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Msviolaceous is a Shanty Jockey for Shanty Raid-io on the Midnight ocean.

Her show Purple Punky Pirate Power! plays on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 6-8 CST. She also can be heard broadcasting for blockades from time to time. Her music style can best be described as an "iPod mix," but her Friday night shows are designated "Theme" shows. Past themes have included:

  • Canadian Artists
  • Cover songs
  • Dirty Songs
  • Hippie Music
  • "Ill-Advised Mistakes"
  • Oldies
  • Song Parodies

Suggestions for future Friday Evening Themes can be offered up on the shantyraidio.com listener forums.

Msviolaceous is a royal of Avalon, and has been a senior officer of The Spiffy Bow Ties for over two years. She can often be found running events for her flag, commanding ships in blockades, and displaying a shocking sense of fashion.

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