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Ocean Explorers

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Ocean Explorers at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Dabloon
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Hardcore Explorers
Founded 29 August, 2005
Dormant as of 31 August, 2011

Ocean Explorers was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean. The crew flews the flag of Hardcore Explorers.



Ocean Explorers was founded on 29 August, 2005 by Symonds. It also co-founded the flag Hardcore Explorers with the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers.

On 13 July, 2006, the crew Secrets merged into Ocean Explorers.

As of December 20, 2006, Symonds retired from leadership and after a period where there was no captain, Dabloon was elected captain of Ocean Explorers by the senior officers of the time.

Public Statement

Why Join a crew? Wealth? Fame? Power? Friends? There are a lot of reasons but Ocean Explorers Can offer you something special . . .

There are a lot of reasons to join a crew and if you have been around the ocean a bit and find you like a diverse piratey experience Ocean Explorers is probably the crew for you! Our crewmates engage in every type of activity from meming the entire ocean to cut throat business/stall operation to the general pillaging we all enjoy so much. Right now we are looking for officers that enjoy pillaging but seek to become blockade gurus, joining up and showing your loyalty will get you in line to be trained by the best in the ocean for any aspect of the game you are interested in; something not every crew can claim.

Ocean Explorers is a crew for the more professional crewmate that has an interest in advancing to the top of the game. We are a selective crew that will only keep those crewmates that show they are responsible, respectful and resourceful. We have a high expectation level for skill in regards to promotion in the crew. We have lots of laughs, pillage, play poker and join in with the flag competitions for a fun but fair gaming experience.

This crew is the second half of the two crews that makeup our flag name. We are an original crew that has been on Sage since the beginning of the ocean. As such we are one of the most experienced crews Sage has to offer under one of the most experienced flags on the ocean. Also offering a variety of shops and stalls to get work experince and provide affordable goods (the new ship stall is cranking out Brigs and Frigs now).

If you are the type of crewmate that wants to be playing at the top with expert players and you think you have the loyalty and dedication it takes to become an expert player, join us and you can learn the ways of the Ocean Explorers with professional training and fun.

