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BehindCurtain So who wants to know the rest of the "References" that the town missed?
Taelac I'll bite - what did they miss? I saw several things that I was sure were references, but that I couldn't place. I assume the ketchup and the puppy to be references. I also assume that your capitalized Master and Doctor referred to Doctor Who.

I added into the rules above Shaimus' request about no outing Rogues until after Round 10.

Also, I would like to shake the lot of them for not figuring out how to use the search function to determine who had how many posts in Game 1 and then use the link I managed to get into the wiki before I was offed to figure out what round someone was knocked out in. Harrumph. I'm pretty sure that looking hard at those with the lower post counts will shake out a Rogue or three.

Sigh. I'm ready for Game 4.

Lyaka I'm still considering Shaimus' request, actually, Taelac. The tenth round game is a new addition on his part, and not being able to be honest with each other here cramps the style dramatically.
Taelac Fair enough. I thought he had mentioned it earlier, but I might have been mistaken.
Lyaka Link me? I'm not kidding when I say my search-fu is abysmal.
Taelac My standing in search fu has gone up and is now Distinguished in my archipelago.
BehindCurtain Ok, the references:

> It was a hot and sunny day

Standard "Dark and stormy night" spoof.

> A puppy barked at them ... The candy dish on the table was clearly disturbed.

Earlier in the thread

> the shower was running. Through the curtain, the group could clearly see a man behind it.

This scene is a reference, not just to Psycho, but more to the Mel Brooks spoof of Hitchcook movies. There's a scene where Mel is behind a shower curtain, and hit by someone delivery a newspaper.

>... with candlestick, revolver (used as a club -- no firearms here folks), coiled-up ropes (borrowed from the polywog), and other assorted items.

Yep. Clue. "Mr. townie, with an item, in the shower".

>Rouge-colored fluid

All the rogue vs rouge spelling errors.

> A quick call to the Townsville travel agent was made. ... "Hello? I'd like to get a ticket on the first plane out to Citysburg. ... No, I have no problem sitting in the same row as three loud girls. Ok, hour and a half?

Powerpuff Girls. In one episode, they travel from their small town ("Townsville") to the big city, where they discover that, although they are big news back home, are absolutely small change in the crowd.


Standard forum line (slightly misspelled, oops)

> The Master of the puppy? ... No Doctor was called.

Yep, Doctor Who.

Now, looking at the current thread and happenings: Titan voted for someone that won't get lynched. That's gotta be the biggest "No one trying for a lynch would actually do that". But more, it indicates that they want to protect someone, or at least seem to be protecting someone.

Does that up the suspicion on Oujou? Celia's likely to be lynched no matter what anyone else does now. I don't know what to think of Zandia.

Lyaka Hey guys, Eguee is having trouble getting in. He thinks it may be because he doesn't have a gmail account. I do, so I can't duplicate his problem. Did any of you who didn't have a gmail account need to create one to view the document? I was under the impression that it wasn't necessary, but perhaps I was wrong.

Taelac- thanks for the leak. ::heaves sigh:: Round 10 is is, then.

And I'm fairly suspicious on Oujou, but the way my luck is going, that's a sure sign he's actually Innocent...

Hohum Wow, I think they caught a real break there with samtheboy. I do think he made a slip up as I have done that before when entering a governor of Lima contest on Cobalt. So hopefully the town still has a few people who will read the entire thread and try to get all the clues from his posts and translate them into suspicions. Are we keeping our high FOS's private until after the 5th round of voting?
Lyaka FOS' don't need to be kept any quieter here than they were on the main thread. You could share them there, so you can share them here. I'm just interested in preventing corruption of Shaimus' guessing game. If he says it's okay to say there, it's okay to say anywhere :)

I hope Sam is actually guilty... remember last game, where the Rogues tried to implicate RedOgre by doing this same trick?

