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Mug Madness, also known as Mixed-up Mug Madness, is a random-format familiar drinking event developed by Ooriki and Yukinon. A Beta Season was held on Midnight in Autumn of 2006, and in 2007, it was announced that all five English-speaking oceans would receive one of these events. The current Leg of the 5 Ocean Tour is for the Viridian Ocean, schedule to be held May 21st through May 26th. Cobalt received the first Leg, and the other oceans will be scheduled approximately every other month.

The Viridian Leg of Season One got off to a difficult start, with the automated qualifiers showing up late, or with settings that were off from the originally drawn random ones. As such, it's not even certain if there was a second qualifier or not, and if so, the winner never stepped forward to claim their spot in the Mixed-up Mug Madness event itself.

Viridian Season One Participants and Organizers

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The initial Mug Madness tournament will use eight qualifier tournaments to give away eight entrance ribbons. The holders of the ribbons will compete in the main Mug Madness tournament. The qualifier settings are determined using the random format used in the main tourney, except they remain static after the initial tournament creation and don't change with each game played.

The main tournament features best-of-three rounds, with random formats in each game of the round. The format is determined by creating an unrated, six piece/color game and using the first two non-special pieces after the Chips to decide the number of color/pieces and the game goal. Any specials are chugged until two non-specials are in the tray with the chips. The chips are then placed, and the third piece gives the first mug. In the first game, player one may trade the first mug to player two or they may keep it, but the decision is made without knowing what the second mug is. In game two, this decision is given to player two. If there is a game three, there is no swap option.

1st piece: red/orange = 4 color/piece, yellow/green = 5 color/piece, and blue/purple =6 color/piece.

2nd piece: Red = Board Stained, Orange = 3000, Yellow = 2500, Green = 2000, Blue = 1500, and Purple = 1000.

3rd piece: Bottle = CHALICE, Bumpy Glass = TANKARD, Wavy Glass = FLAGON, Jug = PITCHER, Goblet = GOBLET, Champagne Glass = SKULL MUG, Barrel = HORN, and Hook = STEIN.

Main Tournament Bracket

Viridian MugMadness.PNG

Match Game Player One Player Two Game Goal # of Colors First Mug Swap? Second Mug Score Winner
1 1 Jaed Thehustla 1500 points 4 Goblet N Pitcher 1140-1625 Thehustla

1 2 Jaed Thehustla 1500 points 4 Pitcher Y Chalice 1310-1520 Thehustla

2 1 Blackmiracle Hohum 2000 points 6 Skull Mug Y Pitcher 2065-1980 Blackmiracle

2 2 Blackmiracle Hohum 2000 points 4 Stein N Skull Mug 1490-2005 Hohum

2 3 Blackmiracle Hohum 2000 points 5 Goblet N/A Flagon 1760-2020 Hohum

4 1 Corathia Corruption 1000 points 5 Pitcher Y Pitcher 905-1010 Corruption

4 2 Corathia Corruption 3000 points 5 Flagon Y Chalice 3150-2760 Corathia

4 3 Corathia Corruption 2000 points 4 Goblet N/A Skull Mug 2020-1490 Corathia

5 1 Thehustla Hohum ?=2500 points 6 Flagon Y Chalice 2510-2485 Thehustla

5 2 Thehustla Hohum 3000 points 5 Goblet Y Skull Mug 3030-2370 Thehustla

6 1 Moedefoe Corathia 3000 points 6 Tankard Y Chalice 2950-3010 Corathia

6 2 Moedefoe Corathia 1500 points 5 Flagon N Tankard 1250-1540 Corathia

8 1 Thehustla Corathia 3000 points 6 Tankard Y Goblet 3000-2550 Thehustla

8 2 Thehustla Corathia 2000 4 Tankard Y Goblet 1680-2000 Corathia

8 3 Thehustla Corathia 1500 points 5 Pitcher N/A Horn 1520-1240 Thehustla


If Qualifier 2 actually happened, no pirate claimed to be the victor and that slot was considered forfeit. Moedefoe conceded the 3rd place match to Hohum.

Special Thanks!! To Moedefoe for pretty much helping us with everything this season.

Qualifier Results

Qualifier # Mug Game Goal # of Pieces Winner
1 Chalice 1500 points 5 Thehustla

2 ? ? ? ?

3 Tankard 1500 points 6 Jaed

4 ? ? ? Moedefoe

5 ? ? ? Corruption

6 ? ? ? Blackmiracle

7 ? ? ? Corathia

8 Bring Your Own 2500 5 Hohum


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