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Padmemaster prefers to be called Padme, and sometimes answers to variations of the same, but rarely do people call her Padmemaster.

Padmemaster is currently in the crew Aqua Vitae as of Jan 30, 2009, and is a senior officer and diplomat.

Padmemaster was a senior officer in Truth be Told from Dec 19, 2008 to January 30, 2009.

She was a senior officer and ambassador in the crew Brutality from Dec 18, 2008, to Dec 19, 2008, but it was too quiet.

From April 27, 2008 to Dec 16, 2008, PadmeMaster was a senior officer in the crew Truth be Told. Her favorite puzzles were Sailing and Gunnery.

She was the captain of The Deathstars from Dec 24, 2007 to April 27, 2008. Her favorite puzzle was Bilging.

From her join date of Nov 4, 2007 to Dec 24, 2007, Padmemaster rose up to fleet officer in the crew Double Dubs under the captainship of Maniwin.

Fun facts

Padme placed a bounty on her alt. It didn't work, but did get that alt's name out. Padme decided recently that Whatisozzy needed to be known throughout the ocean.

Some of her art

These she made for the Portrait Background Contest

Padmemaster also is an avatar artist, see the Avatar artists directory

Owned ships: Renames

Sloop - Special Jedi Sloop - Motherly Jedi-Jella Cutter - Han Solo

Some stories

Padmemaster derived her name from Padme of Star Wars and a character she made up, named Master Smith. Master Smith was a 15 year old that, although he was the four hundred forty ninth Master, a worldwide "joke," had the middle name, or title, of II (the second). Master II was one of Padmemaster's favorite characters, Padme of Star Wars being another. Padmemaster went on to name her rat Geese, after Master II's horse.

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