Release 2005-03-07

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A Spot of Gardening

From the Release Notes:

Just a couple of little things to mention here as we're spending most of our time preparing for the upcoming box release of the game.

  • The sea battle hand interface has been modified to show the latency inherent in communicating with the server. Moves remain grayed out until the server has confirmed that they were received. Also, the hand as executed by the server is displayed for a couple of seconds when the animations first start.
  • The "Add to rack" interface has been merged with the "Browse the rack" interface and the handling of "Display only" has been fixed so that it does not rely on setting the price to some particular value.
  • Navy missions have been modified such that they require at least five leagues of doing yer duty before they are completed. This is regardless of whether the navy stops at an island along the way.
  • The "Parlor Games" in the Inn now provide a link to a new experimental open source games site recently launched by Three Rings called Game Gardens. Feel free to check out the games made by people on that site and if you're of the programmin' persuasion, you can take a crack at making a game yourself.