed to notice. Before Arge was banned, all Rogues and all those lynched just happen to be homebased in the other oceans. We have a Rogue from Sage, a Rogue from Hunter, SH? (or Marianated/Aenor if Sam suicided) and Cobalt is still pending. All players from Midnight happened to be alive except for Celia. I thought this very strange, but considering the way the town was following the Azure theory, I was waiting for a Rogue to point out that all Rogues must be from Midnight. That hasn't happened yet and with Arge banned it is still a puzzler at the moment. This isn't my total theory, but need to get lunch. Right now, one theory has 5 Rogues, the other 6-7, or if my initial thinking was right, then there's 4 and we only have 1 left. I would love to know nessmonster's status, though. See, I personally don't think the Rogues wrote a Midnight/Azure theory, but think they may have fostered it since the town put so much emphasis on it.

Sasha Don't forget both Titan and Sam had FOSs on Oujou, Sam for several rounds. Sam was flying well below the radar until he slipped. I don't think that his FOSs were setups. I still have a pretty strong FOI on Oujou.
Mum Aye Sasha, if Sam really booched and SH is a Rogue, then the simpliest answer is the answer. I would still want to check Nessmonster for the hesitation she had in voting Sam off. As for Mari, she voted before the confirmation posts by both you and Bob. Kinda makes me wonder is she a Rogue who voted real fast to protect herself from Sam's booch? I didn't finger her at the time as I wanted to see how the SH vote would go. That was one of those things I left undone and then was banned.
Sasha I said this a little while ago, but to re-emphasize... Why is there so little suspicion on Mari, or Sarbear (at least until this round)?
Flutie Because the have done so much to try to keep quiet, but them slipping and not voting/posting has caused problems where it raised red flags when people finally started to take a step back and look whats where.
Sasha Right, and the quiet ones are the dangerous ones. A smart Rogue is a lurker. Sam talked too much.

Do we want Sam to reveal the Rogues in this forum?

Flutie Since I know Hohum has access. Innocent or Rogue. Yes I'm calling you out. I want to know. And am liking what Sasha just wrote. helps alot, alot alots.
Zandia I want to know as well, but maybe one rogue at a time so we can have more fun speculating. Also, I would hold off on knowing Lyaka's status, since it would probably be more considerate to hear from her when she comes back.
Flutie Aye, Lyaka is the other I want to know but didn't say it because of her Vaca. does anyone know who all has access here, so we can know who we need to ask here, or as to come out elsewhere?
Sasha I'm very curious to hear Hohum's response. He put such a major FOS on Oujou, someone that Sam also targeted heavily. He's also been very vocal about me not talking so much in here. That could just be that he doesn't like me or whatever, but he seems pretty intent on hush hush, especially because he called me out for posting in the signup thread as well. Sam has all the info, if he wants to share. We just need to know if we want to ask him for all the info, or only piecemeal (like we guess someone, and he says yes/no).
Mum Just guessing, but I'd say Lyaka, Aenor, and Hohum are innocent. Arge is probably innocent. Sure can't wait to find out about SH. But---if Sam suicided, then nothing would surprise me on the others' status.
Zandia So if we would like to find out the status of one person, who would it be? I would like to know about SH.
Mum As for Hohum, I'd be surprised if he is a Rogue. I didn't see it myself. When he sent me the PM regarding Ghadhean, I had already targeted ghadhean in my own notes to watch closely, so it actually increased my awareness somewhat that another player was watching him. However, having played with RedOgre, I didn't totally allow myself to trust what Hohum was saying.

I also think the Rogues have had a wonderful time playing with the FOS in the Yppedia. Sasha, have you noticed any hanky panky there at all? Did you cross check others who were editing it?

Anyone know the deadline for a Rogue ban?