Crew Articles

  1. ABUSE: This crew does not stand for crewmates that are in any way upsetting to other crewmates. If you are abusive to others or use bad language you will be expelled. This will also apply to anyone that begs for poe or begs to use a station they are not qualified to use, for example the guns or navigating station.
  2. SPAMMING: Crew, vessel and flag chat are not to be used to talk to your friends... Have some consideration for your mates at sea and talk directly to each other or meet somewhere to talk in a circle.
  3. TEAMING: TEAMING UP in a swordfight at sea is essential!!! We ALL want to make poe right? If you do not follow this rule we will not make much and it will cost the crew poe to restock the ship and make us ALL very unhappy. Teaming is simple. When you're in a swordfight you will see the crew you are fighting on the right of the screen. You will notice that some of your enemies have coloured dots next to them. Each dot represents one of your mates attacking that person. If you click on the face of an enemy, you will be attacking them. You want only 3 dots on a person, anymore than 3 the computer will cheat and you will get very big swords on your game, making it very hard to win. You can tell who you are fighting because there will be a white border around the small rectangle showing their current status.. Your colour dot are the same colours as your sword (so we will know if you don't team...) REMEMBER to keep a constant eye on who you are fighting THE WHOLE GAME as it will change a lot. Just click on another person if your dot is on its own. TEAMING WINS POE. If you are still not sure how to team PLEASE ask someone.
  4. WHAT SHIPS AN OFFICER MAY USE: If you are an Officer you can take any unlocked sloop or cutter out to pillage with. If you are a Fleet Officer you may take anything up to a Merchant Galleon. ONLY an SO (or myself of course) can use any ship bigger like a War Frigate or Grand Frigate.
    1. ANY Officer that takes a ship bigger than permitted here WILL be DEMOTED!!!
    2. Exception to the rule: If for example you're only an officer but you own your own war brig...etc you are permitted to sail your own vessel whatever the size and whatever your rank, but only your vessel, you're still not permitted to borrow someone else’s vessel of that size just cause you own one unless they have given you direct permission.
  5. READ THE BULLETIN BOARD: Don't get caught out by a crew member's rules on there own personal vessel, some have fines if you leave the ship somewhere they don't want it left, some have different restocking amounts, and some wish for the coffers or fruit to be left for them...etc. So make sure you read the board at the ships wheel before you even think about taking that vessel out to sea. I have provided many ships to be used free of charge by my crew to train with until they buy there own vessels.
  6. WHEN AT SEA: When the vessel is at sea ALL crew must go to a station as quickly as they can. The CO (Commanding Officer) may plank you if you are not at a station within 60sec or if you are not working to his/her satisfaction. Anyone that gets planked may be docked poe. Persistent lazers and crew members that leave a ship when it's in battle WILL be expelled from the crew.
  7. RESTOCK THE SHIP: Any Officer that takes a ship out MUST restock it with rum and cannon balls to the amount shown on that vessel's bulletin board when they are finished AND leave it at an inhabited island. If at the end of your pillage there is not enough in the coffers to restock the ship YOU will have to use your own poe to restock.
  8. WHO'S IN COMMAND: If you buy a ship it will be your ship to do as you want, but remember to edit the ships officer board at the wheel so other officers know whose ship it is and what your rules are for someone else to use your ship. If you take out ANY ship, YOU will be the Commanding Officer (CO) of that vessel (as long as it does not conflict with any part of rule 4). So whoever takes a ship out will be treated as (acting) captain of that vessel and they will be responsible for that ship, restocking and the crew on that vessel, EVEN if they are just an officer and an SO or myself asks to come aboard... WHOEVER TAKES A SHIP OUT IS IN CHARGE. ALL other crew on that vessel must be at a station and must NOT interfere with the CO or their actions EVEN IF THEY THINK ITS WRONG. If you are unhappy with the way the ship is being run, GET OFF IT!!!.
  9. ALLIES, NEWS & ISSUES: Please make sure you keep up to date with all crew info and news, like who our allies are... (Click Hardcore Explorers written in blue at the very top of this page to see alliances and flag information). I DO NOT want to see in PVP (Player Vs. Player) battles that Officers are attacking friendly ships.
  10. IT'S A GAME: This is a GAME so make it fun and try to remember that we were all green at some point... and if we're losing in a sinking blockade and your beloved War Brig goes forever to War Brig heaven... I would much rather see - "lol I got wet" than - "scupper this barnacle game!!!"... So please bear that in mind if ye are looking for promotion......

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin person: Anyone can join the crew, just ask an officer.
  • Pirate: Crew will only be promoted from Cabin crew to the rank of a pirate if they are BROAD at gunning with a rating above ABLE.
  • Officer: Pirates that have a rating of Master or above in most of their piracy stats will be tested by an SO to be promoted to the rank of officer. Don’t forget to buy a badge…
  • Fleet officer: Only trusted Officers that have a rating of Master or above in all piracy stats with at least one renowned stat will be tested by a SO to be promoted to the rank of fleet officer.
  • Senior officer: Only Fleet Officers I know very well that have a rating of Renowned or above in all piracy stats and have a good ability to work well with the rest of the crew will be promoted to the rank of senior officer.
  • Captain: The position of Captain is not available… unless you wear all pink :p

NOTE: If your rating stat is Renowned but has (Ocean wide Grandmaster) you will be classed as Grandmaster. If your rating stat is Renowned but has (Ocean wide Master) you will be classed as Renowned. In short your best shown rating will stand. Don’t get your rating and experience stats mixed up, your experience stats is the one at the top in bold letters.

ALSO NOTE: We have a 'Crew Structure' (see the private statement). So if you want to be an officer you must talk to one of the SO's in charge of training & promotions after you have the required piracy stats.

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