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Hohum Sometimes putting all the info on the table is good so you can catch one at that moment. If you don't think that you can get the votes, you shouldn't put all the info on the table if it's big information (small info you want to share all the time.) If you don't get the amount of votes when you put it all on the table, it could be lost forever. What I have seen is that you basically have one chance to prove your point. After that one round, it gets lost in the mix and harder to obtain the votes. Glad to see Meegermary has put the Ghadhean vote on the table. I was hoping she was not a rogue, but it looks as if she isn't after all. It all lines up for me with Ghadhean, but it looks as if I was wrong about Oujou, so I don't think I picked up on things as well as I thought I did. Sorry to see ya go Mums.
Mum It will be interesting to see if the town follows Mary on this. As for Oujou, I personally don't see why all the FOI. They're missing a few key points when they assess it. I'm not saying he is, just that I certainly wouldn't rule him out yet.
Sasha My big FOI on Oujou was based on the way that Sam and Titan had both put really high FOSs on them, especially after Hohum put his out there. After Hohum basically stuck a target on Oujou, it was easy for the Rogues to try and push for the lynch afterwards by FOSing them.

QUIET around here. =(

I'm glad to see them targeting Swordholder. He strikes me as odd, not in the way QoT does. His reasoning seems to be difficult to understand. But it's 32 hours in, and not much discussion going on.

32 posts yesterday, 15 the day before. If the Rogues stay on schedule, QOT might be the next to go, although they might wait on her so that she lynches herself. Next is Zandia, whom I believe is innocent, so they may lynch her because of the FOI and high postcount... unless she's a Rogue. After that is Calamarie, whom I have an FOS on. Then Abi and Vireyda. I think the Rogues are going to ban one of those 5. If Zandia isn't a Rogue, I'd expect it to be her.

Mum, any thoughts?

Sam Quieter over there... [wheeee time to go play BS :D]
Mum Sasha, my only thoughts at this time are that I am intensely watching as both Swordholder and Ghadhean have been brought up. It's interesting to me to see where everyone is thinking regarding those 2. And yes, my notes are piling up. The most interesting part about this aspect of the game is seeing people line up in on one side or the other. It's also interesting to see who never posts either way. Last game, I enjoyed watching from the Dead Thread more than playing (was actually glad to get banned). This game I really wanted to last longer as I was enjoying this game more. (No offense intended to Aenor as my enjoyment in last game had nothing to do with him.) But, I will hang in there to the end as it's fun from either side. If there is only a choice between those two, I would prefer to see Swordholder go before ghadhean as my info gathering would increase more regardless of his status.
Taelac I wonder how long it would take to go back through all the thread again. I have the feeling that I'm missing something important...
Lyaka Well, the sooner you start, the less long it will take. The thread's only increasing, after all. So I'd recommend starting now, and if it gets too much for you, you can always stop.
Sasha Well, I'm not going to say anything in the thread, obviously, but they're down to 43 hours, and only 4 votes cast so far. I'm still thinking that there could be 5 more Rogues, so those 5 are probably going to wait until a bandwagon starts. What about the other 12?

I'm splitting those remaining into three groups, to be updated:

FOI (high to low): Zandia, GreatBob, Oujou, QoT, Argemone (voted for Titan early)

No clue (FOI to FOS): SM_Forums, Mitthewilis (Taelac voted for him just before ban... setup?), Crazeecolin (focused on SH... why?), Ghadhean, MeegerMary, Nessie, Abiona (might have done the survey to appear more innocent), Elliania, Selgnij

FOS (high to low): Swordholder, Marinated, Mari_, Sarbear, Prosperity, Greyta, Vireyda


Yesterday was the quietest day so far, with 11 posts. The previous low was Sunday with 15. No one's talking = no information.

