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List of known filtered words

From YPPedia

This page contains the words that Grey Havens defines as curse words for the purposes of the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates chat filters. Filtering options can be viewed and changed on the "Ye->Options->Chat" screen.



The information here is provided for reference only. Use of these words in public or via unwanted tells in the game can be basis for complaint by other players to Ocean Masters and may lead to blackspotting, shunning, and even banning. Misspelling the curse words to get around the filters are even more likely to get players in trouble.

Please only test filters in private (in a house or on a ship) in order to not offend others.

Final warning

This page contains words which could be considered obscene and/or offensive. The obscene words that are filtered by the game are shown in white, the replacement words are shown in black.

If you do not want to see the potentially offensive curse words, DO NOT highlight the section below.

Filtered words

Curse words that are optionally filtered

* indicates a wildcard. It will also change the suffix or prefix depending on where the "*" is placed

These are the "curse words" which are filtered by the game according to the filter a pirate has set. The replacement words shown here in black are the output of the piratification filter.

ass(es) -> booty(ies)
asshole* -> barrelstopper*
*bitch* -> tart*
blowjob* -> harmonica lesson
clit -> rosebud
cock -> mast
cocksuck* -> bilgedrink*
cum -> bilge
cunt* -> shrew
dildo* -> tickler*
fag(s) -> landlubber(s)
*fuck* -> *scupper*
muff -> britches
*penis* -> *John Thomas*
pussy* -> kitty
*shit -> *cannon
shit* -> barnacle*
slut -> strumpet
tits -> bosom
titty* -> bosom
twat -> halibut
whore* -> flirt (previously trollop)
vagina(s) -> dainty(ies)

Curse words that are always filtered

A few words are always filtered, no matter what filter options have been selected. These words will make the entire message/line be dropped.

Drop words are hidden below

Vulgar words

There are some words which are acceptable to say in chat, but the game refuses to inscribe them on a trinket or present. Some filtered words are filtered normally, while others are considered dropwords for the sake of inscriptions. Also, the game uses different patterns when determining which dropwords are too vulgar for inscriptions: some are more restrictive, and some are more permissive.

Vulgar words are hidden below
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