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Familiars Won

Pharaoh is currently a senior officer in Redemption of the flag National Pirate Radio on Cobalt.





Pharaoh began playing on Cobalt Ocean where he quickly worked his way up to the rank of officer in The Royal Armada, a crew his brother had played in previously. After a few weeks, he left that crew to create his first crew on Cobalt, the Heavenly Kings. Pharaoh led the crew with Idaa, and the crew joined Hurricane under his leadership. Pharaoh was eventually appointed to be serve as royalty for Hurricane. He assisted the flag in a blockade of Terra Island.

The crew eventually relocated to the flag of Crusaders, where Pharaoh became king. However, due to limited game time, he resigned from these positions. Once his game time increased, he became captain of the crew The Burning Legion and founded the flag What The Falchion. He later served as the only monarch of What The Falchion, and during his reign, the flag successfully blockaded Fintan Island. Pharaoh became first governor of Fintan and then resigned from What the Falchion.

Pharaoh joined Cervantezz's crew at first then created his own crew again, War Bandits with Rachelm. Later on the crew joined Ascension, then decided to leave and join Valor. Pharaoh then decided to turn captainship over to Rachelm and left to join Redemption as an officer. He later left to create Veni Vidi Vici and Just Pillaging, and formed the Trinity alliance with Bibity and Thanos. Ansel island was then transferred from Ascension to Veni Vidi Vici and Pharaoh became governor of the island.

Pharaoh then won the Av retirement blockade funds and had plans to drop on Fintan while he was away on vacation. Unfortunately the plans were cancelled in his absence and the drop was made on Terra instead by an allied flag.

In late August, Pharaoh decided to rejoin Redemption and was made a senior officer. He currently resides there and hosts occasional pillages and battle navigates in blockades when needed.