Hohum So i thought I was going to get banned a round earlier, so I sent a PM to 5 players. I sent it to 4 people I thought were innocent, and 1 person I thought was a rogue, Ghadhean. I then sent a follow-up PM to CandyK and Meegermary my thoughts on this and to watch Ghadhean, as he may lead to more clues down the road. At the end of the first PM to 5 players, I said something to the effect of "You can publish this if you want, but i think it's best if we keep this secret for a little while." Sure enough, nobody said anything about it, not even Sashamorning, until Ghadhean posted about it. I was going to watch him for awhile and see if he could lead to other rogues. I also told CandyK and Meegermary that if I were to get banned, to split up and find one innocent each that they can trust. That way, if by chance i was wrong and one were a rogue, the other one would give out the info to one other person and it would keep going on and Ghadhean wasn't lost in the FOS.
Flutie So uhh, yeah, sam slipped, and got caught, and is a rogue, thank god finally one was caught. too bad i couldnt still be alive to do something about getting more info out of that weasel, so yeah, starting yesterday, my death day, my work mess is much better. Whats yall opinions on my death scene, i personally hate it, but its what you get for being in the tub, at home, when the wonderful one i wrote at the beginning of teh game just in case it ever happened, lynch or ban, but its on my work comp. *shrugs
Lyaka You should go back and post the real one. A delay is perfectly acceptable. Look at me, I haven't even gotten around to posting mine yet and I've been dead for three rounds now!
Flutie Yeah, but I'd still have to rewrite it anyway because of how things changed and how stuff transpired. I have a hunch that, well the first few that started the bandwagon on me is a rogue, who knows....
Eguee WOOT! Finally got in! WEEHEEE! Uh nvm just popping in
Hohum By the way, QueenofTarts is Piplicus.
Lyaka Oh, you're kidding! ::prays he doesn't remember me:: Foot, meet mouth.
Samtheboy Well that was funny... and no way is QoT Pip! I do feel rather sorry for QoT at the moment as they are getting truly hammered by people left right and centre and I think that there are people that I'd point my finger at even more than QoT! Also what information would you like to have got out of this weasel?


Spoiler 1: There were 5 Rogues originally

Spoiler 2: There are 2 left in the game

Reveal of the names:me, Titan, Swordholder, Sarbear, Vireyda

Here endeth the spoilers!

But not the white text! Tee hee hee!

Sasha OK, hi. I talk too much, that much is certain. My fault. Mea culpa. I am Spartacus. On the other hand... at this point I don't think QOT is a Rogue. That's pretty much why I shut up yesterday... I wanted to see what happened. I DO however, still think Calamarie is one. Zandia has grabbed onto my line of reasoning, and QOT isn't doing anything about it any more than she did with me. If she's really innocent (and I think she is), her skills at explaining logic are Able. It's like she wants to get lynched just to prove a point. That doesn't help the town at ALL. She seems to be playing a personal game rather than a group game. I dunno. I think this round is lost, becuase she's basically dead weight, like I said. Can someone please explain to me how I can do a better job at this if I ever get invited to one of these games again?
Samtheboy Ok, here is where you went wrong Sasha. You were way too judgemental, and as a result allowed us to sit back and watch you vote off person after person after person. Then I messed up and you got banned due to it being rather annoying (up until that point in time someone else was going to be banned). Just so all of you know, I don't have access to the Rogues discussion any more either. I also think that eeeeveryone was being over analytical especially in terms of what was written by the rogues... of course everything the rogues say is going to be red herrings (apart from me going "I am Whitemonkey", that was idiotic... :D)

Finally, I'm not really sure dead people should even update the wiki... you were killed off for a reason remember!

Sasha Well, I don't really think that Watchers should be posting judgments in the thread or editing the wiki, but you were doing that, too. All of the changes I've made since the ban are factual and verifiable. You didn't have to sign that post as "WM", I had you IP address, Bob had your login time, I suspect based on that right there, ploy or not, you were a goner. It was verified when you tried to take the survey again. I also doubt the RedOgre ploy will work in this game... everything the Rogues post is going to be disregarded as a red herring.

Sorry, Sam, I'm just not inclined to listen to anything you have to say right now, whether game-related or not. You tried casting suspicion on me and interfering with the game even before you joined, so just lay off.

