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Lucer is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.


Special skills


  • Ebichu the Hamsta. Zoo. Rat. Name based upon the very hilarious comic (Ebichu the house cleaning Hamster) from manga drawer Risa Ito.


Once upon a time in 2004 and in order to kill two birds with one stone, he was searching for an online game to play with his girlfriend Kriscri.

On the 29th of December, in 2004, Lucer was born. His nickname is based upon the name of the main character of a manga called "Bastard!!" from artist Kazushi Hagiwara.

After doing all the usual greenie stuff, Lucer and Kriscri joined a crew called The Sea Dogs. This crew had some discrepancies and split. He was caught in the middle, but since he was still very new, just went to the new crew Relaxing Pirates.

In the beginning it was because he knew Piranne and liked the new crew name a lot. Later it was because he loved all the people involved.

Some time later, Kriscri and he opened their first shipyard stall. This way they entered the shipbuilding business on Gaea Island, their Home. They ran it for about 3 years, but hard competition and not enough time to play made them close it.


He has no known injuries to this date (save to his ego) and might be the only pirate since 2004 with not a single missing part.