Polaris Borealis

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Polaris Borealis at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Cronogenesis
Senior Officer(s) Hotsexybabe
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Star of Arcady
Founded 1 October, 2005
dormant as of 18 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Polaris Borealis is a friendly crew focused on having a good time. Their ideology is helping the lost and confused,and help them get back on track. This is in following the nature of the crew's namesake- the pole star helps lost navigators find their way. The crew motto is "May your stars shine bright".

Public Statement

Twas at the dead of night, The Drunkards hour, While others Slept I was in power, A shadow canvas swept the sky, With just one spec to artists name, Pole Star

The tower clock chimed at one, Iron anchor cast away, Pillaging till the break of day, On the midship deck I navigate, Using the heavens compass, Pole Star

Twas four and quart leagues when a cry was heard, Reports of a ghostly ship to the rear, The towering beast was drawing near, Only faintly seen by the light, The light illuminating the night, Pole Star

The two ships grappled side by side, The bloodbath started in a flash, Several blades began to clash, The heavens cried at such a sight, All under the nighthawk’s eye, Polar star Now here I lie, Under the watchful eye, Lighting up the derelict sky, Pole Star

May Your Stars shine bright and you pillage in the night.


The Pole Star was founded on the 1st October 2005 by Cronogenesis on the Viridian Ocean. The crew came into formation due to the disband of The Erasers. A number of officers from The Erasers also joined as they did not want to split up from the officer family that had been formed. Due to a spectacular puzzling performance on the Tigerleaf Mountain III blockade, Pole Star was able to join Imperial Coalition on the 3rd October.

On the 2nd 2007 July Pole Star changed its name to Polaris Borealis

On the 1st August 2007, the crew left the flag Imperial Coalition to persue heir own interests.

On the 4th Audust 2007, the crew founded the flag Star of Arcady.