Release 2011-04-26

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Dethroning the Brigand Kings

From the Release Notes:
  • Changed Brigand King Expeditions:
    • A new item type, Brigand King Compasses, may be purchased at the Explorers' Hall. Placing this on your charting table will trigger an expedition. The compass will disappear after you've had a battle with the king in question.
    • Brigand King ships are only visible and attackable by the ship which has an expedition for it.
    • Brigand King ship names now follow the same naming as the blockade ships for that king, and also show the appropriate crew name.
    • Note that Brigand King expeditions are also still available as an additional reward for defeating brigands.
  • New Vessel: Fanchuan: 4 Large cannons, 12 max crew, 3 movement per combat turn.
  • New Brigand King: Madam Yu Jian, who tends to set sail on Junks and Fanchuans
  • Added new furniture available in trade for brigand king trinkets at the trading post: banners for each king.
  • New hat available at tailors: Samurai Helmet (for both male and female pirates). Requires a design, available from the trading post for Madam Yu Jian trinkets, to purchase.
  • New hat available at tailors (no design required): Qing hat.
  • Modified the Explorers' Hall to increase the rate of small/medium expeditions appearing and to decrease the rate at which large/huge expeditions appear.
  • New Asian-themed furniture: Iron Lantern, Stone Lantern, Bonsai, and Taiko Drum.
  • You can now view your job status from within a shoppe you work at, including the ability to switch to the current job offer if it differs from yours.
  • Upon opening a wrapped present or black box, show more clearly what was inside.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to join a skeleton/zombie fray didn't tell you immediately that you couldn't join.
  • Clarify on the "Employment" tab when you're not actually working at your jobs due to expired badges or dormant crafting skills.