Lyaka Blacksmithing just came out. I know I've hit broad already... I imagine this is why posting is slow.
Sasha Quick, keep working on it. I got to Solid yesterday... at one point I got a good... and went up to Legendary. Apparantly the number of games is large enough and the number of ppl small enough that even getting a Good earns enough points to move up. I didn't get Ult till I'd been Solid for a few games.
Mum Ugh! This is the part of the game I hate the most. Sooo boring, not only as an observer but also as a player. The quiet townies are all playing individual games---they seem to think their own personal survival is better than winning the game as a group. It drives me crazy. I wish the time had been shortened after the 5th round by 24 hours. No point in even checking the thread until the last 24 hours or so.
Sasha I think the Rogues' strategy is becoming more and more clear... eliminate the players who are the most active (ie. want to play the game the most) and leave those players who are primarily passive. That way they can just pick off the players one by one while the town doesn't get around to lynching. Ingenious! (Yes, totally tongue-in-cheek, but it's been almost 8 hours since the last post.)
Taelac Found what was tweaking me. Of all the players left in the game, only Elliana and Selgnij have not yet voted for a rogue (that we know of), nor can I find any place that a rogue (that we know of) has FoS'd them. They're smack in the middle of the postcounts, but they don't seem to be giving much information.
Mum I'm anxious to see what Selgniij ends up posting. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's what I think. ROFL I just finished reading some posts again. Now methinks I know why I was banned---well, probably more than one reason actually.
Sasha I'm interested in those two as well... however there could be an innocuous reason for that, too. Sam was lynched in a hurry, and Titan had conflicting votes. If I was a Rogue, I'd probably want to vote FOR a Rogue once the bandwagon is set on it.

Mum... no fair!! Share with the group!!

Taelac Oh, I'm sure that there are rogues that have voted for their fellows once the bandwagon's brake snapped off - but my suspicions of these two are strengthened by their lack of helping the town. Ah, well, I probably should get some work done, seeing as that's where I am. :)
Sasha Back-to-back attacks on Ghadhean by Selgnij and Marinated. Marinated has been high on my FOS list... is this an attempt to divert attention from Swordholder? Would it be this obvious? Or are the Rogues worried about the time winding down in the round so they want to get the ball rolling themselves?

Yep. 19 hours left, and it's anyone's guess where the votes will go. Here's where the Rogues can just wait for the bandwagon.

The Swordholder/Crazeecolin thing is making me wonder if it's taking the attention away from something else.

Calamarie voted SO QUICK the last few rounds, and now she's sitting on her hands.

I am INTENSELY impressed with QoT's latest post. I think I really owe her a lot more than I've given her. She's clearly been watching and analyzing. I guess I don't know how to play the game nearly as well as she does. And if she's a Rogue, that'll just prove the point more.

Selg, now that there are 4 votes on Ghad, wrote "If we start bandwagoning on the first suspect that gets a couple of votes, the rogues can either disguis themselves in the crowd rushing at one person, or can direct the town towards innocents and count on the town just bandwagoning." Does that sound like a Rogue trying to push the group off of a high FOS player, especially with the good points that have been made so far about Ghad?

Eguee Just popping in, but voting is gonna close in about 24 hours!
Mum Like I said before I was banned, I was and am still wavering on Ghadhean. I would have preferred finding out Swordholder's status first. Nothing about Ghadhean's posts "rang true" to me for some reason, but it's very hard playing with people you don't know. I didn't know what Selg was talking about before his time stamp post. I stay away from them as they don't always make sense to me. Just noticed that Prosperity didn't pick up the proxy from Sarbear. I purposely didn't take it because I figured on getting banned.

On another note, for those who have played with Satin the past 2 games, ye might want to see her post in the goodbye thread. An extremely sad and unfortunate time for her. She and I shared a lot of PM's in game one, and many times we were merely sharing good ole midwest weather, kids, busy lives, etc. in addition to trying to learn how to play the game.

Sasha Oh my Holy God. Not another tragedy. Having read through the first two games, I feel like I know her, even though I've never spoken with her. This is absolutely devastating.

