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The female pirate Lucianna, started her life as a pirate in July 9th, 2006 on the Hunter Ocean, in the Orion Archipelago. Firstly she joined Kings Of Chaos but then moved the the crew her friend was in, Dark Hunters. About a month later, she joined Red Army, which soon merged with Skull Bashers.

She doesn't really remember the old days on Puzzle Pirates but does recall that she had red rags when she started.


  • Former pirate in Kings Of Chaos
  • Former pirate in Dark Hunters
  • Former senior officer in the crew Red Army
  • Senior officer in the crew Skull Bashers


  • Grey/grey cat 'Nibbles'
  • White rat 'Poe'
  • Some random yellowy coloured cat 'Oopla'

Favorite Piratey Sayings

  • "Yo-ho-ho!"
  • "Arrr, I be pokin' yer deadlights out, aye!"
  • "Harr, the Jolly Roger be frownin' on ye!"
  • And the good ol'..

"Hai, I'm Paul!" *da-da-da-da-da-da-da!*


Lieutenant commander in the Quetzal Island Navy in the Orion Archipelago. (Hunter Ocean)

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