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Contributed in-game art by Kitt


Kitt began playing YPP in late september 2005, and was extremely overwhelmed from the beginning. Luckily, she was quickly befriended by the kind pirates Lovelylorie and Shagsalot, who began teaching her the basics and were very generous with ships and items to help get her started. Kitt became a subscriber the first of November that same year, as she just had to have a portrait with subscriber clothes and kitt ears. When Lovelylorie changed names and spent a short time in Imperial Pillagers, Kitt followed suit and joined their ranks. At first she seemed to fit in quite well with the Imps, and spent many months pillaging and learning from the high quality pirates that made up the crew. Here she met and became good friends with Rsenkrantz, whom she later blockaded in real life at his apartment in Philidelphia.

In June '06, though she thought she was retired, Kitt attended the Ohio Camping party hosted by Furshizzle and company. After much rum and spades playing, she was sucked back into the game. When she returned home she immidiatly joined up with SPAM, where she enjoyed many many games of spades with such excellent cards players as Altiam, Cheenie, Dianarama, and Angels. This led to Kitt's attendance at SPAM's real life meet up in Dianarama's apartment in New Jersey.

These days Kitt is playing the role of retired pirate again, and is a member of the crew Slow Children at Play. On free days she can sometimes be spotted at the spades tables, but for the most part when she can find the time to log on she's hiding in her manor polishing her shrine to Apollo and chatting with friends.

Contributions and Awards

  • Had 9 honourable mentions and 1 win out of the 12 contests in Apollo's "Easter Easel 2009" on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums.
  • She was one of the winners of the Eggs ahoy! competition in spring of 2006.
  • When Apollo hosted the event again in Spring 2007, she won for the second time.
  • In May of 2006 Kitt was travelling and couldn't enter Apollo's Pillaging Picasso forum contest, so she helped him judge instead. For this she received her most treasured trinket, an Apollo Doll.
  • Kitt's Monkey and Puzzle Piece Avatar was added to the YPP forums' avatars when she became one of many winners in the April 2006 Avatar's reloaded contest.
  • She received a black and red ribbon for placing in the top five of Synful's Avast! Animation contest.
  • February 2006 brought the Iconic Pirates forum competition, in which she was a runner up. She received a Piglet.
  • In December 2005, she received an Amphitrite Doll from the forum contest to draw Amphi's new avatar.
  • Kitt's ultimate standing history can be found here. She has previously been ranked #1 in Spades on her home ocean.

In-game art