Sasha 36 hours after the last deadline... about 11:40ish AM tomorrow.
Mum New FOS chart for Round 11. Most of Marinated FOS dropped from previous round. Interesting. Arge was banned when she pointed out all the FOS---although she had it backwards. But it did draw attention to the fact that Marinated had made many many FOS. Dang it---I want to know if SH is a Rogue or not. If not, then my money is on Marinated.
Sasha This place is as quiet as the main thread.
Swordholder Sup.
Mum *waves to SH* Well, since that is all you have to contribute in here, and since I firmly believe the innocents who have been banned would be more than happy to proclaim their innocence, I take it that you are indeed a Rogue?
Eguee Nessie and QOT are having a big tartfest. They're wasting their time and distracting all the other townies! Gah!
Sasha Maybe, but QOT hasn't voted in 3 rounds, including a missed lynch. That to me screams deadweight, or worse. Hey SH.
Mum Hee, Ness just said that Sam's booch/timestamp etc., was definitive proof and yet she hesitated several minutes during that timeline before voting for him.
  • pops popcorn and makes Koolaid to pass around to everyone here while we watch the show*
Sasha QoT = 6 votes. Looks like we'll finally know. And, based on her record, if she is a Rogue, she'll have given us diddly to work with as far as clues go. How can she expect not to be suspected when she missed three straight votes while posting the whole time?

The whole thing by MeegerMary was weird. The all of a sudden Ness switched, too, following Sarbear. I'll be honest, I don't think Ghad is one. I think Sarbear is. Blah. Score is currently 5-5-1-1-1, 2 NV.

Taelac Thanks for the popcorn, Mum. It's the most exciting thing going on right now. It looks like the Rogues have hit upon a good strategy with the "kill off the actives then divide all the votes" method. *wanders off muttering about people who sign up but don't ~really~ want to play*
Mum If they lynch one or the other, it will be interesting to see where the players end up. I still waver on Ghadhean, never really thought QoT was one, but if she is, then there will be info to look at. Oujou with his high FOI by some players doesn't even seem interested at all.
Sasha We just need a lynch of any kind atm. Lynching Ghadhean last round would have at least told us something. It's interesting how, once again, the voting is shifting away from QoT.

This is getting to be so boring that I'm tempted to start our own parallel game with those of us who've already been ejected from the main game. =p SH never said anything. Yeah, I think he was a banned Rogue. I'm willing to pencil him in there. lol

Hohum has been completely silent lately. I have no idea what his deal is either.

Mum Aye, it does get boring. I hope they lynch one of them as right now, it could be a telling vote. I agree on SH. I'm anxious to see how it comes out on Ghadhean actually as right now, I'm 2 for 4, SH would make 3, and Ghad was my 4th original name. It would also answer the question for Hohum as well.

Hohum just started new employment recently and has little time to come here. He'll check in when he gets a chance. Hmmm, Mary's links make the post look real fuzzy. Thanks for explaining it Sasha---now I can read them.

Sasha You need to maximize the pictures to read them. You know... those PMs make me wonder if Hohum is a Rogue... Like I said with the Sam thing, his focus on Oujou still pins a big FOI on Oujou. Why would Hohum be so adamant about him?
Zandia I don't know for sure, but I'm starting to suspect Abiona as a rogue.
Hohum New employment = no time ... that's why I was willing to sacrifice myself early in the game because the job started sooner than expected. I don't understand why anybody would think I'm a rogue as it explains very clearly in my death scene that I'm innocent, but to spare the enigma .... INNOCENT!

Sasha, I had no problem with you talking in this thread, I just had a problem with many people posting in the active thread. It wasn't only you, there was a few others that were posting as well. If you're dead, you're dead ... there is no real reason to post there to say, "Ha! I knew he was a rogue" or "I will gladly come fill in the spot" when it really is unnecessary. It kinda ruins the game if the dead people come back and inadvertantly effect the game by a slipup. Just didn't want that to happen.

