Release 2005-08-12

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Further Furniture Fun

From the Release Notes:
  • Your first free shack now comes with starter furniture: a Bedroll and an Old crate. It makes it feel more like home! If you already have a shack, simply return your old shack (from the 'purchase shack' button at the entrance) and claim a new one, or log in an alt to claim a shack and trade the bedroll over.
  • Changed the name of the house to "Walk-Up", changed home to "Row House". Each player's house name now includes the grade of house: "Bob's Shack" instead of "Bob's Rooms".
  • The turtle and pig special furniture items will now not decay.
  • Added some new items of furniture: portrait easels (let you have portraits painted), a bedroll, and an old crate.
  • Familiars may not be placed in clothing racks.
  • Added a checkbox for each participant in a tournament: you may choose to remove the 'watch' buttons from the tournament bracket panel for any game in which you participate. Note: watchers may still enter by clicking on your pirate.
  • Added a workaround (hopefully) for a change in the last release that caused problems for people using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing.
  • If you have Do Not Disturb turned on, you will not see knocks on your house (except from hearties), and if you have another player muted you will never hear them knocking or receive invitations from them.
  • Fixed some Macintosh furniture placement bugs.
  • Bugfix: before entering a party the house double-checks that you are allowed access to prevent getting stuck in limbo.
  • Bugfix: parties are stopped when a house or shop is upgraded or destroyed.
  • Fixed some bugs with 'stuck' tournaments.
  • On viridian, fixed button text for palace shop and doubloon exchange on the personal info panel.