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Noamvh is the founding captain of the crew Voyage of The Mad, founding king of the flag Pacific, and admiral in the Terra Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago.

Contributions and accomplishments


Noamvh started on Meridian on July 14 in the year 2012. Jumping between crews looking for an active one. The first significant crew Noam has joined was the crew Cirque Du Corsair and after it the crew Juggs O' Rum that was made by a senior officer of Cirque, those two crews affected Noam heavily on the way he grew in the Meridian ocean and his vision on being in and making a crew and the expectations of the society of Meridian, as well as close friends he met and stayed with along the way, affecting the future of his work.

After quitting Juggs O' Rum because the captain of the crew was banned, Noam jumped more crews and eventually ended up as an officer in the crew Veterans lead by Kiiraa and Penguinbr in the flag Imperial Coalition.

On September 25, 2012, Noam became a part of the flag Nuclear Family after being founded by Penguinbr. Since then, Noam went up the ranks, working in pillages, plundering and recruiting in the Veterans and got to be a senior officer and lord in the flag.

On November 24, 2012, Noam founded the crew Voyage of The Mad. Some time later, the crew joined Nuclear Family, Noam was promoted to the rank of a prince.

In January 2013, the flag Nuclear Family was split up. While Voyage of The Mad stayed in it, Noam became king of the flag, trying for a few months to revive it in many failing attempts, eventually resulting on disbanding the flag on April 2013 and joining a new flag.

In mid April, 2013, Voyage of The Mad joined one of the largest flags at the time, Denial, Noam worked as a royalty in it. Due to dramas and many events that occurred in the flag, it was also split up, ending with Voyage of The Mad quitting that flag as well, looking for a new one.

On May 4, 2013, after much planning, Noam has founded along with Gybs and other captains the flag Rising Tides, a flag that became to be the largest in Meridian, Noam has joined along with Voyage of The Mad as a royalty, while Gybs, who led the meetings, became the king.

At the start of June 2013, after Gybs mysteriously disappearing, Noam has taken Gyb's place as the king of Rising Tides.

After some time, the flag Rising Tides became a peaceful non-blockading crew, the flag slowly became inactive as pirates went dormant, and Noam decided to resign from flag royalty and joined along with his crew as a lord to the flag Rum Soaked Devils.

On September 10, 2014, being tired from politics and war, Noam created the flag Pacific, a flag made for peaceful pillages and seafaring, becoming its King, and making an alliance Finis Coronat Opus, another peaceful non-political flag.