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Captain of Reapers of Souls;

Prince of the flag Perseverance;

Former Prince of the flag Camur in Vestri Calx;

Former captain of the Ramen Noodles;

Former king and founder of the flag The Black Sheep.

Ports at Terra Island.


Muttons found himself drawn to Puzzle Pirates after watching his wife play for a couple of months. After compiling a computer capable of running Puzzle Pirates, Muttons washed ashore on the Midnight Ocean and joined Lunar Eclipse. Having watched his wife play, he already had a basic understanding of the game, and quickly rose through the ranks. Muttons continued to sail with Lunar Eclipse for a couple of months before leaving to try his hand at forming his own crew. Shortly after this the Ice Ocean was launched and Muttons decided to explore. Following the one and only wipe of the Ice server, the Cobalt Ocean was announced and Muttons moved on to conquer the uncharted ground.

Shortly upon arriving upon its shores, Muttons joined the Fortune Cookies. Feeling a bit lost in a sea of officers, Muttons left the Fortune Cookies to join the budding crew, Ramen Noodles. Proving his salt as a leader, pillager, and trainer, Muttons was eventually promoted to first mate by crew founder Daaman. After Daaman left the game for personal reasons, Muttons took over as captain. Shortly before the colapse of Something Powerful, Ramen Noodles left the flag and Muttons formed The Black Sheep. Under his leadership, The Black Sheep established themselves, they grew rapidly, and Muttons found the balance of real life and Puzzle Pirates too much to bear with the added demands of running a flag. After stepping down Muttons now enjoys his role as mascot and spiritual advisor to the flag he created. After some time Muttons and The Black Sheep grew apart and it was time for a change.

Muttons left the Ramen Noodles and joined the Reapers of Souls, and not long after that Muttons and the Reapers left to go form Camur in Vestri Calx in 2006. In 2007 he became a founding member of Peservance. Now Muttons finds himself back in a leadership role as prince and political ambassador of the flag.

Other Notes

Muttons claims the dubious distinction of navigating the first ship sunk on the Cobalt Ocean.