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Familiars Won
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OM doll
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Trophy-Gilded Egg.png Pirate Artist
Contributed in-game art by Lastcall
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Lastcall is a senior officer in the crew The Little Guys on the Emerald Ocean.


Contributions and accomplishments

  • Lastcall's puzzle egg 2016
  • Lastcall's ocean bliss egg 2015
  • Lastcall's stained glass egg 2014

Event achievements

Won a Cronus Doll for Dolls Galore - Deadline February 15, 2013 - Win Ringer dolls!

Won 3rd place and a pumpkinseed sloop for Pumpkin Carving Contest 2014 - Win a familiar!

Lastcall's Stained Glass Egg for EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2014

Won 4th place for People's Choice Easter Eggs! 2014

Lastcall's Ocean Bliss Egg for EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2015

Won 2nd and 4th place for People's Choice Easter Eggs 2015!

Won 2nd place and a stone figurine for Help Me, I'm Dyeing! (egg decorating contest)

Won 1st place: A Nemesis doll and portrait for Hot Potato! - Doodle

Won 2nd place for Hooray! It's Pancake Day!

Winner of a Hera Egg and Purple/Purple Outfit for aMAZEin' Puzzle Day Doodle!

Runner Up for his new piratey phrase "Crab Swagger" for Doodle Pirationary Ahoy!

Winner of a Nemesis doll for First place Sonnet for Doodle Posthumous Poetry

Won First place- Galene doll, and renamed cultist class sloop for Is Galene a Ginger?

Won First Place! for Pumpkin Carving Contest 2015

Runner up for Noodle Ring Doodle

Runner up for ARRcat doodle

Winner in Christmas OrnARRments

Won Second Place- repainted sloop and Galene doll in PIratey PI-ku & PIc

Lastcall's Puzzle Egg for EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2016

Second and Seventh Places for People's Choice Easter Eggs 2016!

Winner in Eggy Doodle #3: Dexla's Peacock Egg

Winner in Eggy Doodle #4: Kevinstar's Pastel Egg

Winner in Eggy Doodle #6: Lastcall's Puzzle Egg

Several Runner Up and Honorary Mentions in Spring Egguinox - Oodles of Doodles! 2016

Ringer dolls won

Ringer egg collection


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Emerald ship fleet

Sloop dock.png
  • Birthday boat
  • Bringer of death
  • Made in Canada
  • Savory Pumpkinseed
  • Tater Tot
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