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Marionette is fleet officer of the crew Super Heroes and a member of the flag Look At Me - I'm God. She is a lieutenant commander in the Labyrinth Moors Navy in the Onyx Archipelago and sails the Viridian Ocean.

The Story of Marionette

It was a nice sunny afternoon with clear sky on Viridian Ocean. A young girl was sailing towards one of the islands along with two male pirates. Their ship was attacked by pirates armed with cleavers and cutlasses. With no option to back out they entered into scuffle only to realize they were out numbered almost by double. She ordered her fellow pirates to team up and crush the enemies. They fought bravely but one after another they kept loosing their members in the squad. Towards the end this little young girl was left to the job of defending her vessel by crushing the opposition with three fighters alive. The pirates heard a swoosh, then a clang was heard, sparks then flew all over the deck of vessel where the pirates were fighting and as destined this young girl had defeated all the enemies, resulting in the team's victory. They returned to island totally exhausted but the smile of the winner were there in their faces. The sun was setting far in west and by then all crew mates had gathered on port. Trumpet and conchs were blown wildly, drums were beating the victory song. A new captain was born, Marionette, the fearless skipper was destined to be the captain.

She was captain and flirt of Aurora Borealis, lieutenant in Kirin Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago.

History of the Marionette

Marionette is a type of puppet controlled by a puppeteer from above with strings. Marionette began to be simply referred to as puppets in the late 1930's. The story of Pinocchio released in 1940 is a story about a marionette. This movie also has a Disney adaptation to it. In the 1960s, British TV producer Gerry Anderson and his team introduced the art of combining marionettes and electronic components to perfection, which they referred as "supermarionation". Pixar uses its own proprietary software called Marionette to create its animations.

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