I was almost sure from the 3rd round that Ghadhean was a rogue, that is why I sent the PM to the select people. I wanted to make sure he got it. I knew he wouldn't be smart enough to act like an innocent and keep it quiet. That is why I sent the secret PM to only Meegermary and Candyk because I didn't think they were a rogue by their voting patterns and the way they acted. To be a good innocent, you can't put all the cards on the table at once. You have to sit back and watch and hope you don't get banned or lynched. Thankfully in my case, I think I left some hints in PMs and other things before i got banned.

As for Oujou, something just didn't add up with him and I still think he may have slipped by. I'll be honest, if I was a rogue, I'd be voting for other rogue members off and on, but continually keeping an FOS on one of them. It would be dumb not to, so later down the line when that person is figured out to be a rogue, you look innocent as hell when people go back to look at voting records. Oujou could be smarter than I thought, but I still think he slipped up early with his log-in times and all that. I am still certain that it is an alt forum account and just using it for the game, but that's another time.

I'm guessing this will be the last time you ask me to post after this long winded fun ..............

Hohum (who will have the whole weekend to post if needed)

Sasha Well, Ghadhean basically lynched himself to prove he was innocent (I'm assuming). I STILL don't see where all the Ghadhean suspicion came from. Everything was so completely circumstantial, and if he is, in fact, innocent, the town played right into it. I'd rather vote off QOT (a THREE round nonvoter) than Ghad who basically threw himself at the mercy of the town and lost. Shame on them.

Mari_ goes up a few more places on my FOS list. "Well, if he's gonna vote for himself, I might as well, too."

Mum Assuming Ghadhean is innocent, he should never have voted himself trying to prove it. People like me who have wavered on him since early game could have still changed their vote(s). When Nessmonster so easily changed her vote from QoT to him, I began to really wonder.
Sasha He may have just gotten tired of the constant negative pressure and decided to lynch himself to get it over with. No one was listening to him anyway. If he is innocent, then maybe they will. Or not.
Swordholder So I'll put everyone out of their misery on the whole, is he, isn't he saga. I was a rogue. However unfortunately tommorow I'm heading off for 2 weeks on holiday so that is the best info your going to get for the time being, apologies.
Mum Thanks for the confirmation SH. Enjoy your holiday!
Sasha In that case, it was a really smart move to ban him. I hope the rest realize that.
Mum Aye, banning him to leave it up in the air was smart. Maybe that's why I was banned as his status was really important considering how Sam left his proxy to Mari. If nothing else, it lowers my FOS on her a little. If Ghadhean turns out to be innocent, I'll be looking closely at Greyta and MeegerMary, although I've always been somewhat suspicious of Greyta more than Mary. I'm still hoping though that he is a Rogue and just realized he had been caught.

Ghadhean logged on not too long ago but didn't post. Hopefully he's writing his scene and will post soon.

Sasha Well, that means there are between 1-4 Rogues left. I'd guess higher.

Sasha = Innocent

Zandia = Innocent

Mum = Innocent

Taelac = Innocent

Crazee = Innocent

Flutie = Innocent

BC = Innocent

Eguee = Innocent

Meeper = Innocent

Ally = Innocent

Hohum = Innocent

Ghadhean = Innocent

Sam = Rogue

Titan = Rogue

SH = Rogue

Lyaka = ?

Argemone = ?

Aenor = ?

SM = ?

-Little edit by eguee I would expect that a lot of attention would focus now on Marinated, but why would a Rogue vote for an Innocent week after week if he wasn't going to be banned?

Still, big FOS on Mari_ and Sarbear.

Mum Well, that answers the question about Ghadhean. Guess that's why I kept wavering on him. Ok, I was 3 for 4 on my picks at 5 rounds. Hopefully I'll find time to look it all over again as a major re-evaluation needs to take place.
Crazee Whee ^_^ Knowing SH was a rogue has made my day. I'm still slightly suspicious of GreatBob, he seems to have slipped off everyones radar.
Mum *high fives Crazee* GreatBob hasn't been on my radar for any particular reason but the fact that he voted his and Mari's proxy on SH at the last possible moment makes me raise an eyebrow.