Zandia just voted for SH, so now there are 4 votes on both SH and Ghadhean. I'm pretty swayed by the evidence against Ghadhean, so I'm thinking maybe these are both Rogues? Nessie's gonna have to change her vote soon, I think. And Mum, you're right, Pros hasn't picked up Sarbear's proxy. Gah. We're getting to the point where very few of those still alive are active. Pros herself hasn't posted in 3 days. Neither has Greyta. So that's 3 that may not come back for the vote that ends in 15 hours.

Mum Curses on ye Shaimus for putting a muzzle on me until the 10th round. *grins broadly* Ye can't have any healthy lime drinks nor sunbathe with the rest of us!
Sasha Something is making me wonder... if SH gets lynched this round, and is Innocent, will that say anything about Ghadhean and those who shift that vote?

I'd hope so. What I was thinking of would be the others involved in shifting it.

Mum If Swordholder is innocent, wouldn't the town continue to look at Ghadhean seriously?

Oh, ye can bet there will be lots of swapping votes at some point. Some have checked in but not voted so they are well aware. Greatbob has his and Mari's vote and I would imagine he's laying low and watching closely. Hee, and Greyta is playing a very quiet game, but will show up I'm sure for a vote. I'm actually anxious to see how everyone votes at this stage.

Flutie Have yall found that the thread is kinda dead......I mean, seriously dead, see what happens when some of us gets lynched/banned. Especially us that are innocent. Anyways, I'm not sure who is what at the moment. Though, I am still looking at a few of them. *cough*calamarie*cough*sm_forums*cough* But anywho. Beyond that, I'm confused at the moment.
Sasha I'm sure they're gonna miss the deadline. Ppl are talking, but not voting. The deadline is now 6 hours away.
Sam I'll laugh if they miss the deadline... lots
Sasha What the hell is wrong with them? Do they just think that others will pick up the slack? THis is ridiculous. Greyta posts a "Hi, I'm alive" post then goes back to... reading? Time check! Prosperity hasn't posted in 5 days, and yet she's holding Sarbear's proxy? GreatBob is supposed to be holding Mari_'s as well, but he hasn't posted in 3. Maybe those two are giving their proxies to thos ppl who they know aren't going to participate much? (lol) It's not like there's much reading to do. The past 3 days in toto has been 43 posts. It all fits on one page of my screen (set for 50 posts). This is saaaaaaaaaad.

I'm wondering how much some of those left really want to be playing the game at all.

Sam That's less than you post in a day Sasha :p
Mum Boo! Hiss! /em throws rotten fruit at the stage.
Sam ahahahahahahaha they missed the lynch!
Mum If the Rogues are smart, they'd throw out a quick ban to give the town even less time to---not talk it over and come together. I've lost all faith in the town. They now have 1 less innocent to come up with 11 votes. The Rogues played a good game by banning all the active players.
Lyaka Stupid lynch-missing town!

I agree with you completely mum- the Rogues are playing a strong game getting rid of the actives. And their best move is definitely to ban fast- take out Zandia, she's got all this faith in her- then throw the town right back into confusion.

kicks can::
Mum Just had a thought. If Prosperity doesn't pick up the proxy and a week goes by, will Shaimus replace Sarbear?
Flutie Has anyone looked at the mates who havnt voted at all the last few rounds....They are bugging me. Hate that they didnt bother to vote, and/or show they are at least interested. Seems rogueish to me.
Sasha This goes back to that strategy of lynching the inactive players first, even if they're not Rogues. Meeper and BC posted a LOT more than Pros or Oujou (who got spared the axe). Both of those missed the vote. 6 of the 21 still active players have averaged less than one post/day. Even taking Pros's wedding out, she's posted 15 times in 18 days.

Mum- To your question, if Pros doesn't post in the next 2 days, will he replace BOTH of them?

