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BOP at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Maetar
Senior Officer(s) Peitolm
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 30 January, 2006
Last updated on 1 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

BOP was founded on January 30, 2006. It is a crew on the Cerulean Ocean.

Public Statement

Ahoy mates and hearties, we at B.O.P., Brotherhood of Pirates, believe that success of a crew relies on three things, Loyalty, Respect, and Hard Work. With these three simple factors, we will become a great crew. We just need time. Also you may see, that we are a small crew, but with great quality, not quantity.

The rules for the crew are:

  1. Be respectful to everyone in the crew, no matter what.
  2. Learn from your mistakes.
  3. Dont ask for promotions, the senior officers will know when you are ready.
  4. Have fun! If the game is upsetting you, take a break from it and come back later. Remember, it's just a game!
  5. If you have a question, ask! Remember none of us were born knowing this stuff, so dont think your questions are stupid, we have all had to ask one time or another.
  6. Ask permission to board (PTB) and tell the officer running the ship when you are leaving. Having people walk on and off ship without notice causes us problems!

Promotions guidelines - these are only guidelines for when you may be promoted, the Senior Officers will make the final decision and may make exceptions in either direction, but in general:

Cabin person=Join the crew

Pirate=Subscribe(Tell an Officer when you Subscribe so they can put you in for promotion)

Officer=Have Broad experience in the shipboard piracy skills of Bilging, Carpentry, Sailing and Gunning.

Fleet Officer=Have Solid experience in the basic shipboard piracy skills - Gunning, Bilging, Carpentry, and Sailing; at least Broad experience in the officer skills of Navigation and Battle Navigation; and have shown yourself to be a reliable officer.

Senior Officer=Among your shipboard piracy skills, have at least Weighty experience in at least 2 shipboard piracy skills; be ranked Master or higher in at least 2 shipboard piracy skills, and have shown yourself to be a good Fleet Officer.

Remember, loyalty, respect, and hard working is the key to success.

  • (Rumbling and Swordfighting are the two that are -not- shipboard piracy skills)

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