Two words: Preview. Button. Maybe I take things too personally, but telling me not to update the wiki is just plain hypocritical. You don't have to explain how/why/when/where you got caught. That part is over. Moving on...

Samtheboy Feel free not to listen to me if you don't want to, but I had apologised to you already, and you seem to take things far too personally, plus you asked for what tips would I give you for the next game, and seeing as I was a rogue I can tell you precisely how you were helping us... Anyhoo, the login time was only a kneejerk reaction to me wanting to find out if I actually posting it, so I returned to the thread to find (this time) that my auto-login worked as samtheboy, hence the close logins. The IP would have only been useful had my computer not remained logged in as therogues (which it hadn't done before, at least that I had noticed). The only time your name came up previous to you being banned was because "It would really hurt the wiki", so I'm not really sure. Yeah, hindsight is a bitch. You were the one to bring up my being caught... not me... and this is PRECISELY the point I'm making... you get far too caught up in little arguments that cause more damage to the townies than to the rogues. Learn from your mistake and as you say, move on...
Lyaka Sooooo sam... since you're sharing... why did I get banned? ::curious::

And I agree with you, Sasha, that QOT is playing a personal game. Maybe she's more like PTG from game 2... but I still have suspicious on her.

Samtheboy Well Lyaka, you were banned purely for confusion. You hadn't been overly vocal (for most of the game, toward the end of your game you started to pick up and possibly get too logical for our liking :D), you weren't overly aggressive or defensive, you were a fairly "normal" player (no offence!)

Amusingly Sasha, your opinion of the Rogue gameplan towards you was pretty spot on :D

Sasha From what I saw, objectively the bannings happened with the player with the most posts getting banned (except me). Aenor had 20 when he was banned. Lyaka had 40; even now only 5 active players have 40+. Hohum had 72; the most so far besides me. Like I expected, I figure that my high post count saved me for a bit, while the Rogues looked for me to trip over myself. I also suspect that my banning served to cast more suspicion on QOT. On the othre hand, I think she's hanging herself out by simply refusing to go along with the group at all, in fact acting more smug about it. She's daring them to lynch her. If she's innocent, as she claims, how does that help anyone but herself? Abi says she's going to do the survey without me, but I don't know if I trust her to do it.
Flutie Uhh yeah, I agree with the comment about Calamarie, I just want to know why people cant understand that yes, RL intereferes and my times arnt odd, they are just when I can. All well, so yeah, I'm not going to post my origional death scene I wrote before the game started. Looking at it, it doesnt make sence as to what transpired throughout. Deleted and gone, however I forgot to mention last time that my origional version of the one I posted wasnt too 'nice' I called people out by name....Calamarie....and such. Figured I'd play nice. Sam, do you see any reasoning behind me getting lynched because of Calamarie?
Sasha Flutie, my reason for pushing for the lynch (and I'm sorry) was after looking at the game 1 voting pattern. In every turn those Rogues either voted with the lynch or didn't vote at all. Up until I posted that, I saw no reason why the nature of the Rogues would have changed at all. As I already posted, Greyta and Hohum voted WITH every lynch, and Swordholder, Titan, Sarbear and you voted with every one or missed the vote. That put you on my high list. Calamarie pushed for you, which at this point makes me really suspect her, along with Sam's assignation of his proxy to her. Calamarie has voted #1 or #2 in the past three lynchings. Two of those were Innocent, the third was a gimme.

How do you all feel about lynching QOT, even if she's not a Rogue? Is she useful if she is innocent, or just a distraction?

Sam I think that mari is a slightly odd one. She's one of those people who you can't work out whether she is being helpful or not. I think that she was the first person to vote for both QoT and Celiatr and she seems to be very persuasive. Whether or not that is a good thing I'm not yet sure.

Oh, and QoT is definitely distracting and not being helpful even to her own cause. What she needed to do was rebut attacks and then put the blame on someone else with a valid and logical reason. [FIXED]

Thank you Sasha, I am glad to accept your apology.

Sasha I just wanted to clear something up, Sam. I'm taking it too personal with you, Sam, and I apologize. I'll move on from that.