Flutie Looks like rogues did the dirty work for the town. Swordholder posted his death scene.
Sasha Still could have been a Rogue. They could have decided that he was useless to them. Or they want to pin it on Crazee (3 votes for SH thus far). This was the first ban of a not-so-active player.
Mum The town blew it by not confirming his status. By the way, Lyaka, who all has signed in here?
Taelac Grr. I can't believe they missed it! No, wait, I can. Well played, Rogues, to take out us chatty folk early, so there's no one left to guilt the lazers into posting.
Sasha Ghadhean, by voting for GreatBob, just confirmed my high FOS status. Like I said, Sam had high FOSs on Zandia, Oujou, and GB. I think, therefore, all three are Innocent. Ghadhean is trying to divert last round's attention to someone else now. Gah. They still need 11 votes, but they have one fewer person to vote. Also, Greyta really pissed me off. She comes back with a "Hi, I'm alive" post, DIDN'T VOTE, commenced reading the voluminous work that was the past three days, and didn't come back. Gah. Again.
Mum I have had a couple of "uncomfortable" thoughts the past round and think it best to not say anymore in this forum regarding the game.
Sasha I think I agree. I'm also going to refrain from posting as well.
Flutie Okies, Whats pissing me off right now is that Swordholder said on page 32 (50 post/page)that he would vote for himself if needed. Then next page about an hour after the deadline he posts saying that he just missed the lynch and is alive. IT SPELLS ROGUE TO ME. all i can say. He had the chance to vote himself but didnt just so we wouldnt know when he got banned.
Sam "[Mum] I have had a couple of "uncomfortable" thoughts the past round and think it best to not say anymore in this forum regarding the game.

[Sasha] I think I agree. I'm also going to refrain from posting as well."


Hohum If you are out of the game and reading this thread, please don't post in the main thread. Thanks.

This was meant for Sasha, i know it's hard for you to not write every chance you get, but it's ok to not post. If you thought it wasn't in the best interest for them to replace you, why did you volunteer? Just stop posting in the main thread. We all know you are still here lurking, you don't need to chime in every chance you can. The rogues eliminated you for a reason and that is because you posted a lot (along with myself, Aenor, Taelac). That means you shouldn't be posting anymore there.

No need responding to this though Sasha, I won't be online for a week, so it will be a waste of your typing (and this could be a good exercise in refraining from posting every chance you get.)

Sasha I really need to ask the question here.... is there a reason Hohum has been so incredibly evasive here?
Sam no
Hohum No real reason, but guessing by the 4 PM's i got from that post thanking me for saying it and <3 many times, I don't think I am the only one thinking this.
Sasha Hmm... 4 PMs, eh? And I suspect there are 4 more Rogues left... mind sharing who those might be? Hohum, you've been amazingly snarky here, and you posted a day after you said you were leaving for a week. What happened?

Like I said, if you want to come across as so holy, a PM would have worked better.

Sam Has everything gone kaplooie? Can anyone access game/forum/yppedia?
Mum I also can't access anything Sam. It all seems to have been down for over an hour for me.
Sam Power outage in SF caused by an exploding substation caused the servers to go down for 4+ hours >_< Just getting stuff back online now
Lyaka Yeah that was fun. I was checking the forums at work and all of a sudden I couldn't get into PP or LJ. For a second I thought it was us- we'd just had an internet outage this past weekend- but it turned out to be them.

And I know there isn't a PWS in this game, but when I saw that Arge had been banned, my heart still gave a lurch.

Mum Arge was a very strange choice. A complete break in the pattern I had been watching from early on. *smiles* Perhaps they are ready to make their move in the other pattern I had also been watching. On second thought, after a quick read-thru, perhaps she was who they needed to ban.
Crazee Grr, so I can't wait to find out about Swordholder. Arges ban really confused me, but perhaps the rogues are banning those that have something more relevant than, "hi I'm alive" so that it's left with one post a day absolutely no discussion and the rogues can float through. Maybe I'm crazy though =p
Sam Welcome Crazee! Nice death scene :D
Sasha Mum, why Arge?

I've been looking more closely at round 6. I wish SH had gotten 11 votes in round 7, because that would have given us a lot more info from the voting records.

On a sidenote: flipping back through, QOT made a really good point about a Rogue acting independently... they'd just have to wait until they were alone with the last Innocent. They could hide well too if they acted completely independent.

