Release 2008-03-11

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Real Pirates Wear Lavender

From the Release Notes:
  • New vessel type: Xebec
  • New colors of cloth & clothing: rose, mint, lavender
  • New furniture: Fancy sink
  • New limited edition portrait background: Damayi's Lucky Pirate
  • New limited edition portrait background: Benzene265's Window
  • New egg-competition winners - egg furniture items available in palace shoppe or through various events.
  • Allow bands and gemstone rings to be displayed in portraits
  • There is a new tab on yer pirate page showing all yer booty.
  • Easy-screenshot feature - use Ctrl-P or /print (from chat) to take a screenshot and save to your desktop.
  • Quick-chat allows the use of the function keys to quickly chat commonly used phrases. Yarrr!
  • Use battle-nav icon when viewing bot battle-nav skill.
  • Upon startup, if the configured client size is larger than the screen's actual size, attempt to drop to a saner resolution.
  • Give rag tops/bottoms distinct names.
  • Sort assignable crew titles alphabetically.
  • Sort color options when painting a scene alphabetically.
  • Underline names of hearties in scene view.
  • View recentering is now faster and has a shorter delay after your pirate moves.
  • Adjust boxing background to clarify the bottom row of the playing area.
  • In Atlantis, monsters will no longer spawn directly next to player ships or safe zones unless they can find no other available location.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix bug where boxing included the ability to defend (rumble is unchanged).
    • Fix bug that tied up attempted wagers against someone on the same computer until reboot.
    • Various internal cleanup and bugfixes.