I agree that QOT should have just deflected suspicions about herself somehow. I also agree that she can't exactly protest her innocence, as none of us could, but she certainly isn't doing much now except giving others a reason to just get rid of her. I find it shocking that she has zero suspicions (and she stated that she sent a list to Shaimus, so we know she does), but we need a GROUP to lynch, and therefore she needs to vote, and if she has evidence she believes is solid, why not share that? She kept blaming me for lynching Innocents, as if there was a way around that.

I remember a discussion last game about sticking together and not lynching anyway... but really, is that a good strategy at all?

Once she's lynched, I expect to see either Candy or Zandia banned, if they're not Rogues. Even if there are 7 Rogues, I just can't see the Rogues banning one of their own. If anything, I think that would just be a 1-for-1. One Rogue disappears, but pretty much only one Innocent would get lynched as a result. That makes the odds worse for the Rogues.

Sam We discussed the reasons around banning one of our own and we decided that we wouldn't want to do it unless there were extenuating circumstances for the reason that you stated above. And btw, what does FOH mean?
Sasha Lol... I need a new comment area. FOH = Finger of Hurt. It's less than an FOS, and basically indicates that person isn't doing anything except being counterproductive.

I'm genuinely curious, but I don't want you to have to answer, whether Zandia, Oujou, and GreatBob were actually Innocent, because of your FOS on them. It's more rhetorical than anything, and I guess directed to the rest of the group. If they're not Innocent, then it was a good move to finger Rogues before you got caught. I already posted publicly that I thought your comments made them Innocent, and I'm really convinced about Bob. --lurking, waiting for responses--

Looks like it's just the two of us here, Sam =P

Sam I'm sure someone else will turn up eventually :D
Sasha Bad news, mate. Liz just fixed the edit button. If she'd had it fixed three days ago, things might be different right now...

If it makes you feel any better, I'd already quoted you within 61 seconds of your post. So it's possible you wouldn't have gotten it in time, although there would have been some deniability.

Yeah... I did. But there's still a real problem with some of the things being able to be faked. Internet mafia is so much harder than face-to-face.

I probably saw it within 20 seconds... you may have been able to change, but I had it printed and quoted by then... it would have prob come down to your word vs. my word.

Sam I hate Liz :D. I realised literally as soon as I posted it, so I reckon I could have just about got it in time... but only just (and knowing you you probably print screened it as well ;p)
Sasha Gah. Without me there egging them on... no one posts!! Bo-ring... =p

I see it as two things. One, it sticks it on Oujou. Two, as I said earlier, they were banning the players who'd posted the most.

Hohum Well since we are all discussing, why was I banned? My hardnosedness for Oujou? And yes, QoT is Piplicus (and if not pip, then most definately PTG) because I helped with the monday poker parties on Ice, so I know all the alts. I am almost certain QoT was Pip. Anyways, you can tell Sasha got banned, because this started to fill up very quickly after just a half a day of not looking at it. I do think QoT is only hurting herself (himself?) by being the way she is. She is being counterproductive and not helping, just defending. If I was still in the game, i'd definately be voting just to get rid of the BS.
Sam Hohum, you were just seen as a threat really.
Sasha I'm wondering about Marinated at this point. Zandia is looking reeeeally innocent, and at least the evidence points that way, so why the high FOS?

OK, so I have a question. QoT was all high and mighty about how her powers of deduction were so good, and about how she could figure out who the Rogues were in Shaimus' contest... so if she knows, why isn't she trying to get the group to go with that list?

BehindCurtain OK, I'm back. Now, what are any reasons that rogues would want to ban their own? To imply that they are innocent, giving weight to the "suspicions and votes" that they made? How effective would that be (I can't see it being effective enough).

EDIT Button: Foo. I was just getting used to the non-editable nature of catching people's flaws in thinking.

QoT: That's right, it is a poker night alt. That does make it Pip or PTG, and I used to know which of the two it was. Dang it, I forgot about that completely.