Anyway... I was taking a hard look at the ORDER in which the voting occurred in round 6.

Zandia voted for Titan, and then switched her vote right to QoT after QoT made a snide comment. Nevertheless, Zandia was the first to vote for the Rogue.

Ghadhean followed this by voting for Titan.

Crazee voted for SH.

Mari_ voted for QoT. This is the interesting one. When Calamarie has voted, she's been 6th, 2nd, 1st, 1st (for Sam, but that was obvious), 2nd for QoT, then proxied and didn't vote. Calamarie is looking more and more suspicious. She votes early for innocents, including this round 6 vote for QoT. She never changed it, either.

Bob voted for QoT. I still hold an FOI on Bob, so this may have been the argument persuading him to vote for QoT.

Mum for SH.

Ness for QoT.

Ghadhean switches to QoT. He seems eager to vote (last round he was trying to galvanize the vote with like 2-3 days left) so I think this may have just been hopping on the bandwagon innocently.

Elliania for QoT.

SH for MTW.

Sarbear for QoT.

Selgnij for SH. At this point, the totals are QoT 7, SH 3, MTW 1... and NO ONE for Titan.

Oujou turns it around. QoT 7, Titan 1, SH 3.

Marinated for Ghadhean

Zandia goes back to her previous vote. QoT 6, Titan 2, SH 3.

SM for Titan. QoT 6, Titan 3, SH 3. It still looks like QoT might swing it, or SH, but SM votes for Titan. Remember Sam distinguished between SH and SM.

Arge for Titan. QoT 6, Titan 4, SH 3.

Pros for Zandia. Where did THAT come from? Oh yeah, and Pros was posting in other threads when not here. Was she targeting Zandia for voting early? No clue.

Vireyda for Titan. QoT 6, Titan 5, SH. At this point, the bandwagon is rolling.

QoT, SH, Mary, Greyta, Abi, MTW, and Ghad all vote to lynch Titan. Nessie shows up late to change from her early QoT vote.

Conclusion: Oujou, Zandia, and SM all look like innocents, coming out of nowhere to vote for someone who wasn't leading votes, and who ended up being a Rogue. I'll add GreatBob to that list, too. Oujou and Zandia were already FOIs because of Sam's FOS list.

Calamarie looks like a huge FOS. Pros's replacement, too. I'm also looking at Elli and Sarbear as well, basically putting in middle votes while it looked like QoT was going to be lynched. Sarbear has an interesting vote pattern, too... 3rd, NV, 4th, 6th, 6th (for Sam), QoT (didn't switch when the tide turned), NV, voted for someone else.

I know, I know, another Sasha novel to read through. But any thoughts?

Here's the current vote list by the order that each person voted. P = Proxy, B = Banned, I = Innocent, N = No idea yet

