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Livelychap is an officer of the crew Fro-Zone and a member of the flag Illuminatti. He sails the Emerald Ocean, formerly of the Sage Ocean.



Infamous for dock tarting and hanging out with high class pirates, Livelychap lived a full life on the high seas. He started playing on the Sage Ocean sometime in 2006. He rose through the ranks of The Goonies quickly and got involved with the flag politics of The Phantom Fleet. After the original monarch left he noticed a void and petitioned his fellow royals to give him a chance as Monarch. Livelychap quickly gained the alliance support of Hardcore Explorers and set his sights on the next island to come available. With help from Hardcore Explorers his flag was able to capture Amity Island in Amity I. Livelychap was also one of the key players in the Amity I Amity II and Amity III blockades. After losing most of his fleet in Amity III, he found himself playing poker for a living, and planning blockades freelance.

Last Words

"Won and lost many fortunes, many on poker. I have made friends and an equal amount of enemies. My pirate has lived a full life, this is all any pirate can hope to achieve and I'm glad for all those that have been there for me and supported me on the way. This wont be the last time I log but it will be among the few" - October 17, 2006

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