Make Rum Not War

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Make Rum Not War
Left-facing Distillery (upgraded) on
Epsilon Island (Emerald Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Sunny
Manager(s) Hekate, Rocketboy
Erected October 2003

Make Rum Not War is an upgraded Distillery on Epsilon Island owned by Sunny of The Cartographers. Erected in October 2003, it is the oldest distillery on Epsilon Island.

Shoppe News

Now paying 45 for Expert Labor!

Welcome to Epsilon's Historical Landmark Distillery!

Make Rum Not War was the first distillery on Epsilon island after the release of the Midnight Ocean. Back in those days, flags didn't win islands and build shoppes. Shoppes were bid on and won by the highest bidder.

Choto and Emmy, then of The Cartographers, worked hard pillaging and foraging to gather enough PoE to make the purchase. The shoppe left crew hands for a while when Choto left the crew to join another. But, upon her retirement from the game, she gifted the shoppe to me - current Cartographers' captain.