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The Noticeboard


At the Docks on colonised islands you will see a noticeboard nearby:

Posh noticeboard.png Shady noticeboard.png

The noticeboard is a pirate's most valuable tool. Click on the noticeboard to bring up information on Game News, Puzzles, Voyages available with player crews, Missions, Events, Shoppe employment and Blockades.


The News tab is an important reference for keeping up to date on the goings on within the game. Important updates and announcements will be listed in the News from the Captain section. In addition to that the News has a list of free puzzles that day and quick links to the Voyages and Puzzles tab as well as a handy button that will whisk ye home from any place in the ocean.

Noticeboard Window


Missions are the starting point for a new Pirate. Each Mission will give you a short, self-contained activity. Most importantly the different kinds of Mission highlight different opportunities and ways to have fun in the Puzzle Pirates world.

See the section on missions for more information.

Missions tab.


Under the Voyages tab, you will see a list of ships at sea that are hiring jobbers for various voyages. All voyages show the ship, crew, and officer name (with links to /vwho, crew, and pirate info pages respectively), and a button to apply.

If the ship has had a mission statement specified, a "chat bubble" appears next to the officer avatar - make sure to check it to see the mission statement. Ship size is shown by an icon next to the ship name.

In addition to pillaging, this tab on the notice board is also used to post jobbing notices for general jobbing within a crew, blockades, flotillas, trading, foraging, greeter pillages, evading enemies, and sea monster hunting (Atlantean outpost, Cursed Isles, or Haunted Seas). Each type of voyage may have other columns specific to its purpose, and many may provide more information.


The Events tab holds the current news from the governor, upcoming events, and any parties being held at the island. Also, any Ocean Master can make a whisk to any scene as part of an event, the whisk shows up on any notice board.

Shoppe Jobs

The noticeboard also displays featured crafting job offers on the island. The jobs listed are often your best bet for gainful employment in that port, but if you try a few times you may see different offers.

Featured Shoppe Jobs

Selecting the "Go" button whisks pirates straight to the shoppe or stall where they can find out for more details. See Taking a Job for more information on shoppe jobs, and note that on subscription oceans only subscribers can take them, on doubloon oceans you will need a labor badge.


The next tab over from the Featured Shoppe Jobs is the Blockade Status. This lets you know of any Blockades taking place or scheduled to begin anywhere in the ocean, and has a brief tally of the scores.

Blockades tab.

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