Sasha, earlier you asked me why Arge? Arge had FOS on Mitt(now RaNaNa), Titan and Maadneet (now Selg). She placed a vote for Oujou, pointed out Marinated and called out Vireyda. Other than Rogue Titan, all of those are still alive. Maybe she hit on one of them. Arge was totally off the pattern I had been watching so it just interested me when she was banned.

I'm anxious to see who they ban and if it fits the old pattern or not.

Sasha I'm still holding the FOI on GB. GAH!!! QOT... she has done NOTHING to help anyone. Way back, she said that she'd help the town when she died, because then we'd be able to look back. But this round they lynched Ghadhean, whose Rogueness was suspect (like I said, I reread the thread, and really have NO idea where it came from) and who actually contributed, and still let QOT alone even though she is so F'ing vague about anything. Smug, pithy, and dangerous because she's survived to later rounds with no help. I honestly believe Rogues are the ones who leave few clues behind to help after the fact if they're caught. Sam was an exception. But look how Titan helped? His list was basically the same as Sam's. Cross-ref SH's list (for those of us dead)... he gives no clues. Those who aren't letting the town know anything for AFTER they die are more likely to be Rogues than those who don't. We can go back through and look at Ghad's lists... but he was innocent. He really didn't know anything. Bah. Kill QOT, and don't lynch someone else who could help the town.

For my own records, and to share with the dead, I'm going to compile a list of who FOSd SH, and who he FOSd.

SH FOS'd: Flutie, Sasha, Crazee, Oujou, Ness, QOT

These FOS'd SH: Mum, Greyta, Crazee, Mitt, Sasha, Selgnij

Not listed (who are still alive): Abi, Elli, GB, Mari, Marin, Mary, Sarbear, V

This makes me think (slightly) that Ranazura, Selgnij, Greyta, and Ness are Innocents. On that same token, I'd be surprised if a Rogue would so openly and repeatedly vote for an innocent that could be lynched (like Marinated or Selgnij).

Mum Aye, I just finished reading all of SH's posts. One time he protected QoT from you, then later turns around and puts a FOS on her. Need to recheck that timeline to see if it was after you were banned or not. SH also put FOS on Ness and Mitt. Ok, he put FOS on QoT right after Sam's lynch, but before your ban scene I believe.

Was Greyta's FOS straight out or was it in her post where she gave all the possible scenerios? Or was her FOS when he was going down anyway?

Sasha SH was a pretty savvy Rogue. If he put an FOS on QOT... no, I think that leads me to believe she wasn't a Rogue.

GAH!!! In retrospect, that one missed vote... the town would have hit 3 consecutive Rogues!!!

Would Mary have posted that PM if she was a Rogue? It clearly stuck the nail in, and she would have known he was innocent. Reverse psychology isn't working with this group. I'd say she's innocent.

Looking back at the botched R7 vote... 5 still alive didn't vote. Greyta, Mary, Oujou, Sarbear, and V. Based on the FOS that we know, I'd eliminate Greyta. Mary with the PM gives me a slight FOI. Oujou I already had an FOI on. That leaves... Sarbear again. Mari only voted that round with a proxy... by GB, btw.

One more thing (yeah, I'm typing a lot), R7 was the first time that they really broke their pattern of banning a high-posting player. Arge's banning may have been to cover the fact that SH was a Rogue, so that it looked like they were pick non-high-posting players to ban next.

Me either. He was spot on when he asked Ghad to defend himself, wasn't he? He also put the light on Sarbear. Of course... if Sarbear IS a Rogue, and Rana is banned, won't that implicate her more?

Mum Just a guess but wouldn't be surprised if the banned one turns out to be RaNa. I'm not so sure she (SB) is yet. Why rule out Greyta? I need to see when and how she put a FOS on SH.
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