Release 2004-12-03

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Bug fixes and Spades enhancements

From the Release Notes:

We're glad you all like Spades.

  • Hopefully fixed the Spades bug that sometimes caused games to stop working.
  • Changed Spades table creation somewhat:
    • Tables may be marked "private" which indicates that the creator only wants certain players to join. Note that it doesn't actually change any properties of the game, just indicates to other pirates that they shouldn't play that game.
    • The table creator may boot any player from the table. The booted player may not re-join that same table again.
    • Once all four players are in place there is a 5 second countdown, during which the creator has one last chance to boot players and anyone has a last chance to leave the table if they don't like their partner.
    • Added a help button so that ye can view the rules.
  • More Spades changes:
    • Ye can watch games that are in progress.
    • When partners exchange cards during a blind nil bid, the other team sees that cards are being exchanged.
    • Partners may not send each other tells. That is cheating! Note that we cannot prevent all cheating, as partners could be IMing, but we hope that ye all abide by the Pirate Code.
  • Fixed a bug that caused reconnecting players to not be able to chat in chat circles.
  • Gems weren't showing up in markets; fixed.
  • Game chat emotes will be logged correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the duty feedbacker (the little animation that shows how well you're doing in a duty puzzle) that occurred after disengaging from sea battle.
  • Skellies don't start the fray until half the pirates agree to start.