(A1) Abiona 7 I 6 8 - 10 N 9

(A2) Ally_1994 1 P P P 8 N - -

(E2) Elliania 6 10 P 12 - QoT 2 -

(G1) Ghadhean 17 N 12 N - 12 3 10

(G2) GreatBob I 7 3 3 3 QoT 9 -

(G3) Greyta 16 4 10 - P 9 - 7

(M1) Mari_ I 6 2 1 1 QoT P -

(M2) Marinated I 2 - 14 11 N 8 N

(M3) MeegerMary I P 9 N - 8 - 3

(M5) Mitthewilis I - 1 - - 11 5 -

(N1) Nessmonster I 8 - 13 5 QoT 6 5

(O1) Oujou I - N 5 - 1 - 11

(Q1) QueenofTarts 15 3 N - N 6 N -

(S2) Sarbear82183 3 - 4 6 6 QoT - N

(S4) Selgnij - - - B - B N 8

(S5) SM_Forums I - N 7 - 3 7 1

(V1) Vireyda I 9 N 2 9 5 - 6

(Z1) Zandia I I 8 - - 2 4 4

(A3) Argemone 12 12 R N 7 4 - 2

(C3) Crazeecolin 2 - N B 12 B 1 -

(S6) Swordholder 9 - 11 11 - 7 N x

(C1) CandyK I 5 13 4 4 B x x

(T2) Titanrulez 5 - 5 9 - - x x

(S3) Sashamorning 14 N N 10 2 x x x

(S1) Samtheboy - - N N 13 x x x

(H1) Hohumdiddly 11 13 14 N x x x x

(C2) Celiatr 10 11 - - x x x x

(T1) Taelac 4 N N x x x x x

(B1) BehindCurtai - 1 N x x x x x

(L1) Lyaka I 15 x x x x x x

(E1) Eguee 8 - x x x x x x

(A2) Aenor 13 x x x x x x x

(M4) Meeper50 - x x x x x x x

Mum Sasha, can't talk freely until the muzzle comes off. One more round, then Shaimus' game, then I'll be able to say more about why I sometimes think the way I do, right or wrong. lol
Sam Mum, why can't you talk? I'm confused... do you have insider information?
Sasha Hey Crazee. Great ban scene. =( Mum, I'm also confuzzled...
Crazee Are you saing you were a rogue Mum? I'm also very confused.
Mum Oh my heavens no! I have no insider information! That would be totally against the rules and those who know me know I'm a stickler for following all rules! All I was saying was it is not fair for me to lay down all that I've compiled when there is another "game" to take place after this round per Shaimus. It also wouldn't be much fun for those who are actually planning on entering the game that Shaimus has planned. That said, and like I've said before, much as I'd like to throw it all out there for others to tear apart, I feel I need to stay muzzled until such time as we can all unload and then "point and laugh" for the rest of the game. I absolutely know nothing conclusive. I only have my crazy suspicions like everyone else!
Mum ROFL Zandia is still convinced I'm a Rogue!
Sasha No, she's just being smart and not eliminating possibilities.
Lyaka The guessing game is starting again. Pretty soon the gloves can come off here. Send your PMs to Shaimus and let's really start having some fun!
Mum Gah, the timing of all this makes me sad. Starting tonight my house will get even more congested with even more kids and grandkids, but I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. Hopefully, I can find time to step in here in the wee early morning hours while I enjoy my quiet time with a cup of coffee. Once the deadline is up on Shaimus' game we can all unload. I sorta hope the Rogues here will give the town a little bit of time to try to unravel though before they reveal all.
Sasha He said 2-5... does that mean Pros/ally wasn't one? Or did he just not change it?
Zandia Surprise! I knew I was going to get banned pretty soon. I'm glad I was banned now and not earlier, I don't think I could have shut up through this entire time.

FYI I had been PMing two people for support, independently and with different info; splitting the baby. I avoided writing all my thoughts in the thread, instead, gave just enough info so that someone else would pick up on things and take it to the next step. IE the post where I put Sam and Titan next to Selg and Marinated. I figured if I was as adamant about everything I said and turned out to be wrong again, that someone might use that to turn the lynch mob on me. I'm completely confident that neither person I was in contact with was a hope neither turns out to be!

Sasha NO! Zandia! *hugs* Figures, though... you were at the top of the posting list. You didn't post confirmation yet? Waiting to find out about Ally?
Zandia Yep, just waiting. I sent Shaimus a PM asking if it would be alright to make my "I've been banned" post, but no response yet. If he doesn't respond by tomorrow afternoon, I'll just go ahead and post anyway.

And about being on top of the posting list... I was trying to keep my post count down, just in case, but QoT (and everyone else near the top) seemed to have the same idea. I hope QoT can survive and get some people on her side to vote off the rogues.

Sasha Once you get the PM, you're gone. Might as well post the "Been Banned" note, and your death scene later, to get the clock ticking. Wish we knew about Ally.

Dammit! You were one of the high FOIs. GB still has doubters. I hope QOT does SOMETHING. She's done nothing so far, and voted along when necessary. Now it looks like there are only a few strong voices left, and I'm afraid they're Rogues steering things now.

