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Oceanos at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Peperox
Senior Officer(s) Aarlong, Betorox, Bluebeerd, Cajunboy, Captiannick, Cngthommy, Crystalspark, Dungbell, Fadoa, Hurtboss, Macow, Mdog, Rasgabucho, Sendsei, Sohpia, Woahdude, Vigilante
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Pirates Revange
Founded 1 November, 2005
Disbanded as of 31 May, 2007

Oceanos is a crew that sailed the Viridian Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Pirates Revange.

History of Oceanos

Oceanos was founded on November 1, 2005 by Arthurr sailed with the flag Oceano

Oceanos sailed under the flag Oceano until March of 2006, when the crew founded the flag, End Of Days.

In June 2006 due to wars and internal flag problems, Oceanos left the flag End Of Days to seek help from its allies and eventually became a member of the flag -'Star Explorers'-.

By June of 2007 Oceanos had disbanded with most of its crewmates finding their way into Blood Hunter or Squid Squad.