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Making a flag famous

From YPPedia

Opinion.gif The topic of this article is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth.
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Quite similar to my upcoming guide on how to make a crew famous this is my guide on making a flag famous.

First and foremost lad's and lass's you must make sure to have at least a decent crew with yourself. A minimum of 4-6 vessels is advised. Having this ensures that your crew is moderately famous. Once done, you should declare war with a less famous flag. Whether you defeat them or not mate, you'll still get a recognized. Now the only thing left is find a crew less famous and less successful and sign a deed like a year alliance deed. This ensures that the crew stays with you for at least a year.

Repeat the process until you've got at least 5-6 crews.

Also realize that by now you've got your senior officers pretty trained. Inspire them to create own crew and form alliances with the flag.

If you've got extra fund invest them too. e.g.

  • Buy a house and keep a poker, Drinking, Rumble, Swordfighting table, etc.
  • Give royal members free swords to use for a period of time on loan. Like 500 PoE for the saber for a day. Since they are a royal member they generally won't cheat you if you've used the procedure correctly.
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