Release 2004-01-05

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The Great Thaw (Fourth post-launch update)

From the Release Notes:

The snows have melted, and we've taken the opportunity to wash away some bugs in the slush.

  • News flash! Shop managers can now post notes for their customers to see. Governors can post news that will appear on the notice board. Please note: keep the first line short and put a linefeed between it and further news, to avoid booching your shop display. This is a known bug. Email Cleaver for a fix if needs must.
  • Various bits with shop labor have been fixed: product quotes should have more realistic finish times, unused labor will not count against the labor limits for a shop, and hours should be distributed more evenly between the workers.
  • Officers and above can expel Cabin Persons without it becoming a crew issue.
  • Swords have been tweaked yet again. Also, an exploit was fixed that allowed people with fast fingers to "float" sword pieces above the bottom of the board for a short while.
  • The rack bug has been fixed: you may now safely buy clothes off the rack without worrying that it will suddenly get old.
  • Carpentry works on the Macintosh now.
  • Various small things were fixed: Tournaments no longer count round numbers backwards, /vwho works on vessel names with an apostrophe, buying a drink for the villager in the inn only costs 10poe, and Eclipse island now scrolls.