Eguee Just one more popping in: Why hasn't Vireyda been banned yet?
Sam There are more aggressive players out there than Vireyda and Vireyda might not be anywhere near hitting a rogue with the good arguments. Of course that is all supposition!
Sasha OK, now I'm reeeeeeally curious. The survey was my baby, so I want to know if it works or not. The lowish turnout makes me wary, though. 14 out of 23...
Sam Lol, QoT who has votes already hasn't got a single vote in the survey!
Sasha That doesn't surprise me. I think she's made a really good case that she's not a Rogue, just intensely unhelpful.
Taelac I'm still here, just been busy. *waves to the newer additions to the Isle of Limes*
Sasha This game has gotten WAY too quiet... That last post by Mitt looked like an excuse to bandwagon. Titan looks Roguish, but I'm still wondering about Swordholder... anyone else? And what about SM? He blends in soooo well.
Sam It was as soon as you were taken out of the game Sasha. You posted < 20 times a day and so people tended to reply to what you said. Remove the 20+ posts a day and the rest of the game chat dies! Makes it easier for the rogues methinks!
Sasha I hate to say it, but yeah, I think they're blending in better now. Everyone but Sam (sorry, but you already know the answer): what are YOUR FOSs? Atm, I think I still need to go with Calamarie, Marinated, Swordholder, and maybe Ghadhean. I'm still holding FOI on Oujou, Zandia, and GreatBob. Any thoughts from the rather quiet older dead ppl?
Sam I liked Greyta's analysis... it basically said, either these people are innocent... or they're not. Very helpful :p

lol... noone's replied in like 3 hours... what's happened?!

Sasha Sam- Cruel. So cruel. I like it. =p

Titan hasn't posted in 4 days. I think Shaimus might need to give this one away. Wanna spill the beans, Sam?

Hohum, you still haven't said anything to us about your suspicions of Oujou. Why were you so adamant about that?

BOOOM!!!! 2 DOWN!!!

Sam Well, I think that this has been very cleverly orchestrated in part by some well embedded rogues... that is all I have to say about that!
Hohum Don't have much time to post these days. Other than the reasons I stated in the thread, I have had no real reasons for thinking Oujou was a rogue. Trying to keep up with the thread, but it's hard with my schedule at the moment (the rogues actually did me a favor) so I don't know if I'd stick with the FOS on Oujou still at the point in the game knowing everything we do to this point. I honestly hard more of a FOS on Ghadhean, but I was keeping it secret so I could watch his moves. I'm still waiting to hear back if the two people I contacted are innocent still, so it will help explain a few things.
Lyaka Wooo a Rogue! :;does the shoop shoop dance::
Sasha So, the Rogues kept with the pattern of banning either the #1 or #2 most posting player still alive. Candy had the most posts of anyone left. This seems like a dumb strategy. Shouldn't the Rogues have banned the person that seemed most innocent? Both Sam and Titan had been focusing a lot on Zandia. A lot of ppl assume that she's innocent. If she is, in fact, innocent, why not ban her in order to remove the one person that the town could count on? It's a game of numbers.
Mum /em waves to everyone. Took me a minute to figure this out so ye can ignore my email Lyaka. I must say, this has been an interesting read so far. The 10 round rule seems to be cramping our style for sure.
Lyaka Yeah, the ten-round rule is a PAIN. But it won't be much longer now. Then Sam can out the remaining Rogues and we can read along with the thread giggling madly anytime a townie makes a stupid mistake.

Seriously hoping here that QOT is a Rogue, otherwise I'll feel dumb :)

Nessmonster wrote in the main thread: "Lyaka and Sasha I'm fairly certain were innocents."

high-fives Sasha:: We rock!
Taelac I think Swordholder and Greyta are Rogues. I also wonder how I managed to make so little impression - Nessmonster wrote, "The bannings really conflict me. Lyaka and Sasha I'm fairly certain were innocents. However, every other banned player it has been surmised by at least one person might have been, in fact, a Rogue." I don't recall ever having been suspected as being a Rogue
Sasha Yeah, Lyaka! ^_^