Zandia Well the scene is done. That's what I want to post. I just don't know if it's ok since Alley's status hasn't been revealed.
Sasha I really don't think it matters if he posts or not, and I think Shaimus is going to have to reveal it anyway. >< THAT CHARACTER (both people) WAS NO HELP. Should have lynched her a long time ago.
Zandia kk. I'll post now, yay!
Sasha That was a GREAT scene! lol Well, this is annoying. The rest of them are just going to get quieter... playing right into their hands. And I don't know what was up with Arge's ban, unless that was a Rogue to throw them off. Well, it's been 21 hours since the lynch, so Shaimus should tell us shortly.

Anyone else think it was weird that Mari and GB posted basically the same question within 2 minutes of each other? Those were questions I wouldn't have necessarily thought were obvious to ask.

Zandia Yep, I was thinking the same thing. How do you feel about Viredya? And how sure are you of GB's innocence now?
Sasha I flip flop on V. And I was pretty damn sure about GB until that question, because Mari is reeeeeally high on my list. BTW, take a look and see what you think of my chart up above. I was looking at the order of voting in each round, and I also looked really hard at Titan's lynch, which was interesting because for a long time the vote was going to QOT, and then it suddenly switched... to a Rogue. Also remember Sam voted for GB. Twice.
Zandia Well that was somewhat orchestrated. After I had voted for Titan, I picked a fight with QoT, over nothing really. I PMed Oujou and told him I was looking for more patterns. And I also told him more reasons why I suspected Titan. After I retracted my vote for QoT, I dropped "I don't think she's really a rogue" posts and Oujou, although possibly for his own reasons, drew back the focus on Titan, giving me a way out of the fight with QoT and get the vote swinging.
Sasha Still, it was interesting how far the vote was to QoT at that point. I outlined the swing above.

Bah. Mari just asked for ppl to post full forum names. No one's posting right now, it's not like when, erm, I was posting 50 times a day lol.

Like I said, I'm conflicted about V. Remember when she was updating the wiki but not posting? I dunno.

I'm off to bed... I'll be around tomorrow. ^_^ Welcome to the Isle o' Limes... wish it was better circumstances lol.

Zandia V has seemed to play the innocent role really well, but what caught my attention was that after Titan's lynch, I asked myself, "Why Sampser?" Why did Titan chose to pick on Sampser during the 'bait and swith'? The only thing Sampser had done up 'till then was vote: V. It makes me think he was trying to protect her. I'm conflicted about her status, but I don't remember if it was Dismissed or Titan that wrote something along the lines of "I know everyone on the list seems pretty smart" while referring to the players, but possibly the rogues. So who knows? Heh.

LOL goodnight!

Eguee Just popping in again, but wooot my subtly worded suspiscion on V above is finally being considered!
Zandia You had a suspision of V? When/where? Here or in the game?

RE: V and the wiki... Yeah, I've noticed that after I go to color the names that have been overlooked, I have to recolor the same ones again...Like someones removing the color, from Titan, most notably, but that could just be my paranoia.

Mum *hands lime drink to Zandia* Good morning! Looks like we're in the final stages of Shaimus' game. I PM'd him my original guesses due to not having time to re-evaluate after this round. I might have changed it if I had more time, especially now that Zandia has been forthcoming regarding her private PM's with Oujou. I never really suspected Prosperity, although I did wonder why the Rogues didn't take out a 2 for 1 when they had the chance, but felt they wanted us to think that way and would vote Hohum and/or Prosperity off ourselves. I'm not surprised at your ban Zandia. With the last of your short list gone you were no longer helpful to them. Anyway, I'll try to get back in from time to time, depending on how the family thing is going.
Hohum A week without internet is like ... well i got nothing to finish that because I'm pooped. After reading the ungodly number of pages of over a week, I am still pretty sure about Ghadhean's Rogueness and still teetering on Oujou. Oujou could be smarter than we think and disguising his votes smartly now. Just my thoughts, wish I had the time to link posts and show why.
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