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Release 2007-10-16

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Piratey Potpourri

From the Release Notes:
  • No longer protect ratings in blockades, flotillas and seamonster encounters from dropping.
  • Count all navy missions towards the prerequisite for the palace drinking challenge.
  • Don't remove the treasure chest divvy panel after a delay; wait for it to be explicitly closed.
  • Add "Expand All" button to treasure chest divvy panel.
  • Don't allow players to chart to sea monsters if vessel locks would prevent them from entering.
  • Allow players with the Antediluvian Conch trophy to still hold the conch in portraits.
  • Don't steal focus for the Ahoy panel announcing sunken treasure.
  • Increase maximum hearties per pirate to 250.
  • List the station type when announcing someone abandoning a duty station.
  • Changes to Skelly frays:
    • More pirates can sign up for the skelly fray than there are skellies. When the fray starts, if there are extra pirates, the skellies will randomly pick a subset of the players, and refund wagers to the rest.
    • Skellies force a short break between the end of a fray they win and when pirates can vote to start a new fray.
    • Skellies no longer spawn immediately after a reboot, but rather at some random point after that.
  • Minor improvement to the appearance of eyepatches.
  • Improve graphic performance under Mac OS.
  • Support Mac OS shortcuts for copy, paste, etc.
  • Flotillas now remain for 15 minutes after being defeated.
  • Make the islands Brigand Kings blockade more predictable based on their flotilla location.
  • Brigand King fleets now leave the board during blockade round breaks.
  • Include the defender in flags shown on the initiate blockade dialog, and show the power of any Brigand Kings involved in the blockade.
  • Add dividers in the tailor interface to better differentiate between genders.
  • Adjust vessel job posting algorithm to be more consistent and reasonable.
  • Show better information about a vessel's current status on /vwho when in multi-ship battles.
  • Returning Halloween portrait background: Jack-'o-Lantern.
  • New Halloween portrait background: Ye Dread Dead.
  • New furniture for manufacture: small pumpkin, large pumpkin
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix bug with sea monsters sometimes not leaving behind treasure.
    • Fix bug with Commmand-Q behavior under Mac OS.
    • Fix bug causing duplicate news to sometimes be shown.
    • Fix bug that sometimes caused an old duty report to appear, only to be updated a moment later.
    • Fix bugs with Dragoons not being properly removed from vessels.
    • Fix bug where some people didn't show up on the duty station list.
    • Fix bug causing incorrect online status reports for hearties.
    • Fix bug that could prevent players from entering certain buildings.
    • Fix bugs caused by server reboots between blockade rounds.
    • Fix bug causing some hung poker tables.
    • Fix bug causing strange behavior with multi-ship ramming.
    • Fix bug where sea monsters were always drawn as surfacing to players entering the skirmish.
    • Fix issues with carpentry appearance at certain screen sizes.
    • Fix bug with displaying fist/hook patterns on the challenge negotiation panel.
    • Fix bug with manuever indicator moving around the carpentry board.
    • Fix bug where actions on scene items were sometimes drawn incorrectly.
    • Fix bug where the arrange furniture screen could be such that some items were inaccessable off the top of the screen.
    • Fix bug causing some players to get erroneous "Access Denied" errors when accessing certain info pages, crew/flag management controls, etc.
    • Fix bug occasionally causing vessels leaving sea monster encounters to become stuck in limbo.
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