I'll reiterate what I said (by now) a while back. I still need to go with Marinated, Swordholder, Calamarie, and maybe Ghadhean and Nessmonster. That makes 7, and that's the upper limit of how many there can be. I don't think Greyta is, but I could be wrong. I suspect we're gonna have more than 4 this game, since both the other games had 4. I'm still holding strong FOI on Oujou, Zandia, and GreatBob, and a lower FOI on QoT. At this point, I'd suspect anyone with an FOS on QoT. It looks like she's being set up (and really, I was trying to draw her out to see what would happen. At this point I don't think she is a Rogue.) Looking at the current round, Swordholder is getting more focus. Those leading the charge are Nessie and Calamarie. Remember, some combination of 4 ppl picked Swordholder in the survey. SH

covered himself by saying that Sam's comment looked like a mere correction. Questionable.

Once again, I'm reeeeeeeally surprised Zandia didn't get banned. A lot of ppl think she's innocent right now. Of course, that could mean she's a Rogue. No clue. Like I said, if I was a Rogue, I would look to ban those townies who had generated the highest amount of FOI. The Rogues need to eliminate as many perceived Innocents as possible so that everyone left casts more suspicion on each other.

Just to clarify, Aenor was the top poster at the time of ban, Lyaka was #3, Taelac was #2, Hohum was #2, I was #1, and Candy was #1. I'm confident I was left while they hoped I'd hang myself.


  • End of rant*
Sam Never seen so many people editing at once! I think people will be fairly surprised at a couple of the rogues when we get to round 10 :D

Even I'm surprised to see that Zandia didn't get banned (and I knew the rogues gameplan!)

I can kinda see the whole let's get rid of the higher posters game plan as it means that people don't talk as much, therefore people are less likely to get found out/trip up/be suspected for posting too little.

Mum Don't know how to do this with so many editing at once. Sorry. I was actually looking for Zandia to get banned to set me up. Perhaps they had to change it somewhat and go another direction. I think I was banned for trying to draw them out (the quiet ones). I really wanted to stay at least one more round as I left some thoughts undone that may go the wrong direction. Well, Greyta stated her spy vs. spy which was similar to my totally paranoid version. However, I wanted to focus on Swordholder as he was a player in both versions. One version made him a Rogue, the other either/or. So I really wanted to see his status even if it meant sacrificing him.

Thanks for the help guys!  :) Oh, and Sam, they just may not be as embedded as ye think. *grins* I don't always post all my FOS.

Sasha Maybe Zandia IS a Rogue?

Mum, just edit your own post. We'll look back. =) Swordholder may be on the line anyway. I pushed for him, several others have too. We'll have to see. =)

OK, back to work. =P

Crazee just started the ball rolling on Swordholder.

Mum Ok, Lyaka, ye know how much this is really killing me? No serious posting until after round 10. *pouts* All I really get to do is come in here and bang me head on the keyboard a few times and groan a lot. I'll refrain from pulling the rest of the grey hairs out until after the 10th round.
Taelac Well, if we all agreed not to participate in the tenth round guessing game, we could hang that rule and just go wild. Of course, anyone else lynched or banned between now and then would have to agree before signing up, which might be awkward.
Sasha I'd go with that. I don't care about the 500 poez. =P Besides, at the rat they're going, they won't last 10 rounds lol. And if they make it to round 10, there'll only be 13 ppl left.
Sam Unless they do a me, they'll still be there till the closing stages of the game, believe me!
Mum It would be fine by me, but I don't even know who all has checked in here so Lyaka would have to confirm whether or not everyone has agreed and maybe double check with Shaimus that it is ok if we opt out.

In the meantime, here's a generalized question for everyone here regardless of status. It's mostly based on general playstyles and theories as to what works best. Having only played the 3 games hosted here, what works best? Laying it all out there for the town to discover and not risking good info being lost if banned or lynched or holding back, even possibly misdirecting, in order to better assess the situation?

Sasha I've always believed that more information>>>>>less information. Lay it all out there, and less us sort through it. That's my primary problem with QoT. She seems to not care if any information is lost with her. She just seems to be playing an individual game rather than a team game.
Mum Aye, but sometimes some of the townies can be overwhelmed with too much, especially if it's incorrect, and shut down completely---thus playing their own game.
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