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Newo is currently an independent pirate on the Sage Ocean. His alt, Coldness is a senior officer in the crew Ice Cold of the flag Cold Hearted on the Hunter Ocean.


Newo (Sage)

Newo was born on the Sage Ocean on September 18th in 2005 where he joined the now disbanded crew Balls of Fire under the flag of the same name. He shortly thereafter joined the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers under the flag Hardcore Explorers after a convincing conversation with Starter.

Under Hardcore Sea Ravers he rose to the rank of officer, staying loyal for over a year. Newo felt it was time for a change and joined the crew Pirates of the Caribbean of the flag YOHOS LEGION.

Due to political changes, Newo became captain and renamed the crew to Hell's Rampage and started the flag The White Navy. Sadly, neither crew nor flag developed and Newo left to join Your Worst Nightmare as a senior officer.

This seemed to be the start of a turbulent period for Newo, passing from crew to crew before deciding to uproot and move over to Hunter Ocean. During this period he was a member of;

  • Treasure Takers under the flag Extrodanary Elites
  • Hell's Patriots
  • The Irrisistables who merged with Foxes of Fury

During his career on Sage Ocean, Newo held management positions in a variety of Tailoring, Iron Mongering and Ship Building stalls.

Coldness (Hunter)

Upon leaving Sage Ocean, Newo took up the name Coldness for Hunter and immediately joined the crew Ice Cold of the flag Krakens Babies (then enetered a new flag Cold Hearted)

Coldness has risen to the rank of senior officer and prince of Cold Hearted.

Coldness then left Ice Cold after it merged, and joined Katana who currently in the flag Unstopable.

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